Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Home Stretch

We're edging closer to moving from The Homeless Stretch to The Home Stretch. Yesterday was big. We finally passed the last inspection (I'm pretty sure every single inspection was failed at least once, if not more, during this process. I have no experience to draw upon since we've never built a house before, but is that normal? I am sure things get overlooked here and there and all, but every. single. inspection to fail? Very annoying.

Apparently "Fi" is short for "Final" which would have been way too time consuming to spell out.
And then, thanks to some persistence by John who stepped up when the builder was slacking not so persistent, we got the C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) issued. After that, you can request that power be turned on.

This is normally something the builder would do as well, but when our project manager guy said he'd call first thing this morning at 4:00 yesterday afternoon (tomorrow!? There's still time to call today!), John took that into his own hands as well. He called the power company himself and 30 minutes later the power guy was there. A few minutes later felt like this scene from Christmas Vacation. (at about 3:49 if you want to skip ahead)


We had LIGHTS! We spent the next 20 minutes flicking lights on and off and figuring out which switch did what. Very exciting.


Now, it's in the bank's hands. Early on we were told that it's usually a week after the C.O. is issued that they will want to close on the house and get paid (remember? this builder funds the build out of pocket, and instead of us getting a construction loan we only get a mortgage once the house is complete). But we were also told we'd be in the house by Christmas, and then early February, and then FOR SURE by the end of I'm not holding my breath.

I had a couple of requests for pictures of the inside, and, well, I did my best. I really could have used a wide angle lens to take pictures of empty rooms since they are basically pictures of nothing. I think my iPhone actually has a wider lens than the smallest I have (18mm) but oh well. It's all I've got. The pictures of the rooms with THINGS in them will be much more pleasing anyways. But if you just cannot wait, here is a group of pictures of empty rooms. 


Speaking of all the things, I have quite the collection of things from garage sales from last fall (that went straight into boxes) and this spring. So Laura, just for you, once we get moved in and start unpacking things I'm going to show you all the stuff I've got. To be honest, I really don't even remember what all I bought. Since it's impossible to know how you are going to decorate a house that isn't yet built I went with the method "if I like it, I buy it". If I don't end up using some of the stuff, I'll resell them at my own garage sale I'll have in the fall. I may even mark things up $.50 more than I paid for them. GASP! I mean, most of the stuff took up space in a storage unit I've paid for so it's only fair, right? 


We're really excited, y'all. Can't wait to put this all behind us and move on. And move in. Speaking of moving in...anyone want to help? Please and thank you!


MillerMama said...

So glad you will be home soon! Can I come soak in your tub somtime? Weird? Oh. Sorry.

Diana said...

So excited you finally received the CO!
I'll come see the rooms in person, the pictures didn't satisfy my curiosity. Also, doesn't the iPhone have a panoramic feature?? I know the Almighty Droid does. ;)

Lacey said...

Haha! It DOES as a matter of fact. Haven't you seen the almighty APPLE commercial. I never think to use that!

Diana said...

Like I would watch an Apple commercial. ;)
(Truth: I DVR everything, so I don't watch any commercials)

Hunter and his family... said...

The house look gorge!!! Yeah I would definitely be anxious to get in there and smell the newness of it. Congrats! You got power!!! Move in time seems like its right around the corner!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

So exciting! Hope you guys will be in soon.

Missy said...

The house looks great!

Jessica said...

I love it! Very pretty house.

Lin said...

This house is gorgeous! So happy for you guys.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Your porch is my dream porch. And I love the gratuitous Charley pic :)

WOOHOO garage sale post!!!