Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Honey, I'm home!

I am currently going to have to curb my superstitions a bit because I promised you I'd share about our new house. Everything is going swimmingly so far, but I have this fear that as soon as I put this out here that we're going to lose financing, they won't be able to find water for our well and everything will go awry. I'm so afraid of jinxing it, but I'm gonna share anyways. Just don't ridicule me later if I end up having to move into a cardboard box instead of this lovely home.

So. Where were we? We have decided to stop paying our mortgage and to begin looking for a new house. We aren't looking to trade this new house in in a few years, so we are looking for our forever home. I have one major requirement: no neighborhood. Which sort of makes things a bit more difficult, but hear me out.

I have a working theory about this. I think you ultimately want to live in a home similar to what you were used to where you grew up. (Unless of course you really did grow up in a cardboard box; then you may strive to have some more stable walls around you.) But for example, my older sisters grew up in a neighborhood. Lots of houses and lots of kids around. Currently, they both live in a neighborhood very similar to that. Between my 2 older sisters, and then my younger brother and I, my parents moved us all. They bought a house still in the city but it was several acres and wooded and it was just on a street. Know what I mean? There were a few kids around, but the amazing thing about this place was there was so much beautifulness to look at and play amongst. Huge yards, forests, creeks, etc. Therefore, I longed for a place just like that. Land, trees, and neighbors, but not 5-feet-away neighbors. It's just what I prefer, that's all.

Who wouldn't love living here?

Coincidentally, on my parent's street there was only ONE lot that remained undeveloped and it was right next door to theirs. 4 acres. Trees. And the people that bought it had done nothing with it. It would be perfect. So John called the guy and he found out that he'd actually built his house elsewhere after buying this property and had just held onto this land for the last decade or so. He would be willing to sell it! Yay!

But then he told us how much, and we thought it was too much for our budgets, sadly. So we kept that idea in our back pockets just in case. Meanwhile, my parents had really fallen in love with the idea of John and I (or maybe I should just say Charley) moving next door. As they age, we'd be right there to help them if they ever needed it and they would be able to stay in their home for longer/forever. It was a win/win. So, they then made us an offer we couldn't turn down. They offered to sell us a portion of their property. Their house is way back from the road (behind me in the picture above) so we could build at the front of the property and we'd still have our own privacy and they'd have theirs. (It would be to the top left in the picture above.) Of course we said yes.

Side story: I never really mentally moved away from "home". I constantly have dreams where my home is their house, and when they call me their number shows up as "home" on my cell phone. It only makes sense that I'm going back.

So, John and I spent hours going over house plans trying to find the perfect ones for us and for "our" land. It's on a hill, which is perfect for having a full basement. (Northerner blog readers: we don't really have many homes with basements here in the south, so that's a big deal!) We finally found the one, and we purchased the plans.


It's just perfect for us. The upstairs will work so good for us until we are able to finish the basement. And once we finish the basement we will have all the space we'll ever need. Barring me getting pregnant with quints or something. Ha.

My main things when we were searching floor plans: no dining room; that's a wasted space for me. Definitely need an area for the computers on the main floor since we are on them so often - see flex space above. Side entry garage; I'm not a fan of front entry garages. And one story (minus the basement). Things that got bonus points: large garden tub, an island in the kitchen, and extra storage room since we both plan on utilizing the garage. Check, check & check.

And then we sent the plans to contractors to get them priced. And that's kind of where we are right now. We have a few contractors in mind and they are each pricing it out for us and then we'll decide. We're 99% sure with who we're going with, but it's smart to shop around so that's what we are doing. After that, the bank will move towards closing the construction loan, and after that closes we can get started. Wahoo!

Lucky for me (us), John and my dad are super duper handymen. They can do just about anything and are going to do as much as possible themselves to save us money. The first thing that they are able to do themselves is clear the land. Since we don't need the construction loan to pay for anything for that, they can go ahead and get started clearing the land themselves. It's so exciting to see it coming together already.

Recently Updated15
Charley has been also stopping by to help when she can.
I want to make sure I take a ton of pictures throughout the process so I'll definitely keep you updated as this moves along. If we do end up moving into a cardboard box, I will be sure to plant a few trees to replace the ones we've taken down. It just may take 20 or so years for them to grow back...sorry parents!

Oops. Forgot to wear my "working" shoes. Guess I'll just have to sit here on this tree and watch.


In our backyard.

Again, in the backyard.

I can't wait to stand in that same spot and take another picture soon. Hopefully, in the background will be a beautiful new house, and our minds will be more at ease from the mess we'll certainly deal with concerning our current house.

This really is my "dream" house. It's no wonder I dream of my parent's house all the time. It's like my subconscious has been telling me to go home all along. Little did I know that I wouldn't have to move into my old bedroom down the hall to make that a reality.


Trisha Newman said...

That sounds like destiny Lacey. Fingers crossed that every thing goes through seamlessly.

Monica said...

Sounds amazing! I am very excited for you and I hope it all works out well!

The Beane's said...

Awesome! How exciting! I love your floor plan and can't wait to hear all the updates!
And I totally agree with you about wanting the house you grew up in... I also didn't live in a neighborhood and would love to move into a house in the "country" again =)

Meghan said...

This sounds perfect! I may be a little jealous!

Missy said...

Congratulations Lacey! This is going to be an amazing journey and I hope that everything goes smoothly for you!

Shannon said...

This is amazing! Congrats to you guys!

Jessica said...

This looks wonderful. I would love to have a situation exactly like that, parents and all.

Laura Diniwilk said...

1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house plans, I'm so excited for you!!!!
2) Your lack of dining room makes me think that I really do want to rip out the wall between my kitchen and dining room and just have a really awesome kitchen.
3) My girls have that gap hoodie in light pink and dark pink. I think this means we need to have a matching hoodie playdate on our way to hilton head this year.

Heather said...

Love the house! It's absolutely beautiful, Lacey. I'm so happy everything's falling into place for you. Excited to watch the progress unfold.