Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Move over Victoria. Gilligan O'Malley has claimed the top spot in the undie department. They are perfect and non-squeezy and therefore non-panty-liney and I just love them so much. I just wish there were more than 4 options.

--- 2 ---
We are opting for no wire shelving in our new house because I've always hated it. John is likely going to build some shelves and such in the closets and pantry. We don't want to spend a fortune, but wouldn't mind some cool little features to make them more organized and fun. Anything you love in your closets or pantries?

--- 3 ---
Yesterday on Facebook I posted a status update that said "That groundhog was a liar." as I was walking into work in the frigid cold. And then today, all of these little memes and pictures start showing up saying the same thing! I bet people think I got it from there and I didn't! I swear it! It was my very own little witty thought and I've been thieved!


--- 4 ---

I had my first physical in 6 years on Wednesday. I'm thinking I shouldn't wait that long in between physicals next time. It really wasn't that bad! Except for the part where the doctor noticed the big fat ZERO in the 'how many times do you exercise weekly' spot, and I got a little lecture.

--- 5 ---

Charley has been in swimming lessons for the past few weeks. It's just a half hour every Saturday morning for four weeks so it's really just getting her comfortable with the water. My bathing suits are all packed away so John has been getting in the pool with her each week. She's doing really well, except for one part. They are supposed to learn to blow bubbles and therefore blow water OUT of their mouths, but Charley refuses. All of her time in the pool is spent with her mouth WIDE open. Even when she went underwater for the first time.

--- 6 ---

I've had a lingering cough leftover from a cold for FOUR weeks now. It's about time it goes away now. And no, I didn't mention this to my doctor on Wednesday because that would have been smart.

--- 7 ---

We still don't have a closing date on the house. We are shooting for early April. Today the well is going in and I'm ordering a rug for the living room.  

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The Mrs./The Mom said...

I'm with you on the wire shelving! I really want this one for my current closet but its pricey for our rental!

Adrienne said...

My parents used to lightly blow in my face to get me to close my eyes and mouth before going under water while swimming. Maybe it might work?

Lacey said...

That's what they are telling us to do too in her lesson, but it doesn't work. Blowing in her face makes her mouth open even wider haha.

'HoulaMom said...

Haha sounds just like our swim class! I do everything I can to 'warn' G he's about to go underwater, but he's just staring around, open mouthed. Even taking a deep breath and really blowing on his face just makes him laugh-very counterproductive.

Can't wait to hear more good news about the house!

Hunter and his family... said...

So cute! I can't wait for our pool to be warm enough for Hunter to get in it and Sean can teach Hunter lessons. He taught him over last summer but not sure he remembers a whole lot. Hunter just started blowing out of his mouth this past week and we taught him by blowing actual bubbles (from the dollar store). Get some of those and try with her that way. It worked with Hunter. =)