Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Cat Birthday Party

No, not for my cats. I'm not that cat ladyish. This was a cat themed birthday party for Charley's first birthday. It was a no brainer when it came to the party's theme; the girl loves her cats.


So once I decided on the theme, I went to Google and to Pinterest to search for other cat-themed birthday parties to give me some inspiration. And then I tried again the next day and the next. And really, there were very few people to steal ideas from so I decided I was on my own for the most part. (Also, a major reason I'm blogging about this is so other cat party Googlers can find this too! Welcome Googlers!) This is typical for me - choosing something to make things harder on myself. But I must give credit where credit is due. So here were the things I DID find:

(These should also be found on my Pinterest board here: Party!)

Parents.com had a little slide show for a cat-themed birthday party.

This blog had some really cute ideas including yarn balls.

Another blog with more cute ideas.

And that was really it besides a few pictures on Pinterest. So in this age of Pinterest, I had to do it up or else be laughed at for all of forever. And I remember telling party guests that I really wished all of my guests weren't on Pinterest so they'd think I was way more creative than I actually am. Turns out I'm just a good copycat. Cat! Get it?! Oh man, AM creative after all.

Here's what I made:

Cat Plates, as stolen from here:

Yarn balls stolen from here, with food signs stolen from nowhere - as in, yes, designed/made/came up with the names with no help from the internets.

Also, fish pizzas stolen from here.



(Here's the details on the food signs: I bought paper straws from VeryJane.com. I had blue, pink and white card stock and a general idea of how I wanted them to look. I went to dafont.com to find a cat-like font. I decided on Garfield the Cat and downloaded it. I went into the very complicated computer program called "Paint" (you may have heard of it, or have seen me use it in the past) and typed some samples and printed them until I got them to be the size I wanted. I then made some solid line rectangular shapes, took the eraser tool and made the solid line a dashed line. Then I drew a little cat in the bottom corner and typed the words in the center. Print. Cut. Glue onto card stock. Attach paper straw to back with tape. Stick into yarn balls (or not, for some items) and that was that. So easy, and yet I've turned the instructions into an extremely wordy paragraph. Someone thank me for that so I feel justified.)

Cat shaped sandwiches were also an original idea, made with the cookie cutter purchased here.


Party hat was another original idea (and a last minute one at that! My original idea was to put cat ears on all party hats, and they ended up looking quite devil-hornish so I scratched that idea. Scratched! Another cat pun!) I just bought the party hats from Target and added some fun foam and pom poms.


Cat pull string Pinata. This was a variation from the instructions here and here. But the cat pinata was my idea. And then I saw this blog after the fact that had a very similar pinata and didn't feel so creative anymore. 


Cake table. The crepe paper was a Pinterest idea here. But what I really want to point out is a little decor that I'm not sure anyone even got which makes me sad. But, that open bird cage there had feathers laying in the bottom of it and I was so darn giddy about that little funny, and then no one even mentioned it. But it made me happy and that's all that matters. Since it was my party and all. Or, Charley's party, but same difference, right? 


And here are some things I bought, which includes that cat cake up there. I bought it from here if you are local.

Cute little banner! Made by a friend who sells the cutest stuff you've ever seen here.

Invitations were purchased from here.


Charley's outfit was purchased from here.


I think that covers it all. So, for all of the 99% of you that AREN'T planning a cat themed party, here's what you've been waiting for. Pictures of the sweet little one year old, and some more from her party. It was such a good time, and the girl definitely loved her cake and ate it all. 

283019_10151407016229325_1379945991_n 561154_10151407019524325_1790158996_n
381025_10151407017304325_908181492_n262310_10151407020669325_1776876016_n (1)

Do you think Charley had a purrfectly good time? I do! I am pawsitive that she had fun by the way she pounced on her cake and how she needed the catnap afterwards! I think she's the cat's meow. 

Sorry, I'll stop it with the cat puns and idioms. I don't want to hear any catty remarks about them either.


Erica said...

Wow. Very good job on the party!

Jessica said...

My daughter had a cat-themed first birthday party! It was a small family party, though, and we didn't do much themed stuff other than having a cake designed to look like the stuffed cat she carried everywhere with her. I should upload pictures sometime! It was back when my blog was new and I was leery of personal pictures.

Laura Diniwilk said...

I love this so much, you did a great job! The yarn balls and cat pull string pinata are perfect. So funny that our parties were only a day apart. I am glad to see that Charley did a much better job with the cake eating than her Ohio e-bff Lucy. Smart girl :)

Shannon said...

Way to go! I love the idea and all the details your put into it!

Missy said...

Love the tutu! I told you she is definitely going to be a dancer!
Happy Birthday Charley!

Not Insane...Promise! said...

I love it! Just out of curiosity, what is the food on a stick in the pizza pictures?

Lacey said...

Those are cinnamon cream cheese rolls. They were so, so delicious! http://pinterest.com/pin/116108496612888588/

Vanessa Moran said...


Everything looks absolutely beautiful! We are planning a cat themed party for my daughter's 3rd birthday in April and the one thing we are struggling most with is the "snacky food." Can you please let me know the creative names you used for everything along with what exactly is was that you served? I cannot tell you how much is would be appreciated! I'm just not creative enough to come up with things like this!!! :)

Great work and thanks so much for posting!

Vanessa Moran said...

Hi Lacey,

GREAT job with the party! Everything looked absolutely wonderful! We are doing a cat themed party for my daughter's 3rd birthday in April and I was hoping you could share the cute names of the food and exactly what is was that you served. I'm not a very creative person and would sincerely appreciate your help!

Thanks for everything