Friday, May 10, 2013

Planning Decor? Who AM I anymore!

In our townhouse I was just finding my decorating way. When the paint on the walls wasn't quite what I was envisioning I just stuck with it. I'd make it work. Plus, I never planned ahead enough to buy the little tubs of tester paint. I just picked a color from a swatch in the store and we'd buy the gallons. See? Totally no forethought into it. In fact, the faux finish on the walls of the living room was from an idea I saw on Better Homes and Garden's website (pre-Pinterest. It was hard to find ideas in those days!). The picture they used to show the finished product made the walls look like different shades of yellow in each square. Obviously, they had used special lighting in their picture as I used the exact same paints:


But we didn't stop painting or run back to the store to change it. I sort of just ran with the punches because I didn't have an idea of how I wanted the entire room to look when complete. I decorated as I went.

But now. Now, it's different. I've been thinking about decorating our new house before we even cleared the land. Thinking about it so much that I've made a mood board for our new living room/breakfast area. They are all pretty much together so I think they will all be decorated similarly. But seriously, who am I anymore?

Living/Dining Area

I am picturing a farmhouse table (maybe DIY, not sure) yellow walls, dark neutral couch and blues and whites around. Natural materials too, like jute or wicker or the like.

The walls are a yellowish color already. I may go a shade yellow-er, but for now I'm going to leave them and see how I like it. I always tend to pick the shades on the darker end of the paint swatches and realize after I've bought the gallons that it's too dark.

I've had yellow and blue in my head since I started thinking about it. I can't get it out of my head and when the builder painted the walls their default color and I saw it had a yellowish tint to it, that sealed the deal.

The floors we put down are pretty busy already, so I knew that I didn't want a rug that was very busy. Add to that my hate of traditional rugs and my usual cheap-ness and you get a girl that has been looking for rugs unsuccessfully for MONTHS. I finally found THE ONE yesterday, but unfortunately it did not have THE right price. It was $500, which isn't too too bad for a rug that size and I loved it so much I was almost ready to pull the trigger. Until today when I found one (probably not as high of quality) for half the price. SOLD. I don't think I'm going to keep the same design scheme forever, so I'm okay with a rug that likely won't last forever. Blue and white striped rug = check.

I've also been scouring Craigslist for a mantel surround. I really would prefer one that's older and more beat up, but I'll keep looking. My sister found one at a yard sale for $10 that I really love. Proof that yard sales > Craigslist. Also, no, we don't have a fireplace. We opted not to add that in because we really never used it and I hate the way it limits the design of a room. But, I do like the look of one so I went ahead and bought this one for $50 and I'm going to put it up and tile the center or something. Plus, we have to have a place to hang our stockings! I may get brave and beat this one up a bit. I'm not feeling real confident in my abilities to do that yet.


I can't wait. I have a few ideas for Charley's room and color scheme and I had a bit of laundry room inspiration too one day (as you may have noticed on Pinterest) but that's all I've got so far. I like that it's going to come to me slowly and sort of evolve it's way into a finished house. I can't even wait to actually buy a few paint samples and paint the little swatches on the wall like a planner would do. Planning can be fun too!

As for the actual house updates, there are none yet. It's finished. It's passed inspections and we're supposed to get the appraisal back tomorrow. Monday apparently they are going to let us know a closing date, which would then decide a moving date which could potentially be next weekend! Oh, except John is busy all next weekend and won't be available to move our stuff. So, we'll wait another week. What's one more week when we've waited this long?


Marettie said...

Well let's hope they can give you the ultimate gift for Mother's Day on Monday and give a real closing date already, since they missed Christmas, Valentines, and your birthday! I'm so excited to see all of your finishing touches because I love your style!

diana bowers said...

I'm sure your house will look fabulous! It will evolve into a home over time, and projects are fun.

NatalieKay said...

I'm so excited to watch the progress as you decorate, Lacey. Love ya!