Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've Never Kept Up With ANYTHING For A Whole Decade

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The longest I've kept up with an exercise program was the C25K and it lasted 5 weeks. 

The longest I've kept up with a diet was Weight Watchers and it lasted 3.5 months.  

I've only kept a child alive and healthy for two years so far.

The longest I've ever kept a car is 4 years. 

Those pesky cats are skating on thin ice at 9 years. (Well, Tuna is skating on thin ice. Reese shouldn't be lumped in the same category as Tuna.)

But John. John I've had in my life for a DECADE. It's so hard to believe because I remember those first few months like they were yesterday. 

It was Christmas Eve 2003. In typical John fashion, he decided he would come over for Christmas morning at my family's home at the last second. Like, 3pm on Christmas Eve last second. I called to tell my mom that he had decided to come and she panicked thinking she was going to have to wrap cans of soup from the pantry as his gift. Lucky for her I worked at the mall and was still there that afternoon, so I quickly ran around and picked up a Carolina Tarheels toboggan (a winter hat for you crazy northerners) and a CD - I think it was The Offspring, which, ew, no idea why that was what I picked up at one of those ancient music stores that used to exist in the mall. Christmas was saved and the new boyfriend of only a month or so was coming to Christmas for the very first time. He brought a gift for me as well - the typical "I don't really know you well just yet so here's a basket of lotions from Bath and Body Works". 

He's never missed a Christmas since. Don't get me wrong; just as anyone else we had our fair share of ups and downs, but luckily we made it through. He did break up with me once for a total of about 2 hours. Just enough for me to cry my eyes out and call my parents while they were vacationing in the mountains only to call them back 2 hours later and say he changed his mind. Are we sensing a theme?

Although he has changed his mind over a million things (he's going to hate me for saying that! He lives in mind-changing-denial.) I'm most thankful that he's never changed his mind about me (except for those 2 hours, but we choose to forget about that). I'm lucky. He's so so good to me and Charley. We don't exchange love letters or gifts and we didn't write our own vows at our wedding or even have a first dance. At parties or social gatherings, you can typically find us away from each other catching up with others we see less often. Our love is just understood and that's just the way I like it. It's very comforting to not have to constantly seek out reassurance that we're still good. 

And when I do get the occasional sweet remark it makes it all the more special. From just the other day:

John: Buying this house is the third best decision I've ever made.
Me: Third? What was second?
John: Having Charley.
Me: And the first? (knowing the answer but just wanting to hear it to be sure it wasn't like 'choosing to go on that ski trip next year')
John: Marrying you.

I then very sweetly replied that I can't pick between him and Charley for first and second, but he told me that without him there would be no Charley so it's an understood first/second. Okay. I'll take it. Aren't I just the sweetest?

It was four years ago today that we got married. 

We're good. 

I love him.


Megan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You two are the cutest. Love the 2013 family pic in your collage :)

Jessica said...

I love the photo collage! Happy Anniversary:)

Laura Diniwilk said...

You have to warn me in advance that there will be sweet Lacey/John conversations that might result in desk tears :) Happy anniversary!

Lin said...

Aw, so sweet. Love the pictures...happy anniversary!

Arwen Emory said...

awww happy anniversary

The Mrs./The Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! Cute collage!