Friday, September 14, 2012

Up To Date

It's hard keeping you all up to date on things I've talked about on here. So, occasionally I just have a big up-to-date post where I can attempt to tie up loose ends. The last time I did this was December 25, 2010 (I blogged on Christmas?!), so I have almost 2 years worth of questions to answer.

Also, sometimes when a question is asked in the comments I'll use Blogger's semi-new reply feature to answer it. Only, I tested that out this week and the stupid thing doesn't send a notification to the commenter that you replied. I highly doubt anyone goes back to blogs they asked a question on to check for replies. Nice try Blogger, but per usual, you fell a bit short. Another reason why I am doing this update.
  • So, if you recall, I was trying to share my Instagram pictures with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for a while there. I quit doing that. But, I haven't quit Instagramming. Also, I always always always seem to pick the 'Rise' or 'Earlybird' filters. I'm just drawn to them every time. And just once I'd like to have a chance to use 'Toaster', simply because I like it's name.

Laceyloo22 if you'd like to see a million pictures of my bald beauty.
  • I got a lot of questions about my clothing spreadsheet and closet the last time I talked about it. I have a BIG update about that, but let me answer questions first.
Jess asked if Charley also had a spreadsheet and if I had to update it every time she changed clothes halfway through the day. Charley does NOT have a spreadsheet though. I do try to remember the last time she wore [outfit A] and if it's been too soon then I put her in something else, but it's not officially tracked. However, I do rely on my memory for this method which is less than stellar so it's not a foolproof method.
    Trisha asked how the spreadsheet worked exactly and if I assign numbers to each article or descriptions or what. [Also she used the word 'blouse' in her question which makes my skin crawl. I have no idea why I hate that word so much; it's up there with the word 'panties'. Blech. Sorry for the tangent.] I do assign a number to each shirt, pant, skirt. I have separate tabs for pants, shirts and jackets, and this is where they are assigned their number. To differentiate between several black shirts I may have, I add a brand, sleeve length, or special feature to the description. Like, black 3/4 length ruffled shirt versus black cowled neck short sleeved shirt. Then a separate tab keeps track of the calendar and only uses the numbers to identify the pieces of the outfit, which is linked back to the pants/shirts/jacket tabs. Make sense? So then a COUNTIF formula is used to count how many times number 37 shows up in the calendar year to help me keep track of how often each thing is worn.

    Heather asked to see a picture of my closet. John and I share a closet, and it's really tight getting all of our stuff in there so I no longer organize by sleeve-length and color like I used to.
I get the top row. Stuff is packed in there like sardines for now.
    And finally, Haley suggested I wean myself off. This is the BIG update: I did. I finally quit the ol' spreadsheet back in May. It was hard, but I needed to change my outlook on clothing to a more quality wardrobe versus quantity, and stopping the spreadsheet upkeep was the first step. I am getting rid of a ton of cheap Kohl's and Target clothing that I've kept forever just so I'd have a large QUANTITY of clothing, and instead I am now buying nicer quality clothing (slowly, this stuff a'int cheap!) to replace it all. I did consider starting some sort of spreadsheet for my new quality wardrobe to try and show me the many different outfits I could do with just a few quality pieces, but I stopped myself. (And a friend recently told me there is now an app for that. I'm holding myself back from the iTunes store for now.)

    Instead, I'm now using a spreadsheet to track how many millimeters my hair grows each day by plucking one hair a day and measuring it.

    [That's a joke, by the way.]

  • About a month before Charley was born, I posted about what our house looked like pre-baby. It really wasn't too bad post-baby for the first 6 months or so. And then this happened to my living room:

This picture was taken in July, and it has gotten a little better since then. The big stuff has gone away, and I got rid of the foam mat too. In the new house we have a dining room and won't have a dining room table for a while, so I'm considering letting Charley have that room for her stuff for a while so I can have a proper living room again. There's just no room for anything like that in our current house.

  • Speaking of the new house... I know you are all dying to know about the house updates. This is quite possibly the slowest house building process ever, so there really isn't much to update yet. The land is clear. We changed house plans. (Wahhh! I knew I was jinxing it when I shared them with you!) But, the new house plans/layout is almost identical to the old except it's 463 more square feet - not including the basement and this one is way cheaper to build so win/win.
The old: 
The new:Concord

Currently, we are waiting on the county to approve plans and the bank to finalize everything they need for underwriting, and we can finally move into the construction phase. But I'm still extremely anxious about the whole thing and have not updated you because I just know I'm going to jinx it and have to eat my words. Puh-lease let this go smoothly.
And, regarding our current house, we've got until November 20th to move out. New house will not be done by that point, so we are spending the holidays with my parents! We could rent something for a couple months, but my parents graciously offered and we graciously accepted.  
& yes, we are losing the $850 we spent on the first set of plans we bought. Anyone in the market for house plans? I'll sell them to you for a great price! Oh well, you live and learn.
  •  Of the two gifted movies I received on March 6, I have watched one of them. Mean Girls. Man, that was such a good movie! I should maybe catch up on the last 5 or so years of movies I've missed.
  • CAPTCHA still annoys me. Turn yours off, please!
  • I'm still bitter about the lack of participation
  • The neighbors. They are still gone for the most part. They very rarely come back except sometimes on the weekends to gather more of their things. We avoid eye contact at all costs and peek out of our blinds to watch them because even when they only come back for 2 hours, they spend 1 hour 45 minutes of that time in the parking lot. Arguing. 
What did I miss? Any updates you were looking for that I left out?


Trisha Newman said...

I didn't know blouse was a bad word. Haha!

Trisha Newman said...

I didn't know blouse was a bad word. Haha!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

How is 101 in 1001 coming along?

Jessica said...

I was not around for the time of the clothing spreadsheet and am now FASCINATED. Don't mind me, combing through your archives all night.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Yay, updates! I love the new house plans. What made you decide to change? I was actually really psyched you didn't want a dining room, because I've been daydreaming about knocking out the wall between my kitchen and dining room for years.

It is inconceivable that you haven't watched Princess Bride yet. Inconceivable!

Lacey said...

We ended up going with a builder instead of an independant contractor, and even though the builder WOULD have built the plans we bought, they offered these plans that they owned and would let us use for free, and they could build it cheaper since they'd built their plans a million times before, versus our plans where it would be more expensive to build because they weren't as experienced with it. So, we decided to save the cash. I didn't want the dining room but may use it as a playroom for a while since I don't plan on dining in there.