Thursday, February 7, 2013

iPhone Antics: VI

Hey! Remember when I used to do that super fun thing where I shared the questionable photos from my iPhone with you with semi-funny captions?


Probably not since it's been almost 2 years since I've done so. I am blaming instagram. Why save up a bunch of pointless pictures when I can instantly 'gram them? But, there are still a few head-scratchers in my photo feed on my phone, and lucky for you I'm going to share them with you here.


This day I was wearing my hair in a ponytail which I really don't do too often anymore. Since I don't do them that often, sometimes they give me headaches when I do wear them and I find myself wanting to de-ponytail halfway through the work day.

This day I de-ponytailed and worried that I may have a ponytail line since my hair wasn't fully dry when I put it up, but I couldn't see the back of my head to be sure, so I took a picture:


Good grief. Put your hair back in it's pony immediately! Do not pass go! Do not collect $200. Sheesh.


This next picture was taken on a little road trip to visit a friend of mine in Aiken, SC. It's not that far from me but I'd never been there. When I told my Dad where I was going he said "You know that's the boonies, right?" and when I told that to my friend she denied it. I took this picture when I was nearly there. I'll let you decide for yourselves:


Hehe. Boonies for sure.


I took this picture to pick on my oldest sister. Several years ago a personalized ornament was found gleaming in the front yard a couple weeks after the Christmas tree had been taken out. It was a little rusty, but now that ornament has a story and we laugh about it every year.

This year I just so happened to find another ornament in the yard after the tree had been taken out. Who's was it? None other than the same sister, Christy. I mean, there are four of us children so what are the chances that it was HER ornament both times? She's going to develop a complex about this for sure.



I've hinted around that I used to be pretty bored at my old job and this is just proof of that. I would start doing some really bizarre things at my desk.

I really, really dislike my profile because I feel like I am chinless and have a huge hump in my nose. Everyone has things they don't like about themselves - this is mine. Anyways, I think I exaggerate it in my mind to be worse than it is, so while at my desk one day I decided I should take a profile picture of myself to show myself it wasn't that bad.


Once I was convinced it wasn't that bad, I noticed all of the short hairs around my face due to the post-baby hair loss that STILL have not grown out, and ugh.


This day I went down to the break room to heat up my lunch at 12:30, which is usually when there are LINES to use a microwave. But, when I got there the break room looked like this:


Where was everyone?! The short answer: it was payday.


This was the day of our old townhouse's auction. I drive by our old neighborhood everyday and even though I knew the actual auction took place at the courthouse, I was curious if there would be any clues or evidence at the actual house. I don't know what I was looking for - a gavel, a megaphone and a podium? But, no. There was nothing there and I kept on driving. I wanted to go in and look once more but I was afraid I'd get arrested or something.



And finally, this one will only make sense to other gamers, or spouses of gamers (or spouses of ex-gamers in my case). I saw this license plate and was shocked I knew what I meant since I myself never played World of Warcraft, but John used to so I feel like I know way too much about it. He quit playing when I was pregnant, thank goodness. I do remember hearing some of the people that he used to play with that would have their infant children in rockers by their computer chairs as they played. I'm sure they were giving them lots of attention, too.

Anyways, this guy obviously played for the Horde and not the Alliance.



This is why my Instagram feed is mainly pictures of Charley. I have way too much to say about pictures to stay within the character limit of Instagram. I guess that's why I'm a blogger and not a twitterer, eh?


Diana said...

Whoa, that was a serious pony tail line!

Also, I am 2 miles from the city line so I *might* live in the boonies but Aiken isn't. (And we will move farther into the booniee). I knew we should have gone to the park!

We have the same ornament and it says "Christy" on it, too....though never found outside.

Fianlly, the short, wispy stray post pregnancy hairs are so annoying.

Diana said...

I obviously meant ny parents' tree has the same ornament.

Shannon Hall said...

I feel like you just recently posted about your house plans ( even though I know it was a while back) but I may have to pick your brain about how bad ( or good?) the whole townhouse thing was. We may be having to do something similar by the end of the year.

Laura Diniwilk said...

I need a Lacey update in my life. Hope you are well!