Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Shower Time!

For most people, taking a shower is part of a daily routine and is super enjoyable. I am not one of those people.

I really dislike taking showers. I do think they are somewhat relaxing whilst taking them, but it's never enough to make me WANT to take one. Lucky for you, I do push through and take a shower when needed. But, I am not a daily showerer. I shower about every other day, or sometimes add an extra day in there. If there is mud or vomit or sweat or other icky bodily fluids involved, obviously the shower is much more warranted. But, I rarely sweat (probably due to rarely exercising) and I do my best to steer clear of those other bodily fluids too. So.

Other reasons I dislike showering:

- My hair. Gah. Taking a shower is basically starting over with my hair. I can get a good two days, usually 3, out of my hair. I could shower without washing my hair, but eh. My hair is usually what drives my need for a shower. And it takes so darn long for it to dry so it either makes for an extra long time to get ready in the mornings, a ponytail day, or going to bed with wet hair at night and waking up with Medusa hair. None are good options.

- Dry skin. Seriously, my skin is so dry and showering only makes it worse. Sometimes my feet are so dry and cracky looking that I try to put lotion on them to un-dry them, and I end up with shiny cracky feet instead. It's ridiculous. So, spacing out the showers helps my skin rejuvenate a bit of natural oils on it's own.

- Dry scalp. I have super thick hair, which usually leads to dry scalp. I am much more head itchy on showering days than on non-showering days.

- Dry. I like to be warm and dry.

- Time. My favorite time to shower is in the late afternoon and then I can let my hair air dry. Problem is that 5 out of 7 days of the week I am not home in the late afternoon. Which then leaves mornings before work, or night before bed. Both involve less sleep. Less sleep = no bueno. I am in no way consistent with what I choose. Sometimes I take a morning shower on Monday, and then a night shower on Wednesday and then an afternoon shower on Saturday.

So, am I alone in thinking this? Daily showerers, do you think I'm totally gross now? A quick google search tells me I'm not alone, but will anyone else actually admit it for fear of being known as dirty?


april said...

I take three showers a week, and my hair is what drives me too. On the third day it's dirty gross, and yet sometimes I'll still skip and take it that night. I just hate taking the time to do it, and to dry my hair, and straighten my hair ... ugh. Not relaxing at all, and I don't need it to wake up so I rarely give myself the time in the morning.

Erica said...

I have been thinking about a post about this. It's one of the things that signal how much my life has changed since quitting work. I used to be just like you and now I shower every day and its one of my great pleasures. I think it's because I have a lot more time in my day now. I even wash my hair more and I used to wash it more every 3rd day. Just interesting.

Shannon Hall said...

I feel like you read my mind with this. I hate showering daily ( mostly for many of the same reasons you named) Plus I won't like feeling rushed, and with a toddler my showers are always rushed. Definitely not a relaxing way to spend my time.

Jessica said...

I shower every other day or so. Sometimes every three. It helps my hair a LOT (way less split ends) and my dry skin, too. My husband thinks it's gross. said...

I would like to just copy and paste this on my blog because YES. All of this, yes. Ugh. Stupid showers.

Heather said...

I with ya, sister, although I'd agree with Erica above. Now that I've got more time at home, I don't mind showering as much. It's actually nice to have a little alone time and not be rushed right out of the shower. I also let my hair air dry almost every day now and it's way less stress. I think that might have been my issue with showering all along.

Lauren Suzanne said...

I LOVE my shower. That's my 10-15 minutes a day where no one bothers me. I'm in the same boat with the super thick hair. I only wash it once every 3-4 days. I have a shower cap that I use on other days. Sometimes it does suck when it's cold, but the hot water still feels amazing. I still shower at least once, sometimes twice a day.

Megan said...

I LOVE to feel clean, but I hate showers. And starting over on my hair is definitely a big part of it for me too. And gah - that cold feeling when you get out of a warm shower. I can never get used to it and it doesn't matter how warm my house is.

p.s. I miss Tuna pictures!

Mama Bub said...

I shower every day, and don't wash my hair. I wrap it up in a towel to keep it dry, because the process of drying it is so exhausting that there's NO WAY I'm washing it daily.