Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So, writing a blog post to me is usually a pretty big deal. Like, I come up with the idea, make sure I have appropriate pictures accessible, get all my links working and proofread it about 10 times. I'm not even exaggerating. And even before the actual composition of the post I have random itty bitty ideas stored as drafts or saved on the voice recorder app on my phone (usually because ideas come to me while driving). I keep those ideas there until the eventually evolve into a fully thought out post and I make them happen. But, occasionally the thing that is funny/ironic/neat/embarrassing to me when I originally save the bit of information is totally stupid when I come back to it searching for inspiration and I end up deleting it.

Instead I'm going to just share these little tidbits as they come to me because time is of a premium these days, and I could churn out these little things way more often than a blog created using my typical recipe. I'll call these 'Bits' if you hadn't made that connection yet.

And it will be even greater if next time I share one of these 'bits' that I don't have a 215 word intro which then makes it seem very awkward and anti-climatic.

So....ahem. Pretend I didn't set this up to be something really great, because, well, it's not really...


Now that I curl my hair on an (almost) daily basis, I've noticed something.

You see, when you have straight-ish hair and you curl it a section at a time, it is easy to miss a piece here and there. And when that happens it looks rather ridiculous if it's a top piece that is very visible.

It reminds me of fries. You know how there's always that one straight fry hanging out in a scrumptious order of curly fries? It's just like that. No one eats that straight fry. Because he's all yellow and awkward and needs to loosen up a bit. He's way too straight, you know? Among his fellow straight friends, sure, he's cool. But not when he's trying to hang with the curly kids.

Can you even believe that Google Images didn't have a  single picture of the straight fry amongst the curly fries phenomenon? I had to make my own, but I'm sure you can't even tell.

And so when this happens, I spend the rest of my day searching out said straight piece and either burying it underneath curls, or trying to will that hair to curl around my pen.

This is why this is so hard for me. This is a totally stupid and pointless thought better suited for Twitter where you can say meaningless nothings all day long. But I hate Twitter. And here we are. Comparing hair to french fries. Oh, how far I've fallen.

Next I'm going to be posting those dumb quote picture supposed-to-be-funny things.

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