Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Charley is ONE!

One year ago today this little squishy baby joined my family, and we called her Charley Jane.


She has made this year the best one of my life, obviously. That's a given, right? What's also a given is all the sweet, sappy things I want to say about my baby on her birthday. I woke up several times last night (which is very rare for me) and I'd look at the clock and think "1 year ago right now, I had just gotten that lovely epidural", and then "1 year ago right now, I had just started pushing", and then I'd hoped I'd wake up at 6:58 a.m. so I could smile and think back about that exact minute she was born, but I accidentally slept through that moment so I thought about her birth 40 minutes later when I did wake up. All the same, right?

But what I really want to do for her birthday is go back to my poetic roots. I haven't poemed since these haikus I used to do, and a haiku won't do here because I have way more syllables I want to use than just 17.

To Charley
Let's take a moment to remember our year,
Filled with dimples for you (and for me on my rear).
They first laid you on my chest to cuddle a bit,
But forgot to diaper you- thanks for not getting me wet.
Our breastfeeding journey was rough at origin,
But we overcame that and all that skin grew back in.
You decided real early to sleep through the night,
But that didn't stop me from staring at you sleep through iPhone light.
You loved our cats from the start and they loved you too,
Except when they realized they weren't getting the attention they're due.
I wanted a bald baby, long hair - take a hike!
But I'll now allow you to grow hair if you'd like.
You were born into a large family with lots of names to learn,
But it's worth it, sweet baby, for all the love they'll return.
I was in your face every day with my big camera lens,
I hope one day you're so proud you'll want to show your friends.
 You're loud like your Daddy, sensitive like me,
You look like Daddy too, though some may disagree.
And tonight on your birthday, we learned something new,
A sweet tooth you've inherited, from Daddy and me too.

So happy birthday little one, this first year sure was fun,
We'll have many more to share, but for now my poem's done.

Love you Charley!

And if that wasn't enough sap in one post, let me now add an eleven minute long slideshow I made of her first year. I don't even know who I am anymore.

Also, I've now watched it myself about 80 times. 80 x 11 minutes = approximately 15 hours I've cried through a slideshow. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'm not going to tell you if it's the number of times I've watched it, or if it's the fact that I cry every time that I'm exaggerating.

Anyways, a regular Charley bear: 12 months post is yet to come, but had to post something on her actual birthday.

And finally, she's still a baby so don't go blabbering this "toddler" word around me. Thanks for your compliance.


Diana said...

Awww, love and humor, great poem.
And what is this, cake smeared on the tray and Charley?! Go wild, baby Charley, live it up. :)

Shannon said...

Ok so I'm not even going to lie, this made me tear up a little bit. That video is such a great idea to combine memories and is something you can show her in a few years that I'm sure she will love. Happy Birthday Charley, and congrats Lacey. I don't think moms get enough credit on their babies first birthday ;)

JSitterBaum said...

LOVE it! So cute - Charley and your sap ;)

Megan said...

Your poem is perfect! And the video too - totally made me cry too ;) Happy 1st Birthday sweet Charley!

Jessica said...

I finally watched the video and I didn't know she was born on September 4th! That's my birthday!