Monday, September 9, 2013


Charley is two today. I've had many nostalgic moments today ("Right now two years ago I was pushing!" "Two years ago right now I probably had a 6 pound warm & tiny baby on my chest." and so on and so on) and will likely do that every September 4th for the rest of my life, no? Only I'm sure the details will become more and more vague as time goes on, but I just remember it being such a happy day. Happy birthday to my sweet Charley!


On top of being really excited to give her some presents from us tonight (crap. I still need to wrap those.) (crap! I need to buy some wrapping paper!) and let her have her very own cupcake (and I get one too!) I am most excited about what a joy my little girl is. She is smart and funny and spunky and beautiful. Here are some of my favorite things about her right now.

*****I wrote all of that above last Wednesday on her actual birthday but never finished the post. Whoops! *****
  • When Charley asks to do something that we try to limit (TV time, iPad time, having more than one gummy vitamin in one day) and we tell her no, she instantly replies so sweetly with "Tomorrow?" and then I instantly feel guilty for always telling her that she may have xyz tomorrow and end up giving her whatever she wants then instead. Except for the vitamins. One a day! No vitamin overdoses over here!
  • I can ask her about her day now. She'll tell me that she went to the church (child care) and played with two other babies and what she had for lunch and that she got to watch Barney twice. It's my favorite thing to do on our drives home. 
  • When we are playing in her room just before bedtime and she senses that we are about to put her to bed, she starts hoarding all of the toys she can get her hands on and dumps them into her crib as quickly as possible so she can play all night long. Too bad she usually conks out within minutes, leaving me to try and empty her crib quietly a couple hours later while trying not to push the buttons that make Elmo talk or the frog croak or the penguin snore.
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  • She gets SO excited about things. I don't think I was ever the type of child to freak out over a coveted Christmas present or anything, so it's such a fun thing to see. I can't wait to give her her American Girl Bitty Baby tonight for her birthday. (Again, wrote this on her actual birthday and am now 5 days later finishing this post up. But the good news is now that I'm posting this late I have a picture to share of her opening her baby doll from Wednesday)
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  • Charley is the most polite baby ever. She really has such good manners and uses 'yes, please' and 'no thank you' to everything. Lately she has tried to take her manners one step further and is now saying 'no thank you Dutch', which I can only assume is the combination of 'thanks so much' and 'no thank you' to be: no thank you much. Or maybe she has an imaginary friend from Holland who she's thanking.
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  • Charley rules our roost right now. (Don't worry, I don't plan on letting that continue forever!) And, on top of that she has my parents wrapped around her finger too. She's pretty bossy - telling us very sweetly to sit or come or go outside or whatever. Hey! She clearly thinks we are dogs with those commands!
    Anyways, little miss bossypants was ruling the landscaping projects that my dad and John were working on recently. Hands on hips and totally in control.
Untitled Untitled

  • But things aren't all puppies and rainbows over here. Charley is very prompt, and to the very day that she turned two, she also started her terrible twoness. Fake whines and tantrums galore. They are quite amusing though so far. Remind me of that the next time they strike in the middle of a grocery store.
In an effort to post this within the same week as I originally intended, I'm cutting this off and pushing publish. My baby is two, I'm a puddle of goo, and this is through. The end.



diana bowers said...

Blogger is messing up on my phone, so if you have two comments, don't take it as me being overzealous with comments.

Hah, no vitamin overdose but double Barney.
She is too cute in her crib with all the stuffed animals (Aidan will hoard books).
Also, I almost want to witness a Charley tantrum, I feel like she wouldn't compare (read:be as dramatic) as other two year olds. I swear she's innocent.

Erica said...

Congratulations, two is a big milestone!

Heather said...

Happy birthday Charley! I can't wait for her and Tory to meet someday. They are seriously two peas in a pod. Although, I'm not sure who'd be more bossy. :)

By the way, you're a brave mama for introducing Barney. That's one show I wouldn't be able to stomach after years of tortured watching by my little brother.

Can't wait to see your Not-So-Elmo party wrap-up!!

Laura Diniwilk said...

Happy belated bday, Charley! That close up of her looking into the camera is just gorgeous. Also, both my girls have bitty baby (one with brown eyes, one with blue) and Lucy LOVES them. She is such a baby doll girl (which is so funny, because I never was).