Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho: Part 1

I'm pretty much copying this idea from Maggie and A'dell. I'm hoping they don't mind! But I'm going to add a confession to each job story, because even though I claim to be a perfect little employee that isn't always the case. And as I started writing this it occurred to me just how many jobs I've had and I think I need to break it up into 2 or 3 posts or else it will be super long.

I've been a working girl since I was 16 years old. I can only remember one point in time that I didn't have a job, and that was in between a job that I possibly was fired from (more on that later) until I secured another job a couple of months later. Besides that, I have 14 years of work history, and most of all of that is full time. I like working, err, I like having money I should say. Although I really genuinely have liked most of all of the jobs I've ever had.

My very first job was at Limited Too. My friend and I were shopping in November sometime and for whatever reason we were shopping in Limited Too even though we were 16 years old. The manager rung us up, and then casually asked us if we wanted jobs. We both said, "um, sure" and filled out applications. I went on to work there throughout the holiday season even though my BFF never did. And when the holidays were over I was offended that I was no longer being put on the schedule. No one told me I was just holiday help! But anyways, I was terrible at that job. I was a super shy girl and the job they wanted me to do all the time was greet the customers. Talk to people? You've got to be kidding me.

Confession: I loathed greeting people so much that one day I was put on return-the-clothes-to-the-shelves-from-the-dressing-room-where-everyone-leaves-them-all-over-the-floor duty. (Please tell me you don't do this.) Anyways, I went into one of the fitting rooms to clean it out, and in an effort to waste a bit of the workday away, I shut the door and sat down on the little bench. (Little, because this is a children's store after all.) I pulled my feet up off of the floor so no one would see me in there and killed about 20 minutes just hanging out in the fitting room scrunched up on the bench. That $2.50 I earned while sitting in there was well deserved!


My next job was with the same friend at Carowind's Theme Park. This theme park is only miles from my house, and it is pretty much THE summer job for everyone in the area. My older sister worked there back when she was a teen, too. So, on orientation day they assign you to whichever type of job you applied for (food, rides, games, etc.). Like, they put you at one of the restaurants if you signed up for food, which I did. I was put in a air conditioned indoor restaurant, while my BFF was put in an outdoor picnic shelter thing where they had company picnics and such. I didn't like this other girl that was assigned to the same restaurant as me, so I asked orientation leader if I could be placed in the picnic shelter as well. He agreed, and I was set to work with my BFF! YAY!

On our first day we worked a company picnic. Basically, local companies go to this theme park for the day and they split up to enjoy the park with their families, but meet up for lunch in this picnic shelter area where they serve hot dogs and hamburgers. My first duty was filling up drinks, and I was great at that. I had the ice to soda ratio down pat. But then later after the picnics were over I had to help clean up the kitchen and one of those things was to dispose of the hot dog chili into the dumpster. It was in one of those giant industrial metal pan things that are set over a warmer (know what I mean?) and I was instructed to just carry the whole thing out to the dumpster and dump it in. Ehh, okay, sure. I can do that. But, I was a way pickier eater back then and the thought of hot dog chili even touching me disgusted me so I was doing all in my power to not get an ounce of it on me.

I carried it out to the dumpster holding it away from my body as to not get chili remnants on my shirt, and started to dump it. Only, as the flies got a whiff of the chili they came in to swarm me and the chili and I was pretty close to dropping the whole pan in the dumpster and running away. I held it together though, and returned the emptied pan back to the kitchen.

Confession: That was my first and last day at this job. After that first day, the manager couldn't find our time cards as we were leaving and therefore couldn't give us our schedule for the rest of the week. He called us later with the schedule but I pretended not to get the phone call and BFF and I never went back. So ashamed!

Okay, now I got to a point where I understood what a job was about and I was ready to find one that I could stick with for a while. Much like I had done before, I went out job "shopping" with my same BFF. We ended up applying at a movie theater and both got hired. It didn't take long for us to make tons of new friends and we realized we both loved this job. I believe we started working there in February, and I lasted a full 10 months at this one, only to quit because a few mean boys were picking on me and also, Christmas was coming and did you know movie theaters are open on Christmas? There was no way I was working on Christmas so I quit. BUT, I am still friends with a lot of people I met while working at this theater for those 10 months. It was such a fun job.


When you work at a movie theater, you get to screen the new movies to make sure the film isn't damaged or has any imperfections before the movies are released. This would happen after movie theater hours, so many nights one of these screenings would start at 11:00 p.m. and I'd stay and watch the movie and then we'd go to Steak n Shake afterwards to eat. I wouldn't get home until really late and then once we'd get home we'd get online (dial-up, even) and get in a private AOL chatroom and we'd chat until 4 in the morning. I have so many fond memories of that job and those people! Shout out to my AMC peeps!!

Confession: We weren't allowed to take tips from people while we were working, but once this man came through my line when I was working at the concession stand and pulled out a ginourmous stack of bills to pay for his overpriced popcorn and soda. I must have either made a shocked face or said something about his stack o' cash because he then handed me a twenty super casually, and I super casually stuck it in my pocket. Thanks dude! & then another time I was cleaning out a theater between movies and found $40 in a seat and stuck that in my pocket too. I mean, what was I supposed to do with it? Take it to the lost and found box?! I probably bought myself a new pair of Mudd jeans with that cash!

So those were my first three jobs and I'm up to age 17 now. Don't worry, the length of time I stayed at jobs has increased as I've gone along. From age 17 to now, I've only had 6 different jobs so I should be able to finish this up with one or two more posts. Unless of course this is dreadfully boring for you and you want me to stop now. Yes? But just warning you, if I stop now you won't get to hear about me creating balance sheets and posting journal entries! You wouldn't want to miss that would you? Yeah, okay, I'll end this before I get to boring grown-up-job-land. Deal?

Any confessions of your own with old jobs you've held? Who had the absolute worst first job? Tell me I wanna know!


Diana said...

I quit Wendy's because of the chilli. It was disgusting to me that they used the overcooked hamburger meat for the chilli. Plus, the manager was super creepy and kept inviting me over to his house. He was 40 and such a dork.

Trisha Newman said...

Ah yes. I remember the AMC, working with you and Tracey. It was my first job actually and Joe and I both worked there for I don't even remember how many months. I still have a faint burn scar from the popcorn machine. Then I moved on to Hollywood Video for several years in HS and into college. Loved the free movies from both.

MillerMama said...

Love the confessions! I worked straightening shelves at Kroger when I was 16, and a coworker and I snuck out on the clock to Taco Bell and were gone a little too long because they noticed we were missing. Oops!