Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Charley Speaks

Some of my absolute favorite posts from fellow bloggers (like them and her) are basically bulleted lists of what funny things their toddler has said lately. My girl has a lot to say these days so I'm going to start keeping track of them too.
  • When preparing for Charley's birthday party, I drew Mr. Noodle on foam board for part of the decor. The next morning after my art project I showed Mr. Noodle to Charley and enthusiastically asked her who it was to which she replied just as enthusiastically "A MAN!"
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  • When we got home one evening I was reading the mail prior to my just-got-home-need-to-pee routine. After a couple of minutes I remembered that I needed to go pee and said out loud "gotta pee, gotta pee!" as I started to go to the bathroom. Charley came up behind me, patted my butt and said "Yep. Mama's got pee pees." Just like I do to her when she has a full pee diaper.
  • From my sister one day: "Baby Jesus has pee pees. I change him."

  • "Tinkle, tinkle little star. How I wonder what you are. Apple juice the stars so bright..."
  • while reading a pop-up book that said: 'Foxes are very clever and like to eat chickens', Charley told me to "wait!" while she got up and ran to her play kitchen where she retrieved a chicken leg, ran back to the book and fed it to the fox. She then said "ooh, too spicy" and ran back to her kitchen to obtain some water to wash it down. Hate to break it to her that the chicken that foxes eat aren't prepared in quite the same way as the chicken we eat. 
And, a quick little video of our car chats. She talks non-stop in the car so I held up my phone to video her one day and somehow even managed to not cut off her head in the process.

It took me three months to put this list together and this child makes me laugh daily but I never can remember what she said when I get a second to sit down and write. Why is this?! Will someone follow behind us at all times and transcribe it all? I am going to be so sad when toddler speak is over!

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Megan said...

I love her chatting in the car! So sweet :)