Friday, July 12, 2013


Still alive. Making some progress on the house, but still not a ton yet. I've spent all of my would-be-blogging time decorating or shopping for the house. It's more fun to do that than this. It's not you, it's me.

So anyways, here's a few thoughts I've been wanting to talk about lately.


I know I have the Bloglovin' thing over there in my sidebar, but in actuality since Google Reader is officially gone, I've been using Feedly instead. It's good y'all. Dare I say better than Google Reader? But I really like it. The ONLY thing it doesn't have going for it is the fact that I can't make it a little gadget on my iGoogle homepage. But Google is taking iGoogle away at some point too, so I may as well go ahead and break up with iGoogle anyways. Why do you do this to me Google? It's punishment because Google Plus never really took off, isn't it?

(To make it up to you I just used/advertised the word 'Google' eight times. Make that nine.)

Oh hey. Remember that deck we were building? (I say we, because I'm fairly confident I handed John or my Dad a screw at one point or another so I totally helped.) It's finished.


And then we used it on July 4th to host my entire family and realized we needed an umbrella or something, because the tiny sliver of shade we got wasn't exactly relaxing. I thought I would be fine with this lovely and reasonably priced umbrella from IKEA. John assured me I wouldn't be happy with that in the long run. He wanted something a little larger and a little more remote-controlled and a little more longer lasting and a LOT more expensive. Like these. I looked at the bank account, looked at those prices. Looked again at the bank account, looked one more time at those prices to be sure I hadn't inadvertently added a zero in there somewhere. I hadn't. Dude, we can't afford that!

But, along comes Craigslist and a listing for an awning a whole 4 miles from our house at 75% off of the price and we snatched it up.


Y'all. My house is like fancy now. A remote controlled awning? A speaker system throughout the house that I can control with my phone? Who do we think we are, anyways?


Oh guess what? I ate some more words.
Fullscreen capture 7102013 90333 AM.bmp
I swore my children would not wear any clothing with cartoon characters on them. Ew. But then I went and ordered that shirt for Charley.

See my reasoning was that we are going to Disney soon and what child goes to Disney in a non-charactered shirt? I didn't want Charley to feel left out so I went ahead and placed my order. Plus, look at that price! Can't beat that!

So then I forgot that on Zulily they take forever to ship things and we're not even going to get it in time for our trip. Great. I mean, my words tasted okay but I'm not sure I want a second helping.

It could be worse. It could have WORDS on the shirt too. Words = okay if eaten. Not okay on clothing. Got it?


We went camping last weekend.

Oh wait, let's back up - We bought a camper.

Sorry. I think I shared this on Instagram and maybe on Facebook, but not here. So yes, we purchased this from my sister. Which is cool and all but now we can't go camping with my sister because well, WE BOUGHT HER CAMPER. Hmm.

So as I was saying, we went camping last weekend - just me and John, and Charley. I was a little concerned about sleeping arrangements because Charley had recently been climbing out of her Pack n Play for naps at my sister's, but she was a champ. We bought a bed rail and put it on the bottom bunk and she slept awesome.

She loved every second of it. Even the excessive rain. (Really though, what's with all the rain this summer?)


Let me take this opportunity to dump some more camping photos here for you....


Fun right? So anyways. All the excessive rain. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that is what is leading to excessive bugginess. Bugs are out. of. control. this year. And I know I just moved into a naturally buggier house than my last one with it being in the woods and all, but I swear they're worse this year.

Charley and I got stung by this flying ant thing while we were camping. Each got stung twice and Charley cried. I wanted to cry too, but I tried to be all strong and parent-like. 3 of the 4 stings have almost completely gone away. One of them has done this.


What IS that? It does look a little better today so I think I'm going to be able to retain ownership of my arm thankfully. But weird right? It doesn't hurt or itch (anymore) or anything.


What's new with you? Oh, nevermind. I already know since you guys haven't been slacking on your blogs. You had a baby and you announced a baby name and you went to Paris. You guys are such good little blogging pupils. I aspire to be just like you.


diana bowers said...

I think the Disney shirt needs to say "Minnie" on it, too! :)

Aidan still has not worn or seen his Elmo shirt, while I was able to make the purchase, I can't seem to pull it out of the drawer to put it on him.
It's not like Charley will realize she's the only kid not wearing a Disney shirt, and if you have to buy one there, well, you'll probably part with $30...But if you do, take pictures, I need to see this.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Yay, a Lacey update! Glad to hear that all is well. Your deck is GORGEOUS. My parents got an awning like that (full price) and I about fell over when they told me how much they paid for it. Please tell Justin that Craigslist is not the devil.

Heather said...

Um, Paris? I want to read about that! We need to swap blog lists because I'm going to have some serious up-all-night hours to fill once Baby #2 arrives in three short months! (GULP)