Friday, November 1, 2013

Tricks and Treats

If you know me at all, you know that 1) I love Halloween. and 2) I love homemade costumes. John and I used to make them for ourselves back when we were childless and attended Halloween parties and all, but it seems we are just not into that anymore. So we've had some pent up costume making energy to dispel, and Charley is the lucky lady that benefits from it. 

My original idea this year was to make Charley a member of the Lollipop Guild from The Wizard of Oz. Obscure enough that we would likely not see a duplicate, but known enough that we wouldn't spend our evening explaining her costume. Also, bonus points that I could very easily find items to work at Goodwill. Because a third thing you all know about me: I'm cheap/resourceful.

This was my inspiration picture from Pinterest. And I also started prepping Charley for her costume weeks before the big event. I showed her the clip of The Wizard of Oz where the Lollipop Guild appears and rhetorically questioned her "Don't you want to dress up as those guys!?" to prepare her. Ironically enough, the clip I showed her first included the The Lullaby League ladies, and every time she watched it she expressed interest in dressing up as them instead. 

Oh no you don't, Charley. You get no say in your costume at this age! You will be a member of the Lollipop Guild and you'll like it!

So I finally made a trip to my local Goodwill store to find pieces to make up the costume. Unfortunately though, I just wasn't happy with what I was finding. I know it's a boyish costume, but I didn't want her to get mistaken for a boy all evening and with the options I was finding that seemed to be inevitable. Plan B went into effect.

I searched the rack with Charley's size on it for a new inspiration. I found a very cute solid navy blue dress in Charley's size which instantly screamed RAGGEDY ANN to me. It was $2.97. I was sold.

It wasn't all that original, but time was winding down and I needed to make a decision and stick with it. Plus, it seemed very easily make-able so that was also a big plus. Since I now had a sleeveless dress, my list looked like this:

  • wig
  • long sleeved navy shirt
  • apron
  • tights
  • shoes
  • rosy cheek maker
I decided that the tights would be better ordered and found the best deal I could find on them online. I went through eBates to earn 11% cash back, and found a red and white striped pair at for $3.97. I also wasn't about to make a long-sleeved navy shirt, so I also purchased that (in the boy's section) at Old Navy for $8.94. I know she can wear that after Halloween too, so that cost isn't really part of the costume in my opinion.

Here's where the rest of it came from, along with the cost:


It does help that I have a husband that sews (and maybe one day he'll be patient enough to teach me too) so the apron was knocked out in about 15 minutes on October 30th at 9:30 p.m. In fact, this is what the costume looked like at 8:00 p.m. on October 29th:


So yeah, we like to wait until the last minute. But it works out for us, no?

The wig was made using the top part of a pair of 12 month tights Charley had outgrown, with the legs cut off and the top sewn shut. I then used yarn and this wig tutorial to make the hair. Her diagram on where to place the yarn bundles was very helpful. Although I had to add a couple more bundles in the center part or else Charley would have a five head with the placement of the bangs.

The apron was so simple after we gave up on making our own ruffle. (John had never sewn a ruffle...can you believe that!?) We also were way over thinking the apron at first with wanting it to go all the way around and worrying about it hanging straight down while the dress was a-line, etc etc. That's what you get for procrastinating: crazy over thinking. Finally, in a moment of clarity I just cut out a "U" shaped piece of fabric (leftover from our closet curtain in Charley's nursery at our townhouse) and attached some ric-rac as the tie around the back and then added the PURCHASED ruffle across the top and as the straps. I then added the rest of the ric-rac as detail which looked very Raggedy Ann to me.

What else? Oh! The shoes Charley already had but hadn't worn - they were hand-me-downs from my sister/nieces. My total spent was $23.62 which included the $8.94 spent on the Old Navy shirt Charley will wear again. So in my opinion, $14.68 of sunk costs. And who knows, we may be able to wear those striped tights NEXT Christmas when she grows into them more. And that was it! Very easy and I think it came out SO cute. Her tights were too big, but ehh, that's my only complaint.

A lot of people were impressed that she wore the wig and even kept it on all night, but I had also prepped her with that as well. I called it her "hat" and that it was part of her costume and she needed to wear it to get candy. She did object at first, but the day before Halloween I was able to get it on her head and show it to her in the mirror so she could see how cute it was (and so I could see if I needed to alter it at all, which I did) and then on the big day of Halloween, she put it on before we even left for my sister's house and didn't even try to take it off until we were done. I was pretty surprised myself! It did help to get to my sister's house and see that my niece had colored hair which I told Charley was also a wig. Heh. Trickery.


Anyways, I'm rambling again. Charley had so much fun trick or treating and figured it out in no time. It was so fun to watch her hang with the big girls and yell "wait for Charley!" when they walked too fast for her to keep up. She got a lot of candy which she will consume about 1% of, while John (10%) and I (89%) will finish off the rest. That's what Halloween is all about right? Stealing your kid's candy after they are asleep? And then hiding the bucket so they won't remember to ask about it the next day! All kinds of trickery going on at our house.

I've exceeded my rambling limit here. Let's just dump the rest of the pictures in here and call it a day, ok? Ok.


Hope you had a happy Halloween as well with lots of treats and minimal tricking! 


MillerMama said...

I am so impressed. On so many levels. The costume, the keeping the wig on part, and the fact that you let John eat 10% of the candy. Well done, my friend!

The Beane's said...

Sooo cute!!

Laura Diniwilk said...

You are awesome. While I love your craftiness, I am most impressed by the way you planted costume ideas in Charley's head. I totally did that re: blues clues birthday party theme, as well as the fact that I'm trying to make blue L's favorite color so they don't fight over shit when they are older. Also, your nieces look so grown up here! Ahh!!

Jeff said...

That's super cute. Love it!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

Very nice! I love homemade costumes but I don't feel crafty enought o be able to make my own.

Temerity Jane said...

I remember having homemade and home-put-together costumes as a kid that were actually really well done, even though neither of my parents sewed or was crafty at all. So I can't use "can't craft, can't sew" as an excuse for my "ugh, too hard, take my credit card and rob me blind, Pottery Barn Kids," Raggedy Ann is so cute.

Megan said...

I love it!!!! Great job, Mom!