Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pampered Chef Saga: The Conclusion

**I'd like to go ahead and apologize for all of my yelling in this post. It 100% correlates with the amount of yelling I had to do in real life to get this concluded.**

**I'd like to go ahead and apologize also for the length of this thing and how wordy and worked up I get. It still makes me mad to think about and I think that comes through in my writing a teensy bit. Sorry!**

I've been wanting to tell you all the ending of the story for a couple of weeks now, but I wanted to wait until it was all over so I could finish the story. Yesterday I came home and saw this...


...which signaled the END of the stupid story and knew I could finally move on. But let's not mistake me moving on with me being happy with the outcome.

Last time I left you was October 11 and I claimed I was giving Pampered Chef one more week before purchasing the two items for my guest myself. (If you missed the beginning of the saga, it started here.) Per usual, I was extra generous with them and finally came to a resolution with them on November 6, and two weeks after that (yesterday) I received that final package. Amazon can get stuff to me in two days. I don't know what their problem is.

I'm sure you'd like to know what is in the box, but we'll get to that in a minute.

The lady I was dealing with worked in the corporate office for Pampered Chef. She was in a department called Consultant Career Solutions. I don't know why I was transferred to this department and I think that was issue #1. This department typically dealt with issues with the consultants. Of course, I did have a major issue with the consultant originally, but at this point the consultant (Robin) was out of the picture. Apparently, I was not the only one who could no longer contact her. Her director (who I came to like actually) had not had any contact with Robin since all of this went down, nor had Pampered Chef corporate. She obviously no longer wanted to make her living selling measuring spoons and the like.

But, the lady at corporate told me the same thing nearly every time. We have GOT to talk to the consultant to see what happened. And every single flipping time I'd tell her the same thing. "THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM NOW. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU TALKING TO HER. MAKE IT RIGHT WITH ME FIRST AND DEAL WITH HER LATER." And yes, I was yelling. My coworkers began to look forward to my phone calls with Pampered Chef for their afternoon entertainment. And really, is it that big of a mystery what happened? The lady took our money with promises of Pampered Chef items to arrive at my doorstep. The stuff never arrived. That's where YOU, as a COMPANY, should step in and fix it.

Instead, because I was HONEST and told them that thankfully our banks and credit cards were able to refund our money, Pampered Chef then considered the problem solved. Since the banks made up for their shortcomings they didn't feel like they needed to do anything at all. "So, you aren't out any money any longer, right? So what is the problem?"

THE PROBLEM is, that I bought groceries. CLEANED my house like a madwoman. Asked my friends and family to take time out of their lives to join me in my home to listen to one of their consultants give the absolute worst presentation I've ever seen. We then spent our money with their company. Which turned into a gigantic fraud, so we then spent more TIME on the phones with our banks getting things corrected. And then we got absolutely nothing out of it.

It would have been REALLY AWESOME for Pampered Chef to send us the things we ordered even though the consultant was the only one that received our money. (And my total party was only about $300...not a huge amount at all.) I would have been HAPPY with an offer to at least let me get my free items I would have gotten for hosting the party and the chance to purchase what I wanted with my hostess discount, along with my guests able to purchase their items with the monthly special as well. (I will say, the director who agreed with me all along and was not happy with the way Pampered Chef was handling all of this offered to let me order my things through her with my same discounts and free items. I'm pretty sure she would have had to make up the difference out of her own pocket, so that was really generous of her to offer to do that.) I would have been SATISFIED with an apology gift of some sort for me and my guests. I didn't get any of that.

Here's what I did get. Remember my one guest that paid with check? Well, Robin cashed that check and we never saw either of the two items that my guest ordered. She was not able to dispute the check with her bank as it had already been cashed, so she was just out of luck. These two items had a $40 retail value together if that gives you any idea of the ridiculousness of what I'm about to tell you. So, after I realized that Pampered Chef was not going to do anything for me (they kept asking for PROOF OF PAYMENT from me and my guests. Umm, you mean the one whackadoo Paypal charge we all got? What in the world is that going to tell you? It's not like we had receipts to go along with it.) I made it my goal to just get Pampered Chef to send the two items that she ordered. The guest had very sweetly told me to just forget about them as she had just written it off, and she didn't want me to have to deal with it all any longer. But I'm hard-headed and didn't listen to her. Not only did I want to get those things for her, but I wanted Pampered Chef to make it right. So, over my MANY phone calls with Pampered Chef, I continuously brought up this guest and how she was ripped off. Pampered Chef had spoken with Robin's director many times as well and her director also backs up my story that we were all ripped off. YET, every single time it got brought up, Pampered Chef would tell me that they could not do anything for her unless they got a front and back copy of her check. Like they didn't BELIEVE us and thought I was going through this great effort to get $40 worth of free stuff. Repeatedly told me without that proof, they couldn't do anything for me. Having my word, the director's word, and the fact that they could NOT contact Robin was not enough proof apparently.

