Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2 Truths and 1 Lie

It's been about 4 years since I played this little game, so I thought it'd be fun to do again. Basically I'm going to tell you three short stories in each category- two of them truthful, one not so much- and it's your job to tell me which one was the lie. I mean, if you want to. You don't have to play. Maybe you are against all things fun and then how rude would it be of me to assume that you too like to do fun things? If you are against all fun, you are excused from participating.


Cat nap

1. Tuna is actually living with us again. Turns out he was even too annoying for John's coworker so she asked if she could send him back.

2. When John and I first moved in together we got our first cat. We took that cat to get neutered when he was old enough and sadly he didn't make it through the procedure. We went out the next day and got a rebound cat that we didn't immediately fall in love with, so we returned the rebound cat to the store.

3.  I once took a cat outside for a walk on a leash. (I know, I know....you were thinking that was the whole story) Turns out cats aren't fans of "walking" and the cat took a rest underneath a parked car. A few minutes later I spot a very similar looking cat walking several feet away. I look under the car for my cat when I realized he had Houdini-ed out of the leash and left me holding a leash connected to an empty collar.

Forgetfulness - High School Edition


1. I once got called to the office to retrieve my car keys which I mistakenly forgot on top of my car and someone thankfully turned them in instead of going for a joy ride.

2. A few friends and I skipped a class or two one morning to go get some breakfast at a Waffle House. Forgetful me left my headlights on and came out of the Waffle House to a dead battery. Luckily/Unluckily, the restaurant was on the same street as my dad's work so I had to call him and tell him I actually wasn't in school and I needed him to jump my car off.

3. I played the flute in marching band for part of high school. We went to competitions each weekend and one Saturday I got to the school late, was in a rush to get my uniform together and boarded the bus at the last possible second. When we got to the competition to start warming up, I realized I forgot an integral part of my uniform: my flute. The band director made me march anyways as we were a small band and the effect of losing one member would be noticeable in the formations on the field. So I looked like an idiot playing an invisible flute during that competition.



1. On a long flight overseas, I watched a movie and then wanted to go use the restroom before going to sleep. I seemed to be one of the last ones on the plane still awake, so I quietly made my way to the restroom so I wouldn't wake anyone. When I was finished, I tried opening the door to go back to my seat and the door wouldn't open. I tried wiggling the handle quietly, and then I tried a bit more forcefully and nothing was making the door budge. I didn't want to start banging on the door and wake the whole plane, so I just hung out for a few minutes (while thinking this stuff ONLY happens to me I swear) waiting to hear some activity outside of the door. Finally, I heard a couple of flight attendants outside and banged on the door to get their attention. They finally wiggled the door open (and they didn't bother being quiet about it) and I got to take a walk of shame back to my seat in front of several awakened passengers. Sorry!

2. We were standing in line outside of The Vatican waiting for it to open. My stomach was a little less-than-settled and all of a sudden I felt a sudden need for a bathroom, and FAST. My mom ran across the street with me to a little market where we quickly found a toilet in some sort of back stock room. I used the toilet and then desperately needed to flush and get out of there as I wasn't sure it was a public toilet in the first place. There was no flushing mechanism on the toilet and it looked like one of the chains hanging from the ceiling should have done the job, but in my panic I gave up and booked it out of there leaving an unpleasant surprise for the little market's employees.

3. In Alaska we rode in a helicopter to the top of glacier where we then got to go on a dogsled tour. We were each going go get a turn to be the musher! Truly a once in a lifetime chance. Instead of facing my fears of the dogsled running off the side of the glacier under my control, I chose to opt out of the driving experience and just ride instead.


Okay, go! 10,000 internet points to the winner!

Answers have been posted! Nobody got all three right, so, I'll keep the million dollar winnings to myself. Sorry about that!


Laura Diniwilk said...


I'm going to say #2 is the lie for all three topics.

Kara Keenan said...

#3, #2, #1 are the lies. I think...

Jessica said...

I'm going with #2 for pets.

High school is hard - I bet all three happened, just maybe to one of your friends instead of you. #3, maybe?

Travel: #3.

This was fun!

Jamie Smith said...

I'll go against the grain...

Mama Bub said...

I'm going with #2, #1, #2


Elizabeth Stack said...

I'm thinking #3, #2, & #3.

L Davis said...

I believe the untruths are: #3, #1, #3