Monday, April 8, 2013

Charley Bear: 1.583333

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My sweet Charley girl is 19 months old! My goal was to post these quarterly, but well, yeah. That got away from me last month so here we are the age of 1.5833333 and growing.

We continued with the bear pictures. I hate to say my kid is a genius, because, well, don't we all think that about our kids? But y'all, my kid is a genius. After a string of extremely difficult bear pictures where we'd finish our little photo shoot with 67 pictures and ONE usable one, 18 months and 19 months were a breeze with way too many pictures to choose from. Want to know why? (say yes because that's where the genius part comes in to play)


So, last month I mentioned it to Charley when we got home that afternoon that we'd have to take her bear picture that evening. I was confident she had no idea what I was talking about, but now I'm not so sure.

An hour or so later, we've had dinner and thanks to Daylight Savings Time, we still have some daylight to work with. (Otherwise the picture is really shadowy and I don't like it. Plus, the more light = faster shutter speed which works better with quick toddlers!) I'm sitting on the couch and Charley goes back to her room, finds Big Bear and drags him into the living room. I assume it's coincidence but say "Oh Charley you're right! We do still need to take your bear picture tonight." And off we go to set up the picture.


So, I set up Big Bear and as I turn around to get the tripod out of the closet, I see Charley already dragging the tripod bag to me. I'm shocked! We do this once a month, you know? How does she remember this? It's crazy how much they pick up on and how fast they learn. We take the tripod out of the bag, set it up and then Charley is looking around the room for the camera.

We get the camera set up next, and Charley sits in my lap and kicks up her feet, indicating I need to now remove her pants and shoes and socks. I think my jaw is permanently on the floor at this point.


Sure, she knew how to set up for the little photo shoot, but I still did not think that the actual photo shoot would be any different than it was the last couple of months. But, color me surprised once again. Charley grabbed the camera remote, walked over and plopped down in Big Bear's lap. What followed was about 100 pictures of smiles, tongues sticking out, and just silly faces. (At times I disabled the remote and took pictures myself but she was none the wiser.) I had no idea how I was going to be able to pick just one.

And then, last Thursday morning I realized it was Charley's 19 month birthday (which we properly celebrated with cake and ice cream) (just kidding) and mentioned to her that morning that we'd have to take her bear picture that evening, and she immediately ran and got big bear and the tripod once again. So, not a total genius. She still doesn't understand what this evening means.


So besides obvious geniusisity, Charley has been talking up a storm. I tried to make a list the other day of words she can say and got well over 40 or 50. I'd list them for you, but who really cares besides me, right? Anyways, from that list my favorites are "cold" which she does with a shivery voice and while holding her arms and shaking, "Christy" or "Crit-tee" which not only is the name of my sister who keeps her, but Christy's husband's name is Chris so Charley also calls him "Crit-tee" which we correct to Uncle Christy. She also has a very cute "no" which I can't seem to type phonetically, but just believe me when I say it's cute and it's hard to get mad at her when she says no to something.

In other toddler tricks, Charley can point out body parts, she can run, and we are working on jumping. Currently she isn't leaving the ground but her form is great!

Charley did see her very first snow too. It snowed once in Charlotte earlier this year while we were in Atlanta for the weekend and we missed it. So one Saturday in March when we walked out of swimming lessons and it was snowing and even sticking, we were so excited to let Charley play in it for the first time. I was even so excited that I took a picture in the parking lot before we left the Y.


The Y is exactly 4.8 miles from home. So, imagine our surprise when we had just driven through a Carolina BLIZZARD on the way home, to get home and not see even one single snowflake in the air OR on the ground. I'm glad I took that one picture to signify Charley's first snow. Sheesh.

She's still a peanut, weighing in at 21ish pounds and 30" tall, both around the 25th percentile. She is wearing a size 5 shoe and 18 month clothing. She eats really well with a few dislikes: corn, beans of any kind except refried, peas. How can anyone dislike CORN? Basically the only vegetable I eat!


This age is just plain fun. While I LOVE the baby phase and everything about it, the things I think I was most excited about being a parent were all the fun things that I remember so fondly about my childhood. Holidays and all the traditions that go along with them are one of my favorite things, so imagine my giddiness when Charley understood what to do with the colorful eggs hidden in the yard, and actually enjoyed it. I didn't know if I should take a bajillion pictures to document the source of my giddiness, or just follow her around trying to soak it all in. I think I did a little of both.

My kid is cool, you guys. And she has a good majority of my immediate family wrapped around her tiny little fingers. What could be better than having so many people to love you? She's lucky, I'm lucky, we're all lucky in love with Charley.


Hunter and his family... said...

She sounds like a big ball of personality! I love this age, dont you? Hunter remembers some stuff too but tends to get very distracted on the way and I love how he adds new words to his "list" too. Right now his favorite is "turtle"..haha. Glad that Charley is doing wonderful.

Heather said...

This age really is so much fun, and easy, too. The lightbulb just clicked on for us the other day as well - Tory is actually listening to and understanding every single thing we say, so we better button up our vocabulary ... if you know what I mean!

I just love how dainty and girly Charley looks in these photos. She really could be a little doll, she is just so precious!

Diana said...

She's going to figure out that you disabled the remote to the camera! She's smart, bet she has it figures out by 20 months. :)

MillerMama said...

She IS a genius! I love that tongue picture. Amelia had that floral dress from the last picture too - are we surprised? ;)

Laura Diniwilk said...

She is just too freaking cute for words!!! Love the pics with the tongues sticking out and the dragging out the stuff for the photo shoot.