Monday, July 9, 2012

Charley Bear: 10 Months

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Last Wednesday, Charley turned 10 months old. & she's doing all kinds of new stuff. It's so so fun being her mommy!

Also, 10 months means it's only 2 months until her first birthday party. I came up with a theme Friday night after a couple months of searching for just the right thing. I knew it would come to me soon, but usually I get great ideas at the very last minute, and last minute party planning isn't exactly what I wanted to do. I'm glad I got an idea with 2 months to spare. And, if you must know, the theme was inspired by this picture:


I'm not going to spend a lot, but I have a lot of ideas so far. Usually those two things don't go together, but I'm going to make this work! She's going to remember her first birthday party forever, after all! {That was sarcasm if you are new around here.}

This is what the little miss Charley is up to these days...

She pulls up on everything, and this just started this week. I love how proud she is of herself every time she does it, and it makes my heart swell to walk in and see her standing in her crib after a nap waiting for me to get her. It makes me so sad though because she is such a big girl now!


She's eating almost anything. We are slowly phasing out the purees and giving her more and more table food. She's liked everything we've given her so far except for broccoli. Hated it. Spit it out. Threw it on the floor. But, honorable mentions go to Cheerios, mashed potatoes, cheese, and pancakes.
Having a taste of Daddy's smoothie.
We are completely done nursing. A week ago we lost our last remaining nursing session in the mornings. I think she wasn't getting enough or getting it fast enough that way anymore and just wanted a bottle instead. I was sad, but it makes it easier on me too. I had planned to quit before our family vacation in a couple weeks, or if not then, then by me and John's trip to Europe coming up in August. I was struggling with how I'd figure out exactly WHEN our last nursing session would be because I'd hate to stop for my own selfish reasons if she still wanted it. So when she decided for me, that made it that much easier. I think we did good, Charley!


She talks! I'm calling it: her first word is cat. It's the first word that she says with intent. She has mimicked Mama and Dada, but she knows what a cat is! She also says and waves bye bye, and knows how to throw toys/food on the floor to say uh-oh. Yeah that one's real fun.


Sleep is still going great. From about 7:30 or 8pm until 6:45am on weekdays, and she sleeps in so late until 7 on the weekends. John and I usually each take a day (Saturday/Sunday) so the other can sleep. She still takes two long naps also, a 2ish hour one and a 1.5ish hour one. Those with normal babies that didn't hit the sleep lottery, you may want to skip this next paragraph or else you may want to punch me...

One night this month Charley woke up around 3 or 4 because she had a cold and couldn't breathe very well laying down. I know personally it's easier to sleep when you are propped up when you have a cold, so I got her out of her crib and sat down in the glider with her and let her sleep the rest of the night on my shoulder. I was tired, of course, but I really really enjoyed that mommy time with Charley. I love that she really needed me and I was able to help her, at the price of my own sleep or not.  Now, remind me about this when baby #2 comes along and gets up at 3 or 4 every night!


So yeah, things are still going swimmingly. We did forgo the blanket picture this month...I think we're done with that one. Having a 10 month old baby lay down on a blanket just so isn't exactly cake anymore. We'll stick with the bear from here on out. It's not like that's a one-shot deal, either.
Now you listen here, Big Bear...
Happy 10 months Charley! My last 10 months certainly have been!


Megan said...

Look at her with her kitties!!! It figures her first word is cat :) Happy 10 months Charley!

Jessica said...

My daughter had a cat party for her first birthday:)

MillerMama said...

Ahhh, I love that picture of her and Reese! Good job on the BFing mama, and look - she's growing hair! :)

Shannon said...

Her eyes are so blue! Gorgeous! I love that her first word is cat. I've been trying to get Ethan to say dog forever with no such luck ;)

Jess said...

She's getting so big! Those gorgeous baby blues just kill me! And I love the pic of her and the kitty. What a sweetie! I wish we lived closer so that Charley and Natalie could be BFFs.

Kayla Rae said...

Bella has that same brown and white checkered outfit. Clearly they were meant to be besties.