Thursday, September 20, 2012

Speaking of a quality wardrobe...

I mentioned that I am now working towards having a more quality wardrobe versus quantity. But, as is the case for most people, the budget really hinders a quick transition from quantity to quality. I don't have much patience, and don't really like wearing my quantity wardrobe pieces with my newly acquired quality pieces. They don't match on principle alone, right?

BUT! Then a friend of mine invited me to a website that sold quality USED clothing for the same prices I was getting my cheap clothing at before. I was leery, but I ordered a couple things to check it out. They also gave me a $10 credit for my first purchase, and since I used the link that my friend shared with me, she also got an extra $10 credit in her account.

I ordered my very first thing from Anthropologie ever, and a BCBG shirt. It was $43 for those two things including my $10 discount, so, not as cheap as I was getting stuff at Kohl's and Target previously but I was expecting these things to not pill and wear out after one season of wear. Let me just say that you can instantly tell how much better quality clothing is than COKATC. (cheap-ol'-Kohl's-and-Target-crap) Also, it took two whole days for me to get my new things, which was a bonus. AND, if all that isn't reason enough for me to give them a try, they also offered a 30 day return policy, where they pay the return shipping! I figured I couldn't lose, so I was convinced to try it.

That's the Anthropologie shirt there. It's lace, which is totally appropriate considering my name.
So, then I shared the website with another friend, who then purchased some things, which gave me another $10 credit in my account. I was itching to use it, but knew I shouldn't spend the money. But each day, I'd go to the website, add several things to my cart, and hover over the purchase button. As usual though, I'd rethink it, and close the page out before I'd purchase. It wasn't a ton of money I was about to spend, but spending a little money is still more than spending NO money. 

But today, as I hovered over the purchase button while I had 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts in my cart for $85, I had a thought. I NEVER order anything online without doing a quick google search for coupon codes for websites. (Although obviously the first time I purchased something from there I did, but whatever.) So, retailmenot comes up, and right there is a 20% off code. I type it into my shopping cart, and bam. An additional $17 came off, on top of the already free shipping (since I was spending more than $50). I've never hit purchase so fast in my life. I ended up spending $58 (after my $10 credit too) on 5 things, and I know for a fact that each piece was more than that new. And now, commence stalking of the mailbox. I'm so darn excited!

So, perhaps I should share this website with you now that I've talked it up? It's, and I've liked it twice myself, and I plan on liking it several more times. Especially if you guys like it too, buy something and I get more credits in my cart. John would really love that! Hehe. Oh! And if you want to try the coupon code too, it was LOVETWICE20. 

Also I feel like I should mention that I am in no way affiliated with this website, or am I getting anything by sharing this unless of course you buy something and I get the referral credit. BUT, the referral credit was not even why I wanted to share it with you (even though that's a nice bonus). I just get really excited when I find a company I really like and I like to share the excitement. It would have been a quick Facebook share, but I obviously had more words to use than Facebook would allow me. (Seeing as how I'm at 657 words and counting...) But I too get annoyed with the blogs that are constantly advertising or having "giveaways" so I hope you don't see this as the same. It's hard to tell when a blogger is really into something these days, or if they are just writing a rave review because they are getting free crap, and that's really lame. 

So anyways, if you want to go shop here is my referral link:

And, if you aren't into buying used clothing (it's fine, it's not for everyone!), you can also sell your clothes to them. I would especially encourage that if you are a size 10, tall, and you like the things I like. ;) Just let me know when they post your stuff so I can snag it first!


MillerMama said...

That's awesome! I will check it out, I need new fall clothes! I've been doing a lot of secondhand baby shopping in FB groups and have made some great purchases.

I also have a $10 credit sitting in my Coach outlet account that stares at me frequently ;)

Missy said...

Oh I am so going! Thanks girl!

Not Insane...Promise! said...

I LOVE THIS SITE. Next time a clothing purchase is in the budget, I will be going there. THANK YOU!