Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Slow Going

I'm taking my time decorating this house. No walls have been painted. Barely any decorations have been hung. And I've bought very few things so far in terms of decor. Not that it would seem I need anything else when my spare bedroom (aka staging room) currently looks like this:


I'm trying to wait until I have a vision or an idea or inspiration for how I want the room to look. I do want to make them functional in the time being, but I see no point in moving bookcases inside the office that are going to need to be painted anyways just so I can unpack a few more boxes of yearbooks and photo albums, ya know? So the last remaining boxes will remain packed in the office and in our master bedroom.

But, lets not talk about all that HASN'T been done. Lets get you caught up with the few things that have been done! First up, the breakfast area.


All of the main living areas are open to each other and share walls so I know the color scheme will remain consistent throughout. I shared a glimpse of what I wanted to do before and so far I'm staying on task. I got this table, bench, and chairs from Pier 1 after searching everywhere and almost settling on something completely not in my "vision" from Crate and Barrel. (And by the way, the Crate and Barrel one wasn't really in the budget either.)

I bought curtains from IKEA and just so happened to have a perfectly sized, CLEAN rug in the right colors that I got from a yard sale for $5.00. Sure, it's white-based and I have a toddler, but I only paid $5.00 and I have a SteamVac. I'll take my chances for the sake of beauty.

Things it still needs: yellow-er walls. I also have several plates I've collected from yard sales that I plan on collaging on those two shorter walls. Also, that's not an illusion. That light fixture isn't even over the table. I blame the builder. We still need to move that, and get something new. I keep going back to this one, but I think I'd rather have something rectangular with three lights. I'll keep you updated.

Elsewhere around the house is looking pretty unfinished. The living room is slowly getting there, but, not.


I've put away that laundry and bought a couple more pillows since this picture, but that's really it. Maybe I'll take a picture in the daylight one day so my rug doesn't look black instead of navy. I need an accent chair in the corner, which is currently occupied by a tiny accent chair:


Of course I'll have to ask her permission first. Ooh! Also! You see the color of that little wickery table next to Charley's chair? I want my bigger coffee table that color instead of the light color. Think I can stain it? Anyone have any tips or tricks for me to make that happen?

We still need to put up the faux fireplace and I think I'm wanting to faux stack some wood in it like this. I'll need John's help with that project though and he is currently busy. Busy doing what, you might ask? Well, it started on Saturday with some lumber in the yard and some head scratching going on. My dad was there too.


By day's end we had this:


And then Sunday Charley and I watched out of the window as progress continued:


And tonight they ended up with this:

The deck is going up faster than the house, and one of the deck builders works a full time job! But I digress...

So that's where we're at. Hope to have a fully functional deck very soon! Because something tells me it wouldn't be safe for Charley just yet.



Jessica said...

Wow that is so awesome they're building a deck!

I didn't get the decor gene, I guess, so we've lived in our house for almost 5 years and it's very minimally decorated. I need someone to come help me with it!

diana bowers said...

Nice deck!

Love the pic of Charley in the chair.

Jess said...

Everything is looking great! You will love that awesome deck!

Haley said...

I'm impressed! It is looking good and that deck is going to be awesome! I have a feeling I will have deck envy!

diana bowers said...

On a second look, is the HVAC vent near the center of the table?? Seems like the lighting and vent should have been swapped.

Lacey said...

No, it's actually pretty close to the wall, thankfully, or we'd have to move that too! Crazy thing (or, not so crazy) is that when they were installing lighting wiring we noticed that the wiring for the chandelier was too far out, so John took the wire and moved it over a few rafters so it would be better placed. Well, since we didn't STAPLE it in the new spot they just moved it back to where they had it instead of asking us. Because sure, an animal could have gotten up there and re-placed the wiring. Sure.

Heather said...

Love the kitchen colors! Beautiful!

And love that Charley Bear .. I can't believe how much her hair has grown in the last few months. Also, can't get over that adorable smile of hers.