Monday, October 29, 2012



Hi, I'm Lacey, and sometimes I get snippy for no good reason.

I don't exactly like this fact about myself, nor do I know how to change it. When you get snippy it happens in an instant and there is no time to reevaluate snippiness before that instant to try and change my course of snippy action. Instead, I end up analyzing my behavior afterwards and I dwell on it for months. WHY did I snip at the poor security guard/salesperson/girl scouts selling cookies? (pssst...made up that last one. No snipping at the sweet seller of Tagalongs, ever.)

But now, my snippiness has me breaking the law every single weekday. I don't want to go to jail over my snips!

A couple weeks ago I was leaving work and walking to my car. On my way to the car I pass an entrance to a parking garage which is for deliveries and such. There are security guards that guard (imagine that!) the entrance as they have to secure (guarding and securing!?) each vehicle that comes through the entrance to make sure it's not carrying explosives or whatever. Since the entrance crosses over the sidewalk there is one of those giant convex mirror things so the truck drivers can see any possible sidewalking pedestrians, and so pedestrians can make sure not to walk out in front of a giant truck.

This particular day, I was walking and playing on my phone simultaneously. I was watching where I was going though and even glanced up at the mirror and saw the truck heading out of the garage. I also saw the security guard holding her hand up to stop the truck until I walked past so I continued walking instead of stopping. But, she decided to say something to me like "watch where you are going" or something and I snipped. I snipped back "I AM! I CAN SEE THE MIRROR!" and pointed to the mirror. She resnipped "well I didn't know since you were texting or whatever." I WAS NOT TEXTING. I was probably playing a word on Words With Friends, and I clearly saw that she had stopped the truck from running over me and my phone. And then I'm sure I mumbled something like "Gahhhhh. Uhhh. I can freaking SEE" as I walked off.

It took me all of two seconds to be like why in the world did I just say all that? Why couldn't I just have been like, oh, thanks and moved on? I walk past this lady every single day and hello, awkward! She's going to start telling her coworkers each day "oh that's the snippy girl" when I see her.

So instead of walking past her each day, I've decided to jaywalk to the other side of the street to distance myself from her just a little bit more. I mean the street is at least four lanes wide, and who knows...she could be really nearsighted or something and can't see me all the way across the street. It makes me feel better that we aren't within eye contact distance anyways.

But jaywalking is illegal! Am I really going to keep this illegal activity up forever to avoid a product of my snippiness?

I think today I'll look for a new route to walk to my car that doesn't involve jaywalking. Anything to avoid the real problem at hand.

Can any other fellow snippy people commiserate with me?


Masala Chica said...

Oh - I have been snippy. And you don't have to jay-walk. Maybe even slip her a card with an apology - it might make you feel better and then you won't be all breaking the law and stuff. It's a win/win.

I really used to be much worse than I am. I think the person I snip at most is my husband, which is really not very nice. But sometimes - he DOES deserve it.


Hunter and his family... said...

LOL, Lacey. I think that a part of my "snippiness" has come from a loss of patience with having a baby. I think that we are more multitasker's now with juggling so many things of having a baby that we don't have time for silly comments or games. I have fallen in "Snippy" category too. Oh well. We just know what we want. I wouldn't avoid that guard though. Who cares? You still work there. If anything, just say, Good morning to her and that's it. =)

Heather said...

Ha! I do this, too. A few months ago I was unloading a screaming Tory from her car seat at Walgreens and an old lady said "Hey! You scraped the curb with your bumper." I said something back like "Good to know, thanks" in a really snotty tone. I felt bad about it later but I was so flustered and busy - didn't she see?!

I think you should bring the crossing guard lady a Starbucks on your way into work and tell her you were thinking about her this morning. I bet she'd forget all about it and then you could walk on the sidewalk again. I would probably never do that because hello awkward! but doesn't it sound good?

Jessica said...

I'm very snippy. Usually in my head, though. And while driving, which my kids can sometimes hear and sets a horrible example (oops). I agree a lot of it is my patience being nil. I don't have time to deal with people.

Lin said...

Haha, I'm super snippy too. The hubs is always reminding me not to snap at him because he doesnt deserve it...which he's always right about. What can I say, I have a very short fuse :/

Diana said...

Hah, you are more of the peace keeper type...jaywalking to avoid confrontation with the guard you were snippy towards. You crack me up.

MillerMama said...

I usually skip snippy and go from calm to crazy quickly. Or as I like to call it, "zero to Irish in 3 seconds."

Though I have also been called that the same as snippy??