Wednesday, November 27, 2013


New around here? This is Tuna, our cat of almost 9 years.

Tuna suffers a bad haircut.

Tuna is a guinea pig pre-Charley.

Tuna has a bath.

Tuna is fluffy and pretty.
Tuna gets one last hug before he says goodbye/meow.

I feel really bad about it but we found Tuna a new home last weekend. He just wasn't getting the attention he (SO DESPERATELY) needed from us and a coworker of John's offered to take him when she heard that we were considering rehoming him. We pondered it for about a week before we decided it was the best option for him and for us.

Tuna had been driving. us. crazy. to put it lightly. We were constantly annoyed with him which on top of having a toddler in the house taking a lot of attention, made us even more apt to not give him the attention he needed. The things he was doing that annoyed us ranged from constantly getting on the counter tops (litter box feet do not belong where I prepare food!), to trying to eat off of Charley's plate WHILE SHE WAS ALSO EATING OFF OF IT, to no longer using the litter box properly. He'd go right beside it on a mat, so he knew where he was supposed to go but refused to do so. Typing the main reasons out seem so petty as you read them I'm sure, but ultimately it was our decision and we feel like we made the best one for him and for us.

So far we've heard it's been going pretty good! I hope it continues to go good, and am glad that it's someone we know so we can occasionally check up on him. Although these details are coming from John and we all know how minimalist men can be when relaying a story, we've heard that the kids in the family love him, that they've been giving him tuna which he's super excited about and that he meows a lot. Ha. Yeah, maybe forgot to warn them about that last one.

Reese is still here and is seemingly much happier. They weren't the best of buds, and Reese really likes Charley where Tuna was ehh about her so he doesn't lose out on attention there. Charley asked about him a couple of times after he left and we just told her he went to live somewhere else and she seems okay with that. I think it would be a totally different story with her had we rehomed Reese instead.

So, if you notice he isn't in my sidebar anymore or mentioned very often any longer this is the reason. I couldn't let a main character at Life of Lacey go away unnoticed so I figured I needed to tell you. You'll stick around without Tuna here, won't you?

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Erica said...

Omg tuna in the Bjorn. We had to rehome both our cats and I'm so glad we did.