Monday, July 2, 2012

Mama Knows Best

Charley has lots of second hand stuff. The majority of her clothes and toys are from cousins, yard sales, or consignment sales. She doesn't know the difference, and you can't tell the difference by looking at them and my bank account is happy, too. A win/win.

But, every once in a while I like to buy something NEW for Charley. It rarely happens, but she is such a good baby that she deserves something now and then. One of these days was just a few weeks ago.

I picked Charley up from my sister's house after work and she was super happy and had just eaten and just woken up from her nap. She was in perfect take-to-a-store shape, in other words. Not that she's ever really bad at a store, but I prefer to take her when there is much less of a chance that something could go wrong - ie: nap-needing, food-needing, etc. Since we pass a Wal-Mart on our way home and since she had been such a good baby, I decided I was going to stop and buy her a brand new toy. I'd even let her help me pick it out.

We got to the baby toy aisle and I was a little overwhelmed by all of the choices. I really had no idea what kind of toy I wanted to get her, except I knew it wouldn't be something with cartoon characters on it. Anyways, I strolled up and down the aisle with Charley on my hip. I showed her several different toys and pulled them off the shelves so I could show her what they did and try to guage her reaction to them. She was definitely interested in everything I showed her, but not any more interested in one toy over the next. I was going to have to make this decision on my own with my mother's instincts.

Also, this picture was taken while we were strolling up and down the toy aisle. She was so darn cute already this day, and then she decided that she'd start sucking her thumb again after a few months' hiatus. It was so so adorable and made her that much more toy-worthy.


So, after much thought I decided to get this V-Tech cat. Cat IS her first word after all. (The only word she says and really KNOWS what she's saying.)
This one:


I also bought a smaller toy for her for the car ride home because the cat was too big to open and play with right away. And what fun is a new toy if you can't rip it open (err, Mama can't rip it open) as soon as you get in the car? She loved the little shaky bean things I bought her for the car, so I thought I would for sure be 2 for 2 when we got home and she could play with the cat, too.

The cat is really for ages 12 months+ because it is a cat that moves on it's own and the baby is supposed to chase it. I thought it would be appropriate for my 9 month old, and would have a long life in our home since Charley was just starting to crawl and it would give her a fake cat to chase instead of the real ones she loves to torment.


So we get home and get inside with the new cat, take an hour to get the darn thing out of the box and I set it down on the floor and turned it on. The cat started to move. The baby started to cry. She hated it already.

I tried to enthusiastically show her how awesome the cat was. I sat her in my lap and held the cat up for her to closely examine. She screamed. And cried. And eventually I had to hide the toy because she was that afraid of it. Of alllll the toys in the store, I chose this one for my child because I knew her so well and knew she'd love it and it ended up that she's so afraid of it that she doesn't even want it in her line of sight. Mama certainly did not know best.

So the cat was hidden for a few days/weeks. I thought I'd give it another try at a later date where I was sure she would be more welcoming to the cat. So this weekend, I decided it was time to try again. She had been playing in the floor (hence the toy basket overturned in our living room) so I placed the cat on the floor, a good distance away from her just in case, and turned it on.

Please ignore the bird-mobile-business crap on the chair/table. The stuff is taking over my house.
She was no where near the cat. The cat wasn't even moving in her direction. And cue the tears anyways. The cat tried to win her over. "Here I come! I'm on the run! Catch me! Meow, meow!" But to no avail. She wasn't having it.


I think I'll stick to second-hand toys. Nothing worse than paying $22 for something that she hates, when she has a basket full of toys that cost us nothing or just a few dollars that she loves. I think the girl takes after her Mama and hates wasting money, and THAT was the reason for the tears.

I'm crying too Charley. It took so much effort to get the darn cat OUT of the box that there was no way to repackage it and return it. Perhaps Reese or Tuna are looking for a new friend and can get some use out of it. She even sings! And also says something about traveling to London to see the queen! (??) What more could you want from a toy?


Diana said...

Poor Charley!

Aidan hates one of his penguin toys, and it makes me sad. Why can't he love penguins the way his mom does?! So now, we put it in front of cords that we had to constantly have to tell him "No" when he grabbed them. So far, he has not grabbed the cords.

JSitterBaum said...

Hahaha too funny! The irony. Makes for a priceless story though ;)

Laura Diniwilk said...

That thumb sucking pic is too freaking cute!!!

Don't worry about the cat, we had the same issue with a cow that used to make Adriana cry. A few months later and it was her favorite new toy. She'll grow into it once she learns that it doesn't want to eat her face!

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Oh MAN! What a bummer! And how weird/funny that she's so afraid of that adorable little cat.

I know it is not the same (I am not comparing my cat to your baby - I am just bringing this up because there are so many cat mentions in this post), but I bought my parents' cat some of those cat bubbles for Christmas one year. Just like regular bubbles, except for cats. And I blew a few bubbles out of the bubble blower thing and the cat totally freaked out. He HATED those stupid bubbles. Like they were giant fearsome pittbulls gnashing their teeth at him instead of TINY POPPABLE BUBBLES.

Of course, he's fine chasing the bubbles when you squeeze a bottle of Dawn in the air... but the $12 bubbles designed specifically for cats are too terrifying to look at.

Heather said...

Charley is so adorable!

I'm with you 100%. On just about every trip to Target, I convince myself Tory needs a new toy. I pick out the fanciest one with lights and music that I think she'll love. Turns out, all she really wants are red SOLO cups, cell phones and sunglasses.

MillerMama said...

As always, we are the same person, as I hate cartoon characters and Amelia does the same, "Grab the cat's fur and PULL!" routine.

I almost bought that cat at Once Upon a Child. I think now I'm glad I didn't.