Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Shelving

All of the best original ideas have been taken, so I choose to mimic ideas I find on Pinterest or on Young House Love. There's no shame in my decorating game. This is one of the latest pins that inspired me.

It was pretty simple (looking). Some black piping and boards to make a shelving unit in the industrial style that I am pretty obsessed with right now. I mentioned it to John a few months ago and we kept delaying the project due to a) funds b) time and c) planning. We finally got it together though and made a plan. Over the next few weeks John went to the home improvement stores to compare prices, decide on materials, purchase materials and get some of the piping cut to length. My dad bought a tool to thread the pipe because he's awesome so we were finally all set to go.


I sort of step back after the idea and planning phase and let John do the handiwork and I mistakenly assumed we'd have it done after just a few days. Ha. Not quite. (Although, the date of that first picture in Lowe's is November 9th and the next one of him assembling it was only November 17, but I swear it felt like it took forever!)

Every evening for a week or so, John sanded pipes, painted pipes, and stained and polyed pieces of wood in our garage. I could see the project slowly coming together in the garage, but it wasn't until assembly was finally started in the living room that I was giddy with excitement. We were soon about to have one less giant blank wall in our home and I was soon about to get to decorate shelving - one of my favorite things to do! I had a room full of decor just waiting on a home.


When all was complete, I was given the go ahead to decorate. It's not complete (a few frames are empty, a couple of things need repainted) but it's pretty close to it. I'm in love:


Isn't she a beauty? I'm so thankful that John can do stuff like this. If it were just up to me, well, I guess I'd have my dad here doing it. And then if that wasn't an option either it'd be Ikea shelving. Which isn't bad either, but, it isn't this.


From the inspiration picture, we had to alter it just a tiny bit. John added extra support pieces on the bottom and top shelves. I don't LOVE that addition, but it's really not so noticeable. The bottom shelf needed it because it held the heavy stereo receiver and I forget why the top shelf needed it. I think he said eventual warping or something.


I can't focus on TV anymore. All I do is stare at the shelving unit and make slight adjustments to the decor or just stare it at longingly. In fact, last night in my gazing, I realized just how much decor I get from yard sales. I don't know why it still surprises me, but when it's all laid out like this and I realize I picked up each of these things from a different place it sort of amazes me how well it all fits together. I decided to make a little graphic so you can see too how much of it came from yard sales.


I think there are seven total things that I bought in a place that wasn't someone's driveway. There are a few things that were just given to me also, and then a few other things that I picked up at Goodwill. I wish I remembered the price of each thing so I could give you a total. I do know the most expensive thing up there was the circular tray in the top left corner which was $16-$18 or so at a Cracker Barrel store.

In summary: I'm cheap, I like pretty things, my husband is handy and this is the result. I like, do you?


diana bowers said...

Original idea or not, yours is better than the Pin that inspired you! I like the look of the extra supports.

So I'm guessing the spare bedroom, home to all the decor, is half empty now?! lol

Looks great, you don't even notice there's a television.

Megan@TwoDelighted said...

Looks freaking awesome. I want one.

Jess said...

It looks awesome! And my handy husband may send you hate mail, as I may be adding this project to his to-do list! :)

Laura Diniwilk said...

You are my decorating hero. I LOVE the pic where you showed how much you got in a garage sale. Seriously, please come to Ohio and fix my house.