Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treat

I love Halloween. I love this time of year, the extra candy, costumes, festivals and candy. Did I mention candy? And I used to love dressing up myself and going to Halloween parties, but my attention has now been shifted to dressing up a certain little girl in our home instead. John and I are costume snobs, meaning no store bought costumes in our house! No how, no way! We used to make our own (and our friend's) costumes, so we'll continue our tradition by now making Charley's.

This year, courtesy of Pinterest, Charley was a peacock.

602508_10151492708904325_1616283860_n (1)

I had purchased the materials, but threw this together* after she went to bed the night before the Halloween festival we attended. She ended up winning her category in the costume contest, so I'd say we did pretty good! (No need to mention there were only 3 kids in her age category.)


And, the best thing is the only part that was disposable were the peacock feathers for her back. The leg warmers, solid colored onesie (which I bought here because my attempt at dying a onesie that pretty peacock blue color turned out grey) and headband can easily be worn after Halloween is over. And I like that. One reason I hate store-bought costumes is because they are so expensive for a one time use. Precisely the reason I struggle with Christmas dresses and things like that. Such a waste! 

Back to Halloween. I hope Charley has just as many happy memories of her childhood Halloweens as I have...

So, when I was little I was the same thing pretty much every single year and I never longed to be anything else. When we'd beg my mom to get us the Halloween box out of the attic on September 1st each year, I'd dig through it and find the solid black witch dresses and would immediately put them on. They were nothing too crazy; just solid black dresses that my mom made herself when my older sisters were little and the arms and neck were cut wide enough that those two dresses continued to fit throughout my entire childhood. Pair it with a witch hat and occasionally some green face paint and we were good to go. There were only a couple of years that I decided to be something other than a witch.


One year, I decided I wanted to be a clown and had my mom sew one of the witch dresses into a romper with legs. We added some patches to it from the scrap fabric pile, and I'm assuming some clownish face paint and I was good to go. 

Another year, my brother and I were feeling extra creative and decided to be serial killers. We probably had no idea what it meant, but we made sandwich boards out of poster boards, borrowed our favorite box of cereal from the pantry and duplicated the cereal box onto our poster boards with markers. Cut ourselves out some cardboard knives (okay, so I guess we sorta knew what serial killers were) and voila! Cereal killers!

(WHY is there not a picture of that awesomeness?)

And one of the last years we trick or treated, my dad was in the hospital after he was in an accident, so my mom was with him at the hospital on Halloween. One of my older sisters took my brother and I trick or treating, and we were on our own to come up with costumes during the day. My brother ended up getting some of my dad's truck driver uniforms and wore those (obviously very belted and pants rolled up, etc) to go as my dad. I found a safari looking hat in my parent's closet, and some binoculars so I put on some khakis and went as a safari person. Like, a tourist I guess? A tourist on a safari? I don't know. But it was fun!

Once we got home with our loot, we grouped all of the like candies together in the floor while sitting across from each other and started bartering candy. "I'll give you one Snickers* for a Reese's Cup." "I'll give you 48 disgusting orange/black wrapped candies for one Milky Way." And on and on.

And because I can't figure out how to end this, a picture shall do.


Happy Halloween! 

*I think this will be fun to add to the bottom of posts sometimes, because sometimes I'm so ashamed of the things I don't just KNOW and I have to Google to reassure myself I'm writing something correctly or stating correct facts. Here is the list of things I had to Google while writing this post: 

"through it together or threw it together" - I mean, am I trying to get in between the letters in 'together'? Duh!

"snickers or snicker's candy" - Does the candy belong to a Mr. Snicker, or does it make lots of snickers?


Jessica said...

That is a GREAT costume!

Kayla Rae said...

Hahaha! Her costume is great!! Don't you love pinterest? Also, blogging every day in november is a great idea! I would love to do that except it is the 6th and I have only blogged once... O.O. Think it's too late?!

Not Insane...Promise! said...

I nominated you for a Liebster Award!! If you're interested, the info is on my blog :-)