Sure, I could have asked my guest for the copy of her check. Easy. But like I said, she had written it off and I didn't want to have to ask her to do that. Pampered Chef should not be making US prove to THEM that THEY ripped us off. They should be scrambling over their own feet to make it right and they just refused to do that.

Finally, Pampered Chef agreed to send me and my guests that got ripped off an apology gift for our troubles. When they told me this, I immediately told them to keep their stupid measuring spoons or whatever cheap gift they were planning on sending me, and to use the VALUE of those gifts to send my guest's two items instead. Let's break it down:

6 apology gifts of crap we'll likely never use < 2 items worth $40 that my guest not only WANTED but PAID FOR. 

They didn't come right back and agree to that.  It took them a good two weeks after that for the phone call to say they'd agreed to send me those two things. And in that phone call, the lady REITERATED fifteen times that it is NOT their policy to send things out without a copy of that check. That she would not be able to do this again in the future. This is a one time thing. I replied to her that I'm sure it's NOT the policy of their consultants to use Paypal to steal money from guests as well, and that she wouldn't have to worry about me doing it again in the future because I for sure would never be buying anything from them again. Can you believe that? After all of that, STILL thinking I'm out to rip them off and get things for free.

Finally, when she's putting the order through for those two items, she asked me to what address she should send them. I was driving during this phone call, didn't have my guest's address handy and will soon see her anyways at her baby shower so I just told her to send them to me. Again, she made me feel like I was just trying to get these two things for myself. "To you, huh?" was her reply. RAGE. RAGE RAGE RAGE.

Anyways. So yesterday I see the box sitting in my driveway and am shocked that it finally came. My naivety took over once more and I was so sure that they'd thrown in something extra for me and my guests on top of those two things and I ripped open the box. Just those two things. I don't know why I expected anything extra. Why would they want me to feel pampered at all? They aren't in the business of pampering.

So I'm done with it all. I've spent way too much time on this crap. It was a YEAR ago I started talking to the consultant about having a party. This is at least the 4th blog I've written that mentioned it. I've posted to their Facebook page and mentioned them in tweets. (I don't even tweet...only have an account for stuff like this.) I've debated reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and even started filling out a complaint form. Other people said they would have filed a police report and blah blah blah. But, I am sick of telling this story. I'm sick of hoping for some sort of happy resolution. It's been ongoing since August and it's not going to happen. Even naive little me can see that. I got it to the point where none of my friends and family are out any money and that's as much as I can do. Seriously, THE. END.

Crate and Barrel forever. Pampered Chef and I are done. Unless of course I see something at a yard sale for $1 because that's about what their stuff is worth to me after this mess. I do think I should petition for them to change their name though. How do we feel about these company names instead?

Abused Chef

Ripped Off Chef

Payforoverpricedcrapthatyou'llneverevenget Chef

Ourconsultantsarecontractemployeesandweletthemdowhattheywantwithnorepercussions Chef

Wesuck Chef

Customerservice?Whatiscustomerservice? Chef

(One last note. I went out to dinner with an old friend the other day and she also went to high school with Robin and I. She wasn't able to make it to the Pampered Chef party and was shocked at everything that had happened. She then wanted to verify that the consultant was who she thought it was and she then told me that in high school I used to call Robin "Liar Robin". WHAT!? I am so a) forgetful and b) naive that I don't remember stuff like that and look how it's gotten me in trouble again! Also, man, I have a knack for coming up with creative nicknames for people don't I?)


Laura Diniwilk said...

AHHH I can not get over how unprofessional Pampered Chef has been through this whole thing. They clearly do not understand a thing about customer service. That is just absolutely ridiculous.

The Liar Robin part cracks me up though. No memories of how you knew she was a Liar even back then? I can just picture high school Robin finding out that's what you called her and plotting her revenge for the next 10+ years. I'LL SHOW YOU A LIAR, LACEY!

The Beane's said...

This is ridiculous!! I am racking my brain to remember a "Robin" from high school... What a pain!

Dylan's mom said...

YAY it's over! :) BOO Pampered Chef Corp!

Jeff said...

That sucks that Liar Robin was able to get away with this with no repercussions. I think you should go to the Better Business Bureau. I know you don't want to tell the story again, but Pampered Chef should have repercussions for not doing anything about allowing a scam to go on under their name.

Jennifer Rivera said...

I just saw your blog and I just started with Pampered Chef in May of this year. It just galls me this rep would do such a thing to you and your guests! If in the future, if you do consider having a show from Pampered Chef I promise I would never take advantage and give you the best show ever!

Robin Dedek said...

Wow, that's terrible for everyone, thankfully it wasn't this Robin!!