Friday, May 4, 2012

Jelly Bean

The most hilarious thing just happened in my house. I just hope I can convey it through words and the interwebs to be as funny as it was in person.

So, since I am still nursing Charley I take 2 prenatal vitamins every day. One is just a regular prenatal, and the other is a DHA supplement which is basically a plant based fish oil, I think. I actually have no idea if that is what it is or not. I was just told to take them by a doctor and I do as I'm told. Anyways, I prefer to take them in the mornings with breakfast, and I normally eat my breakfast once I'm at work. Therefore, I typically take the two vitamins and stick them in my pocket for later.

About 50% of the time, I forget to ever take them and I end up finding them in the bottom of my purse or in my pockets before I do laundry. Today though, someone else found them, and they weren't in my purse nor were they in the washing machine.

This afternoon I had big plans to work in the yard a bit right when I got home from work. I picked up Charley, rushed home and as soon as she was fed, changed & happy I proceeded to change out of my work clothes. I took the pants I was wearing off, hung them up on a hanger and then put on my work-in-the-yard clothes and came back downstairs.

(I then attempted to work in the yard, except that only lasted 15 minutes before Charley was done playing out there. Oy. So we came back in.)

Meanwhile, John came home from work. His plan for the afternoon was to come home, change out of his work clothes and into some work clothes, and go over to the land where our new house is going to be built and clear some more trees and such. He went on upstairs to our shared closet to change clothes.

Not 5 minutes later, I hear AHHH and expletives coming from the upstairs. I yell to him and ask what is wrong, and I get no response. I still hear movement up there so I ignore his silence. I assumed he found a giant spider or something of that nature and has taken care of it.

Finally, John came back down and told me what happened. He was changing his clothes in the closet, when, what to his wondering eyes should appear, but a long, lost JELLY BEAN!

It was his lucky day! He remembered eating jelly beans about a week ago, and just thought one had fallen into his pocket, and then later fallen out of his pocket onto the closet floor. Makes perfect logical sense...


 So, anyways, as anyone with any sense would do, he picked up the jelly bean off of the floor and took a bite out of it.

Only, it wasn't a jelly bean at all. When I hung my pants up that I wore to work today, my vitamins must have fallen out onto the floor. Cue expletives and yelling. And him trying to rinse his mouth out with water.

The good news is that DHA supplements are good for brain and eye development, and clearly both John's brain and eyes could use a little help.


The Beane's said...

HA! I really needed that laugh today =)

MillerMama said...

HA! Poor guy.

Trisha Newman said...

Haha. Was it Booger flavored??