Monday, April 1, 2013

Shopping Lately

I go through spurts of buying things. I'll buy buy buy things for a while, and then I buy nothing for months. Right now, I'm in a buy buy buy phase. And this list isn't going to include the things I've bought for Charley. Someone confiscate my debit card, stat.

Also, are you as easily swayed by other bloggers as I am? I am all about reviews when I buy things online, but when it's a fellow blogger that I "know", I may as well just give them my credit card and tell them to order one for me too. Here are the things I've bought lately. If I've had my arm twisted and forced to hit that purchase button a few too many times, I figure I should spread the love to you too. Go ahead. You know you want it!

Here are some of my purchases lately:

From K's recommendation at Two Adults, I bought these gold shoes she raved about, and bought two of the Target dresses.

Have you heard of It's one of those deal sites but their deals are usually handmade things and they are CHEAP! A friend of mine has gotten a couple of actual cheaply made things, but so far everything I've purchased has been good quality. I am all about the corals and mint greens this season, and this necklace was no exception.


And on the same necklace kick, I've bought a few things from this Etsy shop too. I got the bow necklace, and a hand-stamped necklace with a bird charm. And then when I temporarily misplaced the bird charm, I bought a tree charm for the interim. Now that the bird has been found, I have hand-stamped necklace versatility! Bird today? Or tree? Oh my options are endless!

Then from my friend Laura's recommendations for makeup, I have started to buy a few things she recommended because I trust her judgement with makeup and I really need a better routine. I started with the Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle and the Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towellettes. I was noticing wrinkles, and I know sometimes they can be even worse due to not washing the makeup off of your face each night (guilty) and decided to combat those two things first. Love, love, love them both. LOVE. Really. I love them.
Have I mentioned the mint green thing yet? Because it wasn't intentional. One day I stopped and thought about it and everything I had purchased lately had been mint green. Apparently I get stuck in color ruts. These shoes included:

I know I mentioned these unmentionables before, but really, they deserve mentioning again. MENTIONED.

And finally, I bought two pairs of these capris from the ol' trusty Kohl's. I don't shop there as much as I used to, but occasionally for weekend wear I'll stop in to see what's new. I've had a lot of luck with the Elle brand and these capris were no exception. They are PERFECT in every way. I got a darker denim pair that can be cuffed or uncuffed, and then, of course, a mint green pair.

And then, we've been to IKEA quite a few times lately, on top of other furniture stores and finally made a decision on our new couch (actually, sectional.) It will surprise absolutely no one that we went and purchased the exact same couch as Young House Love's John and Sherry. They came back a year after they'd owned it and updated us on it's quality and that was really what sold me. I TRIED to find another sectional that was as great of a price and quality, but it just wasn't happening. Thanks for doing the research for me, YHL!

Okay. No more blog reviews, people. My bank account can't take it! Unless it's something that I absolutely just HAVE to have. And in that case, share it with me in the comments, would ya?


Diana said...

I have a debit card shredder recommendation...

Jess said...

Thanks a lot for being such a bad influence! I just ordered the dress from Target. ;)

april said...

Mint green is a terrible color on me, but I'm loving the aqua and yellow colors out right now!

Haley said...

I'm loving the necklaces! I'm not a good influence either. Right now we are penny pinching for the new house and I want to buy EVERYTHING.

Laura Diniwilk said...

YAY I'm glad you liked the stuff I recommended! I will be your personal makeup shopper any day. I sort of recommended, sort of not a mint green (ish blue) nail polish on my blog today. Beautiful color, sucktastical formula. I am kind of in love with both pairs of flats you posted, might steal :)

Also WTF google reader? So is bloglovin what I'm supposed to use now? Or will finally figuring out google plus do the trick? I have been to busy to research my options. Teach me about the internets, oh wise one.

Laura Diniwilk said...

OH also also, I have always loved that couch. Excellent choice.