Friday, May 24, 2013

The Timeline of Building A House Through Text Messages and Emails

As you very well know, we are in the process of building a house. In fact, it's built. Finished. And it's just sitting there empty waiting for some life to move in. It has been basically finished for 2 months now and we've just been waiting on a bunch of little things, inspections and the lender to get it together. It made me think of how many times I've updated my friends and family over the course of this build, and how ridiculous I must seem when I told friends that we'd be in our house by the end of March, and then April, and now May when it kept kept kept getting postponed.

Which gave me the idea to collect Facebook posts, text messages and emails over the last 7 months and put them here together. To see how many times things were postponed, failed, or just flat out SLOW.

Have you built a home before? Is this normal? Keep in mind when we originally signed the contract with the builder last July we were told we'd be in the house before Christmas.

The house at Christmas. We tried to wait for Santa in our home, but we kept feeling a draft.

October 15, 2012
Friend: How’s the house coming along?
Me: They started last week, and are supposed to be doing the foundation this week. We are already irritated with them though because they are changing stuff without telling us. Like we noticed the hole they dug for the basement wasn’t as deep as we were expecting so we asked them if we were still going to have tall ceilings in the basement so we could put our HVAC stuff in the floor instead of in the ceilings, and they said no, we changed it to be in the attic. What? Think that maybe you could have told us?? I seriously hope it gets better. I am so fed up with these people. Just build my house the way I want it darn it.

November 20, 2012
FB message to friends: I just got offered a new position (with a nice promotion and more $$) within my same company. It's a new role and they came to me, not even knowing I was already looking. I was going to have to stay in my current position for a while since we'll be closing on our house soon-ish and it was too late to make a move, so this is just perfect timing. My patience paid off!

December 7, 2012
Friend: What's the latest progress on the house?
Me: Just uploaded a picture to Flickr. They just poured the basement yesterday, so it's not as far along as you would have thought. When they were gonna pour before (what was that, two weeks ago?) they failed an inspection for some crazy stuff, then there was Thanksgiving, bad weather, etc. They are framing it out today.

March 6, 2013
John: Just emailed you. Not closing in March???
Me: What?
John: I just sent [the builder] an email. This is bullsh*t.

March 8, 2013
Friend: How's the house coming along Lacey?!?
Me: So so so so so slowly. We locked in our loan for 45 days though so soon, very soon.
Friend: When is it expected to be finished? It's looking good :)
Me: They won't give us a date. So dumb. I'd guess early April now though.

March 19, 2013
Friend: Hows the house coming?!
Me: Argh. Um, well the septic system went in Friday and was supposed to be finished up Saturday after they got the one part inspected. Well, of course, it failed inspection and they now have to take the tank out of the ground and re-place it. I forget why it failed. So of course then that delayed the well from going in yesterday, and on top of that it rained all day yesterday and today it's super muddy so they have yet to come back and fix that issue. So annoying. So, definitely not looking like March now. Our loan rate is locked until April 10...

March 25, 2013
Friend: How is the house coming along?
Me: House is coming along. Early April it’s looking like.

April 1, 2013
(text when discussing picking a date for a Pampered Chef party)
I was waiting on an exact date from the builder on when we would close, and I still don't have it. :/ I know we won't be in there this weekend and that only leaves one other weekend between now and then.

I'm sorry this is getting put off again! Had no idea I'd be homeless for this long!

April 2, 2013
Text to vent to a friend: So annoyed. John texted the contractor to try and get an estimate date. I'll forward you the texts:
John: "...My wife emailed [the builder's secretary] today. She is wanting to know a completion date. [Builder's secretary] told her to get with you and see what else needs to be done. I'm hoping you can give me a date so we can prepare. Our loan lock will expire in 8 days. I know we won't close in 8 days but we need an estimate.

Contractor's response: Working on it. Hoping to backfill tomorrow, electrical final called in and know what we need to do now to correct mechanical final. I'll try to firm up tomorrow after I put eyes on it."

April 4, 2013
Email from builder to lender: As I told you yesterday, we are trying to finish up on the house. Attached are the final numbers as promised yesterday. We still have to finish up finals on the house and work thru all the final inspections with Mecklenburg County. I am not sure how long that will take. Please let me know what docs you are going to need from me in order to close other than than the Cert. of Occupancy. I will notify you as soon as we have power and are ready for the final appraisal to be done.

April 11, 2013
(when (again) discussing picking a date for a Pampered Chef party)
Her: Did you have a date in mind for May/June?
Me: What about June 1?
Her: That's fine, but I don't want you to feel rushed or in a bind.
Me: No, that should give us plenty of time, that's why I picked that day.

April 12, 2013
Me, email to builder: Are we on track to close this month? I hate to keep asking, but we need to have a little notice with our storage unit and our work schedules for closing/moving if so. Thanks for any information you may have.
Builder's response: Hi, We are trying to close this month. Thanks.

April 25, 2013
Facebook message to friends: Finally. One of the last house inspections passed. Now we are just waiting on the water inspection which will hopefully be tomorrow, and then we will close about a week after that.

April 27, 2013
Me to friends: House failed another inspection yesterday! Hooray! Should be fine with having Monday off now!

May 2, 2013
Friend: So do you have a closing date or is that too optimistic of me to even ask, lol?
Me: HA! Let's tone down that optimistic-isity.

May 13, 2013
Friend: What's the latest with the house?
Me: Just waiting on the bank….tick tock tick tock. They were supposed to give a closing date today. That’s yet to happen.

May 23, 2013
(Text to Pampered Chef consultant/friend)
Bad news. We aren't closing tomorrow so we will be moving next weekend. This is so beyond ridiculous. We'll have to reschedule the Pampered Chef party.

Which brings us to today. We were told earlier this week that we'd likely close today. Through a fair amount of pestering for information, we finally heard yesterday that we WON'T in fact be closing today. But we'd be closing on Tuesday instead. So while we are so excited that we finally have a closing date, now we have a plan-less three day weekend which would have been optimal timing for moving in. Next weekend begins June, which would mean another month of paying for storage. No thank you.

So, do we sneak behind the builder's backs, take advantage of the three day weekend and move our stuff just into the garage this weekend? Or do we follow instructions and wait until after closing on Tuesday, and then rush to get all of our things out of storage in the evenings after work next week?

Update: Nevermind...builder just let us know we are free to move things into the garage this weekend! No sneaking here.


diana bowers said...

Some of these conversations sound eerily familiar.

Also, I like the idea of moving your stuff in over a long weekend, but the one thing I thought of is you or the bank might have to do one last walk through before closing. We had to, and it was new construction.

Lacey said...

No last walk throughs thankfully. But just got a response from the builder and added it to the blog post. They are going to let us move our stuff in anyways. :)

diana bowers said...

WOOHOO! They should as much as they have stringed y'all along with the closing.