Saturday, December 21, 2013

Craft Night 2013

We still call this annual family tradition craft night even though there is no way we could do all of this in one night any longer. It's more like craft day now, but it started out being called craft night, so craft night it will remain.

Anyways, for anyone who doesn't know, my sisters, mom and I have a tradition where we get together once a year at Christmas to make some Christmas crafts. We each bring a craft and enough supplies for everyone else to make our craft and take turns being the 'teacher'. We've done this for at LEAST 15 years, maybe even longer. It's pretty great.

I wanted to share a couple of the crafts from this year and even a couple from last year as well since I never got around to posting about last year's craft night. Actually, the last time I shared our crafts on here was 2010. Whoops. (And for fun, here's 2008, the only other year I shared.)

I also want to mention that pre-Pinterest, the process for coming up with a craft was much more difficult. I would usually go to the craft store, pick up a holiday craft magazine, flip through it to find something I liked and then run around the store to find the supplies. These days, I find something on Pinterest or on a blog that I like and it is so much easier. There were some craft-failures in those pre-Pinterest days for sure. One of my failures included making a snowman out of an old spoon and I wish I could say I was joking...

Here's what we made this year. I consider the 2013 crafts to all be very successful!

My sister Joy's craft was a snowman ornament made out of a battery powered tealight.


Very cute and so easy! My sisters opted to make theirs into pins instead of ornaments also. 

My sister Christy went next. We found an entire gigantic box of old Christmas light bulbs at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore a few weeks ago so we knew that her craft would have something to do with those. They were priced at 5 cents a piece, but Christy bought the entire box for $5. We used some of the bulbs for her craft, and then divied up the rest as jar fillers for Christmas decor. Such a great deal!

With the bulbs we made reindeer...

...and then just glittered up a couple more bulbs each for another bulby ornament: 

My mom went next and her craft were wooden snowflakes made with clothespins. Very simple, again, and they turned out so cute. 

Mine was actually whitewashed, but for whatever reason I didn't take a picture of it. Joy's was awfully cute too!

And then it was my turn. I threw these together at the last minute (as you know), but I really love them! I got the idea from Pinterest, of course. Two other contenders I was deciding between were this and this.


Felt. Wooden craft balls. Hot glue. And that's it. Will have to be careful in storing them but packed by themselves in a shoebox should keep them safe until next year.

And then of course the obligatory family picture with our crafts.


And since I never shared last year's craft night, I just want to share my craft from last year too. I got the idea from a friend Megan, who got her idea from Anthropologie. So basically mine was a knock-off knock-off Anthropologie snowglobe. They came out so cute though and I spent next to nothing making them.

019 029

We got the jars from a yard sale for $.50 or $.25 each. The trees were from JoAnn's craft which you know I used a coupon for. And the lanterns and people and snowmen were all from the dollar store. I used poly-fil for our snow on the ground, and some type of snow in a jar to add a little extra on the trees and lantern. See Megan's instructions for more details. But it was pretty much fool proof. I will say the wide-mouth jars were much easier to use than the not-wide-mouth ones.

I've been really crafty crazy this Christmas. Have you made anything good lately?

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Laura Diniwilk said...

Did I really not comment on this? I can't believe you have only shared your Craft Nights twice (thrice now), it seems like more than that. This and the yard sale stuff are some of my favorite posts to read. Your family just seems like so much fun; I wish the ladies of my family would get together and do something like this. Maybe when the girls are a bit older.