Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Charley Bear: 1.75

She's sweet and spunky and she's growing like a weed. Just look at this collection of bear pictures from the last 7 months. She went from baby to kid. And grew several hairs. This also happens to coincide with the time we lived with my parents. You think there was something in the water at our old house prohibiting hair growth?
(Clearly, we all know that is not the case)

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And just for record keeping, here are months 20 and 21 blown up for your viewing pleasure.

This month required bribery.
A smile was too much to ask.

We only have three more months of bear pictures and it makes me a little sad! I have an album on my personal Facebook page that all of these are in and I love to flip through them and watch Big Bear shrink. Also, I was thankful my parents had a room with blue walls at their house so I could continue on with the same general look for the remainder of the bear pictures once we moved out of the townhouse. And you know what my mom told me yesterday? She said she might repaint that room! Can you believe she would do that to me!?

But if she did do that, I am fairly certain I can photoshop the walls back to blue anyways. In fact, that curtain hasn't been hung at all since we lived in our old house. For the last 7 months that curtain has been photoshopped into the picture. I have skillz.

Anyways, let's talk about the Charley girl. I think I want to just do a bulleted list this time.

  • She cries when I sing along with a song on the radio. She only likes me to sing certain songs: Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and The Wheels On The Bus.
  • She has finally relented on the hairbow situation. Not that we've been able to even use a bow for that long. But she finally allows hairs to be bowed or pigtailed. Behold the cuteness:
  • Untitled
  • She loves showers. I regret introducing her to these because now she wants to join me for every shower.
  • She associates family members together. She can say almost all of their names and knows that Wyatt goes with his brother Weston ("seston") and his dad Colt and mom Racheal. Although she can't yet say Racheal. I think that is fascinating since a lot of the time we get together with my family there are more than one family there. How does she know who goes with who?
  • She's figured out puzzles. All of a sudden one day she was just able to do them. It was amazing to watch.
  • She's a perpetual channel flipper. She only likes to watch a minute or two of a show before she's ready for you to flip to another channel to see what else is on.
  • The cat obsession continues. I don't want to have the same birthday party theme for her 2nd birthday too, but it's truly still her favorite thing.
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  • She loves broccoli and green beans and coleslaw. She's already beating me in the vegetable department.
  • Biscuits are her absolute favorite food though. That and any sort of fruit. 
  • She talks. We hold conversations. It's awesome.
  • She mimics everything. Putting in contacts. Squashing bugs. Squealing because of bugs. Swatting away bugs. Putting (pretend) lotion on her legs. Walking out of the house with a million bags and things to carry. She mimics it all. My little mini-me.
  • 072
    Picture has nothing to do with the last bullet point because I do not have a love of sitting in sinks.. It's just cute. And yes, I do realize this is the second picture in this post with Charley in a sink.
  • She has basically mastered drinking out of a regular cup. I have no idea how. She just sort of did it.
  • She loves to dip her foods. You know those plates that have separate little divided sections for different foods? Heaven forbid one of them be empty. She will want it filled with any kind of dip. Ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, syrup, ranch, anything. Give the girl some dip. 
  • Do you watch The Middle? Charley used to have a very definitive head nod for "yes" but now she's decided to start saying "hess" instead. Only, it is IDENTICAL to how Brick whispers "yesssss" but without the awkward under-the-breath talking afterwards. It makes me laugh every time.
  • Rainboots. She's obsessed with them.
  • 127
  • She's just fun. And sweet. And I love her.
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Next up: the TWO year update. Two!

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Haley said...

She is freaking darling! I love the pictures and her cat obsession is adorable! Yay for bows and piggy tails!!! I can't believe you are already approaching TWO :X