Thursday, September 13, 2012

Charley Bear: 12 Months

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Last week as you know, my sweet potato turned one, or 12 months as the sticker says. Lucky for you I ordered the stickers for months 13-24 so our fun can continue on for the next year!

The last month has brought a lot of changes in Charley's world. And change can be scary with a baby so I was a little apprehensive about messing with a good thing. The biggest change: milk. I ran out of formula about a week and a half before her birthday and I knew my pediatrician's advice was to switch to whole milk at the one year mark. I didn't really feel like buying any more formula, so I decided to just try it out and see how she'd do.

She did awesome. After adjusting to the new taste and not drinking quite as many ounces as she was in formula, she was completely weaned off of the formula and enjoying her milk. This kid makes things so easy for me and I love her for it. & she's pretty too, darn it.


So then, the other thing I knew my pediatrician recommended was getting her to switched over to drink from a straw cup instead of bottles by age 1 as well. I loved our bottle time because it was a cuddly time for us, and because bottles don't leak like cups do!** But, the first day I tried putting whole milk in her bottle instead of formula, she flat out refused it. I poured the milk from the bottle into the cup and she took it. She quit the bottles all on her own just like that. Had I known the night before that it was going to be the last time I bottle fed her, I would've taken a picture or something. Sad! In fact, that's exactly how she quit nursing too. When the girl's ready to do something, she's ready apparently. Sounds an awful lot like her Daddy...

Another way she's an awful lot like her Daddy (and Mama too actually) that we discovered this month is that she loves sweets! On her actual birthday we gave her a cupcake to eat, and at her birthday party she had her own little cake to eat. When she was finished, there really wasn't much left at all. She LOVED them. I don't think there's any way a child of ours can avoid having a sweet tooth, sadly.

**I have now found the most perfect, non-leaking sippy cup ever and it's saved my sanity. But it was touch and go for a couple weeks there.


She's now eating like a big person too. Breakfast is usually yogurt, or grits, waffles or pancakes on the weekends, or eggs with milk to drink. Lunch is either leftovers from the night before (which is what John and I usually have for lunch too) and some fruit or cheese or something and milk. Snack in the mid-afternoon (graham crackers are her favorite) with water and then dinner at 6 with milk, where 99% of the time she just eats whatever we are eating. Sometimes we alter what we are eating a little bit for her (give her the meat before we spice it up) but the girl loves to eat.

This is another one of her new things: yell TOUCHDOWN! and the arms go in the air!
She's still not walking, but she loves to practice. She did learn to climb stairs this month, but so far she doesn't go up them unless one of us is going up with her. She likes to be wherever we are.


2 of her molars are really close to breaking through now too, which would bring her up to 10 teeth!


But more than anything, I want to remember how my 12 month old IS. How she needs to be on the couch if I'm on the couch (which she'll then crawl all over like a monkey!), or if I'm sitting in the floor playing with her, she needs to be sitting in my lap. If I'm in the kitchen, she needs to be there too. And sure, the separation anxiety can be irritating at times, it makes me feel good that she NEEDS me. Or at least she thinks she does.

I love that when I pick her up out of her crib and start patting her back, she instantly starts patting mine back.

I love that whenever she gets fussy in the car, I can stick my arm back and rub her cheek, and it makes her instantly happy.

And one of my most favorite things of all is how she also loves my family too. She will jump out of my arms into any of their arms in an instant, and it makes me happy that she makes them happy too. I love to share the love with the ones I love.


Last night while I was taking the bear pictures (yes, 8 days late because my camera was in the shop), I sneakily put the sticker on her onesie before I put the onesie on her. Otherwise, little miss nosy would know there was a sticker on her chest and she'd try to have it for dinner. That will explain why it's not centered on her chest.

But, I wanted to compare Charley now to Charley one year ago and realized the sticker company should really have included a "0" month sticker so you could see the newborn baby compared to the 1 year old, instead of the 1 month old compared to the 1 year old. So it figures that as I took the 12 month sticker out of the package, there was a 0 month sticker hiding there! I missed that one and that's going to forever drive me crazy. You'd think they would have put that one in the front of the pack, not behind the 12!! This comparison is going to have to do though. My favorite thing to compare isn't even Big Bear. It's the size of the sticker in comparison to Charley. Those stickers are the same size! Wahh. My bayyybeeeee.


It's been such a wonderful year with my Charley Jane! Happy birthday, baby!

(Yes, she's still a baby. I don't believe in using the word "toddler" until she's officially toddling, thank you very much.)


The Beane's said...

Aww! Look how small that bear got! She is sooo adorable!

Jessica said...

She looks so alike in the two pictures, like the only thing that's changed is her size! (My kids looked nothing like their newborn pictures by the time they were 1.)

Kayla Rae said...

I'm the same way. I am not calling her a toddler until she is walking! And WOW Charley has so many teeth, that is crazy. I remember when you first started posting these monthly updates and I thought that bear was huge. Now look at her! Practically the same size.

Shannon said...

I may have to try out those cups. We have had E drinking from a sippy for a while now but he will not drink from a straw. And trust me its hard to use the word toddler even after they start walking. It just feels wrong right now.

Monica said...

So cute!!! She is so big already!

MillerMama said...

Ah, way to make me get all teary eyed. It is amazing how quickly they grow, and how they are little people now! She is so adorable!