Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cheap Thrills

It's time again for another edition of Look-at-the-cheap-stuff-I've-bought-in-stranger's-garages-lately. If you are new around here, just know that I'm a big fan of garage sales. Big. Fan. See some things I've gotten here, here, here and here.

Since I have a new bigger house, I now have space for larger things, like, FURNITURE. Ohhh boy. Nothing makes John or my dad happier than to have 4 crazy women (me, mom, two sisters) call them early on a Saturday morning for furniture pick-up. So far I haven't been too crazy. I purchased a desk for $10 which I plan to finish similar to this example from Pinterest:

Only I want to keep the wood finish and paint the contrasting diamonds in an off-white. The desk is so cute and has so much character I don't want to paint over.

Oh look. I've already started the diamond painting project. Yet another project where I forgot to take a 'before' picture.

Here's some of it's character.  This B.K. + J.P. = LOVE has been scratched into the writing board piece that slides out. I love stuff like that!

That penciled message of 'Ben K is gay' is also so sweet and gives it so much character, no?
I also got this blue china cabinet thing for $35. I don't own any china, nor do I want any but who could resist it? I think most people would paint it, but I'm kind of fond of the blue myself. I think a fun wallpapered backing would look really cool in there too.


I have a friend that works at a glass shop that is getting me two glass shelves to go in there, and I'm collecting milk glass looking items to fill it. Guess where I'm collecting them from? Yep. More garage sales. I've probably spent $15 on all 10 pieces.


Then there's my plate collection. I paid $1 each for most of these, some cheaper, a couple were $2. I have another 8 or 9 plates to hang on the opposite wall in another collage once it's painted as well. (See how the window wall is still the builder's basic cream color, and the plate wall is yellow? We're in the middle of painting. Well, I say 'we' but mean 'he'.) 

A couple of these were IKEA as-is plates and not garage sale finds. I don't know why they were as-is, unless they were used in a display so they must then mark them down to $1 to get rid of them because they may have been....touched! Oh the horror! But I'm thankful for the $1 plates, so, thanks IKEA!

Some more office-y things I've collected in this next picture. That lamp was only $5! I passed it by and my sisters and mom yelled for me to come back and see whatever wonderful thing they'd found for me, and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much since the rest of this particular garage sale was kind of a bust. But this was no bust. I LOVE this lamp. And you see that screen thing behind it? It's a tri-fold screen that was purchased at that same sale (so obviously not a bust!) for $30 I think. It's from Pier 1 and it's in perfect condition.

And that desk it's all on? It was free. Not from a garage sale but from my lovely sister. Free>cheap.

I can't remember if I've shared this before, but that quaint tiny little yellow table and chairs was only $5 for all of it. And the baby doll high chair to the right of it was $3 as well. This is currently the only table in my dining room, so prepare to eat on the floor if you come over and are taller than 2.5 feet.
Light fixture = $5, and way better than the boob light the builder put there. What builder puts a boob light in an entry way? Couldn't we at least get a cheapo brass chandelier like the rest of America?
Also, give me ideas on what to do with all that glass in our door and sidelights! It's impossible to hide from solicitors if they can see right in my house. I can only slump down on the couch so far.
I always seem to share the bigger things and forget about all of the little things. I don't usually go out with any more than $40, so when I find a bigger item like the china cabinet that was $35 I either write a check if I have one or borrow more cash from my family until we get to an ATM. We find that if you go out with a lot of cash you basically jinx yourself and you'll find nothing. Go out with less and get more. A little garage sale voodoo magic, if you will.

So anyways, here are some cheaper things I've picked up lately.

$1 slightly pink cake stand
Words! Ahh! But they are French words which totally makes them okay.
$6 shoe storage thingy
$5 for the pair, negotiated down from $6 for both, since you know that was way too much for two lamps. Hehe
$1 each for Waverly pillows
You've seen this in my breakfast area but here it is again. It was $5.
$1 for the map. I plan to do travelly/mappy things in the office.
$2 for the globe.
327 319
And a million other things as I'm sure you can tell. I've shared this picture before but at one point my spare room looked like this, and 75% of that stuff is from garage sales.


Basically, I'm a cheap hoar...



Heather said...

Your decorating style is so different than what I'd pick out on my own - it's so Southern, or something - but I love it all the same. Very classy. Makes me want to cozy up in your kitchen for a cup of tea.

Dylan's mom said...

These are fabulous!! I wish the garage sale around me had this awesome stuff!!

Laura Diniwilk said...

As you know, I love love love these posts. I also think it's interesting since I have read your blog (and stalked your archives) long enough to be able to tell that your style has evolved. I am really loving watching your house come together! And how amazing are those wood floors? And I love the wee table. And BK+JP!!! What great finds.

I guess this means I have to post about fake camping now...

Lacey said...

It has evolved! I like bright, rustic, slightly country, and slightly industrial maybe things now. My last house was a cave! :P I love that you know me so well to notice that!

Can't wait for that fake camping post... ;)