Thursday, August 16, 2012

Charley Bear: 11 Months

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On the 4th of this month, Charley turned 11 months old! So big!
406328_10151332262424325_1709449938_n viable options were very limited this month. I had no choice but to go with this awkward pose. She was actually trying to pull off that headband, but instead it looks like she's saying "heyyyyy baby, look at me!"
She's still not walking unassisted, but she's getting closer. We went to the beach for a week this month, and our favorite, shaded hangout spot is underneath the house (it's on stilts). The floors are concrete, and I couldn't let Charley crawl around on concrete so I needed another solution. I thought about bringing another Pack N Play to leave downstairs, but she wouldn't have wanted to stay in that for very long. While there, I had the brilliant idea to buy a walker (you know, the ones they say not to use anymore) and looked on the local Craigslist down there. Found one, went and bought it, and it was perfect. She was running around in no time.

It was the first thing that made her realize that to walk, you need to move your feet. Before, if you were to hold her up by her hands to let her practice walking, her feet would be so firmly planted on the ground that it was near impossible to get her to pick one foot up and move it. She loves this thing!


She's getting more hair! No where near enough for a bow yet, but we're getting there. It's looking more dirty blonde than white blonde these days. I'm sure she will be a brunette before too long anyways.


She does some new cute little things now too. My mom taught her to put her hand up to her ear (or behind her head) and say "Hello??" She has a couple of play phones, but she hasn't yet figured out these are the things you are supposed to put to your ear and say hello on. Baby steps.


My dad taught her to cover her eyes and play peekaboo. Although, she rarely covers her eyes and if she does it's just one. Usually her hands end up on her forehead. Enough to let you know that yes, she does understand the silly game, but if she covered her eyes up she wouldn't be able to see and that would be dumb, she says!

She has 7 or 8 teeth these days. I'm not sure which and you only get a short amount of time to feel around in there before the chompers chomp down on you. I'm okay with not knowing the exact tooth count. I value my fingertips too much.

That Cheerio doesn't stand a chance in those chompers!
And most importantly (although this happened after her 11 month birthday, but before I posted this so I'm including it), she spent the night away from me for the first time. For 6 straight nights in fact. While I was ACROSS THE GLOBE. [deep breaths] It's not that I was afraid to leave her or anything, we just never really had the need to leave her overnight. I wasn't sure how she'd sleep elsewhere, and I would feel so guilty if she woke up all night at someone else's house.

But, besides one incident where we think major gas was to blame, she slept great (12-14 hours!!) and my parents and sisters literally fought over her while I was gone. If that doesn't make my Mama heart swell with joy, I don't know what does. Love that my family loves her as much as I do! I sure did miss her though! NEVER. AGAIN. Just kidding. In fact, I need an overnight babysitter for a night in September, and I'm thinking about opening it up to the highest bidder. ;)

But, it wasn't all puppies and rainbows this month. She did get sick while on vacation in Florida. Does that sound familiar? Yes, she also got sick on our previous vacation in Florida. What does this child have against vacationing in Florida!? It was a stomach bug that dealt her a couple of pukes, and a lot of ickiness from the other end. The pukes were only twice in the first day or two, but the other end ickiness lasted almost TWO weeks. I had to buy diapers without a coupon, and that pained me the most. Just kidding. I really, really hated her being sick and even though I got extra snuggles, I wished I could make it stop. Poor, sweet baby.

Such a treat. I hadn't napped/slept with her snuggling next to me since maternity leave.
And, even though her mommy waited until she was 15 for her first flight, and her Gamma was 55 before her first flight, Charley flew for the first time at 11 months old. She did so great, and the other airplane passengers told me how great she was once we landed. Before we took off I avoided all eye contact so I didn't have to see them rolling their eyes about sitting near the lady with the baby. I don't blame them. I know I did the same thing just a year ago.

The next month is a big one. A one year old? How did this happen? Be sure that major party planning is going on and I'll share details after the party.

Happy 11 months, baby!


MillerMama said...

Happy 11 months, Charley! Did you see my video on FB of Amelia holding the remote up to her ear and saying "Hello?" Maybe they can talk to each other ;)

Monica said...

Awwww she is seriously so adorable!

Diana said...

Haha, I'd watch my fingers too if my kid had 7 or 8 chompers!