Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snippy II

Snippy part one was about me being snippy.

Part two is about me needing some snippy and I was thinking you could help. Well, hoping you could help. I've gone too long in between appointments trying to figure out what I wanted to do on my own. And clearly I've gotten nowhere.

Yes, this snippy is about hair.

So my hair has pretty much been the same for the last, oh, 8 years. Some variations in length and bangs, but the same basic concept. One time (#8) I got real adventurous and did all one length (well, except for some long layering) instead. Oooh, really brave of me, right? Or one time when I was cheating on my tried and true hair lady, I told my temporary hair person that I wanted my bangs trimmed as she had done for me for the last couple of appointments and without asking any questions, gave me straight across bangs instead of swoopy side bangs (#9). It wasn't horrible, but I don't think it was great, either.


The last time I got my hair cut was #3 and that was in July. Right now my hair is medium length, my bangs are just long enough to tuck behind my ear and give the illusion of no bangs, and I'm in need of something new and fresh. But what?

I have thought a lot about going short. Not like super short, but maybe something like this:


My hair is naturally pretty wavy like how it is in #4 above so I think I could do this, but then I fear that the days that I don't have time to style it this way that I'll have a giant mushroom hair because my hair is so thick and it dries very puffy. Does that make any sense at all? Like it continues to puff out, out, out as it dries naturally. And then it'd be too short to put in a ponytail for the day so I'd be forced to either fix my hair every single day (OMG) or go out with mushroom hair. 

I am awful about picking hairstyles out on the internet or on Pinterest. In fact, I have unfollowed every single hair Pinterest board that any of my friends create. I don't like looking at pictures of hair or hairstyles because it's really hard for me to see how that hair would transition to my face, you know? So I avoid hair inspiration pictures at all costs.

So, I need you to save the hair day. Leave me links, comments, tips, etc. I don't care if they are like "Please NEVER wear your hair like it is in #8 again." I just need some help. Also, I don't dye my hair just so you know. I can't justify the cost to keep up with it when I like my hair color just fine. Just keep that in mind when you are giving suggestions.

And for those of you that don't feel like you know me well enough to give me constructive hair criticism (which is just silly, I'm ASKING for it!) (even though I know I'd be ascared to do that on some people's blogs too) here's a survey you can answer anonymously.

So please! Help! And keep in mind I am meeting 59 strangers next week so if you suggest I do a Britney Spears shave job and everyone agrees and then I go and do that and get laughed out of New Orleans, I may cry. And no one wants that, right?


Jessica said...

I think you look great with the straight-across bangs! It's different enough from your usual cut to be new and fresh, but not a huge change. I like the short hair, too, and am now trying to figure out if you should do both short hair and bangs.

The Beane's said...

I am in the same position! Same hair (basically) for forever! I like the hair in the pic but I would be scared of the "mushroom" too. The hairdresser could probably give you tips to style it though. And I agree with the other comment... The straight bangs look good on you! Good luck! :)

Lin said...

You looks so pretty with both kinds of bangs. I think you should go with something new & short though. Could totally picture you with hair like that model :)

Laura Diniwilk said...

I think I like 4 and 6 best, and 8 and 9 least, if that helps. I ADORE that picture but I also think it's so hard to tell what it would actually look like with your face. And I definitely think you'd have to actually do your hair every day with that cut. This is why I always start growing my hair out within minutes of cutting it short - too much effort. If you do go short I'm sure there is some kind of product you could use to avoid the puffiness and enhance your natural wave (I think mushroomy looks way better / less obvious with some wave than straight). Or you could do what I do and keep a flat iron at your desk. My coworkers thought I was weird at first but they got over it. Two minutes and my hair looks way nicer than when I let it air dry.

Sassi_Gyrl said...

I'm a huge fan of #4 !! I like the wave!

MillerMama said...

If you figure out how to get that short wavy pic to work, you let me know. I think we have similar hair and it's adorable ;)