Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pinterest: Yes, No, Ehh

Without a ton of wordage, here are my latest attempted Pinterest projects. I will let you know if they were successes by a simple yes, no or ehh. [Ehh meaning sorta, but not really, but maybe someone with some more talent might be able to turn the ehh into a yes.]

Also, I'm using the actual pictures from Pinterest and not pictures of my results. If you wanna see how something I did turned out, just ask and I'll share!

1) Making a wreath form from pipe insulation for cheap!

Result: Ehhh. It worked, and it WAS cheap, but it was a bit flimsy for my liking. Like, it didn't stay perfectly circular, and hung a bit ovallish. So, sure, cheaper, but maybe a less flimsy pipe insulator would work better.

1a) Use foam wreath above to make this:

Result: Ehh. Maybe it was the ovallish wreath, but my major issue with it was the tulle didn't end up as straight as it is in this one, so it looked a bit too scraggly for my taste.

2) How to Sharpen Your Rotary Cutter Blade. Fold a piece of foil a few times and slice away with your dull rotary cutter to sharpen the blade.

Result: NO. Not even in the slightest. Go take yourself and your coupon to the craft store and get a new blade.

3) Make a DIY crib rail cover to protect against baby teeth.

Result: Yes! So far so good. My only advice is to make either end's knots an actual knot instead of just a tie, or else those little baby fingers can rip the whole thing off while "napping".

4) Make a shadow box for that precious little hat worn in the hospital.

Result: Yes! Easy peasy and so cute.

5) Make a treat stand from things found at the Dollar Tree.

Result: Yes! Made it using Dollar Tree candle stick holders and clearance Target melamine plates, and had a cute little treat stand for Charley's birthday party.

5a) To utilize the treat stand, make this dunkaroo dip: 1 box of funfetti mix, 1/2 container cool whip, 1/2 container plain yogurt. Serve with graham crackers & animal crackers.

Result: Ehh. Wasn't a hit at the birthday party, and I ended up throwing most out. It WAS good, but too sweet to eat very much of it. And that's saying a lot coming from me.

6) Super miracle tub cleaner! Consisting of Blue Dawn and vinegar!

Result: Ehh. But listen, this was for sure user error, as I only had a little bit of blue Dawn left, and I ran out of stuff in my spray bottle before I actually got to the tub part. D'oh. What a dummy. So while I could tell it was working pretty well on the walls, I didn't actually get to see crazy results like this in my tub. Also, believe it or not since tub cleaning is the worst chore of all and therefore doesn't get done very often, mine was not this dirty to start with.

Result: Yes! So much easier than keeping up with a grease container. Also, don't leave it on your counter overnight to harden if you have cats that are SUPER NAUGHTY and get on the counter while you sleep and then EAT the grease. Ew ew ew. 

8) Use the ends of pants hangers as chip clips, because you never have enough of those!

Result: Yes!

9) Crash hot potatoes.

Result: YES, YES, YES. Omg. Yes. We've devoured these twice now, and will be making them again soon.

10) Bubble Up Enchiladas. Weight watcher friendly, also.

Result: Yes! We've made this one about 8-10 times already. It's in the regular rotation.

11) Ranch pork chops in the crock pot.

Result: Yes. We've made these several times too.

12) No peek chicken. Uncle Ben's Long grain wild rice, cream of mushrooms and cream of celery soup, chicken breasts or tenders - mix all ingredients together in greased dish, cover with foil and bake 2.5 hours.

Result: Ehh. We ate it, but probably wouldn't make it again.

13) Crockpot chicken: stuffing, cream of chicken soup, sour cream & chicken. (Can you tell we like easy crockpot meals with minimal ingredients?)

Result: Yes! The leftovers are delicious the next day too!

14) Cream cheese spaghetti casserole.

Result: YES! This one is a favorite in our house now too. SO SO good.

15) Buffalo chicken roulades.

Result: Ehh. Okay, but not the easiest meal, and wasn't buffalo-ey enough for us.

16) Make annual year books through

Result: YES! Cannot wait to continue making these throughout all of our years. Great way to sum up a year of pictures for not a ton of money or space.

So basically, I'm having a lot more luck with my pins that I did last time I shared with you. I think I've learned how to scope out the duds and avoid those at all costs. Although there was one recipe that was such a disaster that I even deleted the pin, so I'm not 100% yet. But I'm getting there. Any pins that just knocked your socks off recently? Share with me, would you?


The Beane's said...

Good to know! Thanks for using the pinterest pictures - it made it easier for me to repin from your board :)

Diana said...

Can you go ahead and make the PVC stand for storage bins and let me know how that one goes???
Also, I made gummy bear boats out of alouminum foil in fifth grade (don't ask), so I transfered that idea over to a grease catcher. It's very useful, though no cats to worry about eating it while it hardens.

Lacey said...

Oh! I so thought by borrowing the actual pictures that it was going to link to the actual pins. Sorry you had to go hunting for them. I went back and added links, but it's too late for you now! :)