Friday, December 6, 2013

I Am Person B You Fools!

Last time I count on you guys to settle a debate! I am Person B and I feel the need to clear up a couple of misconceptions about me and most other Person B's.

The final tally between here and Facebook (I share my posts on my personal Facebook and many times people comment there instead, especially since Blogger has issues with comments so often) was this:

Person A: 10
Person B: 9 
And one AB combo.
Turns out there is an A-er and a B-er in almost every relationship. I wonder why us B's don't marry other B's that like to share the space or A's don't marry other A's that are so strict and demanding with their space? Wouldn't we all be happier that way? This is something that I suggest be talked about on all first dates from now on. It's too late for me, but maybe I can save some of you single people out there.

Anyways, the first misconception about me, a person B, is that I also don't want to be touched! I'm not a cuddler and I don't want my squiggly line crossed either. The only difference is that I think the line can squiggle and transform throughout the night as needed instead of that strict straight line down the center. I understand that a slight touch may occur when person A is changing positions and reclaiming space that B may be using at the moment, but after the slight touch, I will be more than happy to give your space back to you and I'll move my extremity elsewhere a space has opened up.

Also, I'm a considerate Person B! If I borrow your space, I will return it to you as soon as you need it. I don't plan on hogging your space all night, honest! One of my favorite comments on this debate was from a fellow Person B (imagine that) who said "sharing is caring". Yes! Yes it is!

Since there was no real consensus I've determined the only possible solution is for us all to get king sized beds. Maybe even two of them. In two separate rooms. Maybe even on separate floors. You see Person A-ers? Look how you make us B-ers feel with your strict lines and rules!


Jessica said...

My husband sleeps like the dead. No slight touch is going to get him to give the space back! I'm usually shoving him to his side halfway through the night so I don't fall off the bed:)

april said...

I'd say I. An AB. I don't like to touch, but I hate when person A wanders in and takes my space.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Haha I am stalking your archives because now that I only read blogs through my own blog's sidebar I tend to miss important stuff like whether you are person A or person B. As the sole AB combo (at least I assume that was me), I still totally feel you on everything you said here. Considerate B's for the win!