Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Miss

Now that we've spent a good amount of time in our new house, I thought a list of things I actually missed from our old house would be fun to do. You know, those things that you don't miss until they're gone.

1. A place to put my razor in the shower.

I'll just say it: our new shower kind of sucks. It's a separate shower stall and it's one of those insert things. No fancy tile or anything. I bet it's similar to how Barbie feels in her skinny little pink box. Barely enough room to lift up your arms. And can I just say that the builder changed the floor plan a couple months after our house was built and fixed this issue with a slight change that I would have liked SO MUCH MORE. So, yeah, we'll need to also make that little change eventually.

Anyways, our little box shower has a couple of little shelves in the corners, but we have 4 bottles on those shelves already leaving no room for a razor too. I try to shimmy it on the shelf but it always inevitably falls down and makes me do a little mid-shower dance to avoid FALLING RAZORS. It's dangerous, really. The last house had a shower/bath tub combo, so lots of razor placement possibilities.

(I know I should get one of those suction cup razor holder things, but they never stay for long either!)

2. Having a sidewalk.


Sure, this one will be remedied soon enough but it is pretty annoying right now. After it rains and our front yard gets a bit muddy, I have to do a balancing act on the stone edging around my flower beds to get from the front door to the driveway. And I don't know if you know this or not, but I'm not what you would call very "balance-y". At least we don't use the front door all that often. Sorry UPS and FedEx guys!

3. The fact that Target is now 3.2 miles away versus 1.4 miles. Totally serious about this one. Am I spoiled or what?


Truly, I cannot think of anything else at all. I can't imagine going back to townhouse living after living in our new house. We can go outside and not have to play in a parking lot.


We can sit outside and talk on the phone without at least 20 neighbors within listening distance. We no longer have these people for neighbors. We can see and hear more wildlife other than just the birds I lured into our old backyard with a bird feeder. Deer! Frogs! Owls! Hopefully not snakes! It's kind of great, y'all.

So, what do I TRULY, truly miss? Absolutely nothing. Which is a good thing since we plan on staying here for forever. We made a good choice in getting to this place no matter how crazy the choice seemed at the time. We're happy. Even without adequate razor placing locations. Something tells me the rest outweighs that. Just, remind me of that when I have a severed toe, ok?


Kara Keenan said...

I don't know what kind of shower you have, but if it's not floor to ceiling, my husband came up with a genius idea. We have one of those glass on two sides, fiberglass on the other two sides showers. He got one of these cheap wire shelves from Home Depot- and cut it to fit across the top of our shower, along the back. It balances on the fiberglass overhang on one side and goes over the glass side on the other. It's too high for the kids to reach, but adds a lot more shelf space for things like razors and Philosophy scrubs that I don't want my kids to touch because they're expensive! We've had it up there for four years now, and rust hasn't been a problem at all.

Erica said...

This shower caddy is ugly but it's cheap and it works really well.