Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yard Sales - Spring 2012

I've noticed I tend to use both the phrases 'garage sale' and 'yard sale'. I don't discriminate. I don't care if your old crap is thrown in your garage or in your yard, I will buy it. Well, I have my limitations, but house stuff, baby stuff & yard stuff are my yard/garage sale items of choice. And this year hasn't disappointed.

(If you are new here, I once talked about how 60-70% of the decor in my house is from yard sales. I was being generous by saying only 60-70, and it's probably more like 80-85%. I like other people's trash, apparently. And I think other people's trash looks pretty darn good in my house. Also, kid/baby stuff is awesome at yard sales.)

So, this year we've only been able to go a few times. And a couple of those times were total busts. Like, I came home with a tutu for Charley (albeit a CUTE tutu for only $1) and a book which were both good deals, but weren't worth getting up at 7:00 am good deals. But, that's the beauty of it. You'll have the bad weeks, but since there is no way of knowing which weeks will be good or bad, you must go often! And buy lots! Because when you have a good week, it's a really GOOD week.

My mom, 2 sisters and I had a really good week this week. Had to quit early because we ran out of space to put our crap.

So, this is what my haul looked like from the really good week a few weeks ago.

I already mentioned that I got these oval frames I used for Charley's silhouette.

$1 each, and perfect after a coat of paint. And to be honest, $1 each is a bit high as far as yard sale pricing goes. But I was willing to pay so I didn't even bargain. Plus, I'm a bit timid in the art of bargaining and usually sucker my sister in to doing it for me.


I almost passed up these baskets. They are big, cute and perfect for Charley's room and toys, but they were at the very last yard sale of the day, and I had spent ALL of my cash and had $8 left which wasn't enough for the $10 price tag. But, after my sisters and mom convinced me I needed them, I offered the lady my last $8 and she accepted! Whoo!


$1 for the clock.


50 cents for the basket and everything in it! Crazy right? I was going to offer a dollar or 2 for just the twiney balls, but when she said $.50 for it all I was sold!

For the office in the new house. $5, and I thought it would be good to toss the mail in instead of just leaving it on the table like we do currently.


Needs to be cleaned up a little, but a cute leather box thing that I though would also look good in the future office on a shelf. $1.


$1. Metal tray. Will be nice on a coffee table or foyer table.


$1! This guy was so funny. He had really nice kid and home things which were all from Pottery Barn and the likes. His wife had gone inside and left him to man the yard sale, and was selling everything for dirt cheap. My sisters, mom and I pretty much cleaned up with him! I only got this pillow, but my sisters walked away with lamps and other decor for $1 each. I bet he got in so much trouble with his wife later!


$3. Old shelf thing with tin drawers. Don't know where it will go yet, but I liked it and will find a home for it in the new house after a good clean and maybe some paint.


Set of two framed postage stamp looking things. Got these from the same lady that had the black mail divider thing and offered her $10 for both things instead of the $13 she was asking. She accepted! Thought these would also look nice in future office.

All this from one Saturday morning. It's such a thrill, and I know there are a million other things in my house that I've never even shown you that came from yard sales. And when I move into our new house, I plan on starting over completely with "new" stuff, which we can afford to do since I do it so cheaply. Me likey! Do you?


Missy said...

Wow you found some great stuff! Too bad I don't live in South Charlotte anymore, I would so go with you! Although my neighborhood has tons of garage sales, so maybe I just need to get out and about!

Heather said...

I love yard selling! There is nothing like coming home with a major score!

And the stuff you got is all so cool, I want to yard sale with you!

Natalie said...

Wow, what great deals! I wish we lived in the same town so we could garage sale together!

'HoulaMom said...

Um yeah, I need to go with you. I want to go to yard sales so bad, but I just don't have an eye for anything! Your stuff is all awesome, and I probably would have passd it all up. You should do some online yard sale tutorials where we follow you around or something ;-)

MillerMama said...

All the garage sales around me have crap. Seriously. lol. And I am nowhere near patient enough to get up at the crack of dawn to scavenge around.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Yay. yard sale post! I will be emailing you a lot if/when I ever finally do mine and have no idea how to price things. 50 cents for the basket, pinecones, AND twiney balls = amazing. I like the clock and the post card prints too. Nice work!