Friday, June 21, 2013

eShakti: Real fashion for real people

Don't worry. Due to the length of time it took me to do this post there will likely never be any more product reviews on this blog. But they didn't give me a deadline to do the review so I resorted to one of my favorite pastimes: procrastination.

So, back in February I was offered a complimentary article of clothing from eShakti in exchange for a review on this little ol' blog. After viewing the options, there was absolutely no way I could say no, no matter how many times I've rolled my eyes at other blogger's product reviews.

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This was right in the middle of my wardrobe awakening where I was trying to phase out my crappy clothes in lieu of a more quality, and therefore better fitting wardrobe so it was perfect timing on their part. (If you're wondering how that's going, I am still buying things every few weeks from I'm a little bit obsessed.)

(Another reason I won't be asked to do any more product reviews: I am easily sidetracked and even advertise other websites within the review.)

So where were we. Okay. Checked out all of the options at eShakti, and was really impressed. They also have custom sizing on everything they sell which I thought was really cool and wanted to try out.

I was given plenty of choices and on the first day I tried to make a selection, I couldn't choose. There were TOO many choices and I ended up asking a group of friends to help me. The next time I went to the site to make a selection, many of my top choices were gone and I had to start over in trying to pick one item. I was looking for a dress that I could wear to work with a cardigan and also wear on summer weekends. I wanted an a-line style to hide my butt and hips and I like something that ties at the waist to make sure that that smallest area of mine is accentuated. I waited so long to make my choice that there weren't many left to choose from and ended up choosing a bright orange dress. It was in a color that I normally wouldn't buy because it's not the best for my lack-of-coloring, but I just went with it. It was a color block dress and I liked the style, and I liked that it tied at the waist. It covered enough that I could easily wear it to work and on the weekends too.

I placed the order and gave all of my measurements so I could get this dress to fit me perfectly. Usually I don't have many problems with fit on an off-the-rack item, so had it not been a free option I would have just ordered my regular size.

I received it very quickly and was so excited to try it on right away. I put it on and stood in the mirror for a pretty long time. I couldn't tell how I felt about it. I was still living with my parents at the time so then I went to get my mom's opinion. She said she liked it, but I could tell she didn't love it either.


I finally wore it yesterday after it sat in my closet for four months. Yesterday was a rush-to-get-ready type of morning, and I just sort of threw it on in haste. Sometimes when I am sort of rushed to wear something I wasn't previously very sure about, I find that I end up loving the outfit and wondering why I didn't wear it more often. Yesterday was not one of those times.

As the day went on, I felt more and more self-conscious about my bright orange frock. Remember when I shared that the outfit I wore one particular day reminded me of a hot dog? Well, this one reminded me of something too, and it didn't come to me until I was stuck at work with no change of clothes.

life jacket orange

Where's my canoe? 

Once that image popped into my head, I was ashamed to step foot out of my cube. I was sure everyone else could see it too. So when lunch time came around, I went extra late and only went to the restaurant that is in my building to minimize the number of people I'd see, or, who'd see me.

Here were my issues with it: 
A) I gave them my shoulder measurements, but I feel like the shoulder area was taken in some and it didn't need to be. The shoulder area was too narrow and I found myself constantly tucking bra straps back underneath it.

B) The length isn't right! I know I'm tall, but it didn't need to be lengthened that much. It hit right below my knee instead of right above it. Very awkward. 

C) The amount of fabric that makes up the skirt. When I would sit down and it would hang down off either side of my chair I felt like I was in a robe of some sort. 

I took this picture at the end of the day, and with all of that extra fabric hanging around it got pretty wrinkly.
D) I didn't feel skinny in it like I normally do in other a-line dresses. I like that illusion, and this one didn't give it. 

E) My favorite part was the color blocking on the back and the eyelet closure. Once I had my cardigan on to keep from freezing to death in the office, I was back to just looking like a life jacket. 

Looking at the pictures makes me like it a little bit more than I did while wearing it which says to me that most of my uncomfortable-ness was made up in my head, but I still don't think I'd wear it again. Unless I need something to go with my flotation device, of course.

So, since this is a product review, I feel like I need to say that I don't feel like I can fairly review eShakti's product because the problem wasn't as much with the article of clothing as it was with my procrastination/poor decision making skills. The dress was made very well, and it came very fast. I really think the ability to customize is a niche that isn't available many other places and could really work well for people that have trouble finding clothing that doesn't have to be altered. But if I had to say if I'd personally buy this product after having my experience, I'd say no. Sorry, eShakti. Wish it would have turned out differently for us. In fact, if you'd like me to give it another try I'd be more than willing! 

So there's my first blog review. It will likely be the last since I decided to be honest instead of endorsing whatever product I received in order to receive more free stuff - as I've seen so many other bloggers do. However, if you are in the business of sending me free stuff and said free stuff isn't Anthrax or bombs, I'd be happy to let you do that. (I'm looking at you, Joss and Main. I've got a whole house to decorate!)


diana bowers said...

You should come to a Clemson game I. the fall.... perfect color.

The Mrs./The Mom said...

This is probably one of the most honest reviews I've ever read. I feel like bloggers say if they don't like it they won't post about it which I think is a cop out. Anyway, I've seen many bloggers review this company and I appreciate your point of view.

zendegy said...

I am so happy to know I am not the only one dissatisfied with my eShakti experience. I ordered skirts for myself and my daughter and both were wrongly sized both in the waists and the length. They were extremely late arriving - almost 4 weeks - and I got no communication from them about this until I sent 2 emails wondering where my order was. Never once did they express any regret for my long wait.
I do not know how they could be so far off - they were HUGE - in both ways unless they completely disregarded the directions I included upon ordering. Worst of all is how poor their customer service is. I will put up with a lot if someone just seems sincerely sorry and seems truly concerned to remedy a wrong.
Now I am stuck with a $95 credit there and no desire to buy anything from them again.
Thank you for a review that makes me feel that I am not the only one. And that some bloggers will dare to do a less than glowing review of a company that offers them a free item.

Shannah said...

Quite honestly, I think the dress length, and the dress itself, are fabulous on you. It's very vintage style and I love that about it.

And the way the top is cut, it certainly wouldn't lend itself to a normal bra, as it's almost boat neck. I don't know if that's just how the dress was designed, or a flaw of theirs. BUT, you really shouldn't be ashamed to wear it, you don't look like a life vest!

a said...

I have to agree with you, it does remind me of a life vest. I think it's the black trim on the orange dress that makes it look like a life vest.

I have thirteen dresses from eshakti and I have never had a problem. One of the dresses had a tiny tiny hole in it at the waist seam but it took two seconds to fix. I love eshakti obviously. Maybe you should give them another go...