Friday, October 11, 2013

Keeping You Hanging

Sorry to keep you all hanging on a few things I've mentioned lately. Let's catch you up.

First and foremost, it was just as I had suspected. I'm okay, honestly. I was pretty grumpy over the two week limbo period and I don't think I even realized how grumpy I was until the appointment was over yesterday. And even though the news wasn't good, it was exactly what I expected and it was AN ANSWER. And oh my goodness the relief I've felt since yesterday afternoon is unbelievable. I almost feel bad for feeling so much happier.

All of a sudden I feel like if I was an innocent suspect or victim in a major crime and the media was judging me by my behavior after the crime, the media would not believe I was innocent at all. You know those types? Like Amanda Knox and the California girl that was kidnapped. I think people are surprised and maybe even a little uncomfortable with how I'm dealing with it. I can't help it though. I mean, it sucks, obviously, since we do want another baby. But it's life. And we are healthy and will hopefully have the chance to try again. And if it's meant to be it will be. This little baby just wasn't the one.


Secondly, here's the latest with the Pampered Chef issue. John met up with the consultant that following day and she actually did show up and give him a very small percentage of the products that were ordered. I have pretty much figured out what she did too.

So, two of my guests were actually charged through Pampered Chef and amazingly, everything they ordered was in the bag the consultant gave us. One of those two guests requested a receipt for her order which said her order was placed under someone else's party, meaning, I didn't even get credit for those two guest's orders even though I had the party and I bought the food and I invited them, etc. No fault of their own of course.

Anyways, the rest of my guests (minus one) all had the Paypal charge which our banks took care of for us. Shockingly, a few items were also in that bag from Robin which we feel a little bit guilty about since we didn't pay for them due to the Paypal disputes. I think there were 5 items TOTAL that we got. ONE of those items: those steak knives I coveted. I do feel bad, but damn it, I shouldn't right?

The last guest I'm still trying to figure out. She paid with check which the consultant cashed. She got none of her items so I'm TRYING to work with Pampered Chef to get those items to her, but I have YET to talk to Pampered Chef again. It's constant phone tag, they refuse to email, and won't give me a direct line to call back (and I rarely have 25 minutes to sit on hold while I wait to be transferred from department to department to find the lady that's supposed to be handling all of this). So, I'm still very frustrated with it all. I am most likely just going to buy those items my guest purchased and send them to her myself since I feel so awful about it. I'm giving Pampered Chef one more week, and I think that's being very generous.

You know what though? Those steak knives are pretty amazing. Sucks that I can't endorse the company that makes them at the moment. Make it right, Pampered Chef!


I showed you a desk from Pinterest that I liked and was trying to mimic. It's finished, but I don't love it.


See, it's too solid. I was expecting much less solidness and much more rusticness. But between my communication and John's follow through that got lost. He used primer underneath which made the diamonds very solid. I've tried to sand them down some (see that top left diamond) but its not working too well. And if I try to sand the whole thing, the finish on the wood diamonds would be sanded too. So I've just been stuck looking at it like this and wondering how I could fix it. I have no ideas yet.


TV-less is going awesome. We seriously were just throwing money away every month. We have yet to subscribe to any other subscription service besides the free Netflix trial we still have and have yet to feel the need to. John will start watching Walking Dead which starts back this Sunday by buying the individual episodes the next day from Amazon and watching them a day behind. I have had zero issues watching Amazing Race and Survivor on their regular network channels which are broadcast for FREE. If I happened to miss them, I could watch them the next day on, so I don't really even miss the DVR. It's amazing. I just wish I knew where that extra money was going each month. Crazy how you can cut down on a bill and not even really see a difference.


We still haven't purchased a new light fixture for our breakfast area which means the one the builder placed there is still hanging in the totally wrong spot. I was eyeing one on the Pottery Barn website for a while, but I just checked on it this week to see if it had miraculously gone on major clearance and the darn thing is gone. If anyone sees one at a Pottery Barn outlet or something I would be forever grateful.

I think that's about it, right? Anything else I've mentioned but never came back to update you on? 


wastbury said...

Thinking of you. Miscarriage is hard in ways I didn't realize until after it happened.

As for the table, could you try some kind of stain on top, and/or use steel wool?

Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, too. Let me know if you need anything, friend.

Re: Pampered Chef, the whole situation's a real bummer. I really like PC stuff and it's too bad the company itself isn't more helpful in resolving the issue. At best, I hope they took Robin's consultant rights away. I think you deserve the knives after dealing with all of this, so I'd keep them, too!

MillerMama said...

They make some sort of antiquing stain I think - maybe that would work on the desk? Don't ask me what it is. I am domestically challenged, if you recall from back in the day.

And I think I would react very similarly to you given the first situation. I often say I am a good person to have around in a crisis, because while I am not totally detached and cold-hearted, I am far better with getting the facts and proceeding in a matter-of-fact manner. So... I am certainly sorry for your loss, but I hope you get another go at it very soon.

And I'm glad you're enjoying your knives. (Out of context that seems a little menacing...)

diana bowers said...

I'm glad you got the knives...all the time you spent dealing with this PC issue, you earned them!

Jessica said...

I can't remember what I was going to say because I'm still giggling about MillerMama's comment. Enjoy the knives!

(I'm sorry about the miscarriage and hope your next try goes well. And soon!)

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I'm sorry about your loss. Although you already knew what the outcome was going to be I was still hoping and praying for you. I've had two as well and it's not something I would ever wish on anyone- not even my worse enemy.

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that light fixture!