Saturday, May 19, 2012

Charley Bear: 8.5 months

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Charley turned 8 months old two weeks ago and I remembered to take her monthly pictures, but never wrote up what was new during her 8th month. And now, it's 15 days past her 8th month birthday making her 8.5 months and she's doing new stuff every single day it seems. Instead of trying to remember what happened before her 8th month birthday and what happened after,  I'm including everything up to this point in this post. I have a feeling that Charley will hit another big milestone between now and her 9th month birthday anyways so I'll have something new to talk about then.


Yes, she does look awfully small for an 8.5 month old. That's because this picture was actually taken on her 8th month birthday. Are we confused yet? Moving on...

This month didn't bring any more teeth or sickness, thankfully. She was happy, healthy, and had no more episodes of poor sleep. Wahoo! She is very mobile now, but isn't crawling. She can roll, scoot, and grunt her way across any room. She been getting up on her knees and rocking, and can army crawl anywhere she wants to go. I know crawling is just around the corner...eep! Which means I need to baby proof and lower her crib mattress. (No, I haven't done that yet and yes, I know I should have already.)


We've also heard a couple Dadas and even some Mamamamamamama. She doesn't know what she's saying yet, but it still melts you when she does it. The first time that she does say Mama with intent I will be a big puddle of goo. When she fusses, she does now say nanananananaana, which I translate to mamamamamama. We have some guh sounds, some buh sounds, and I think that's about it. Basically, she's fluent in 3 languages. Also, she does this adorable thing when practicing saying a new word; she moves her lips first with no sound. And once she has the lip movements down, she then puts sound behind it.


Also in the "new tricks" department, Charley will now give kisses. Only, the only person worthy of her sweet little kisses is herself. Which is fine with me; I'll encourage her to be choosy on who she kisses when she's older. She's just not sure if she can trust me or her Dada just yet so she's only choosing to kiss herself apparently:

The food department looks about the same as it did last month. She is still nursing morning and night, and gets two bottles of formula at my sister's. She also has cereal in the morning and a fruit and vegetable at night. She has learned to hold her own bottle though which is awesome and sad at the same time. We're still working on the sippy cup. I think she'd probably have it by now if I was more dilligent about letting her practice with it. I just want my ittle bittle baby to stay wittle and drink from her bottle forever! Wahh!


What else? She's pretty much over the jumperoo and is loving the around-we-go right now. Which kinda sucks because we actually bought the jumperoo new instead of used (like we usually do) so we really only got three or so months of use out of it. Whatever makes you happy though, darling.


She's taking 2 good naps a day, with an occasional 3rd cat nap. First nap is 2-3 hours, second nap usually 1-1.5 hours, and then the cat nap is cat nappish. Goes to bed at 8 (nurses at 7:30 and usually falls asleep during that) and we get her up at 6:30 during the week to eat and get ready to go to my sister's. I know we hit the baby jackpot with her sleep schedule and I'm super thankful.

I want to say something cliche about how it's all going so fast and I just want her to slow down and snuggle with me a bit longer, but that's really cheesetastic and I wouldn't say things like that or like this: growing so fast! getting so big! becoming a little person! etc. etc. No, I definitely will not say things like that.

Happy 8 (8.5) months baby doll/shuggie/sweet potato/Charley!



April said...

she has gotten SO big since I last checked in here! I love her bright eyes, and she has the HAPPIEST SMILE. You two made a pretty baby : )

Diana said...

She looks like such a baby doll in the last photo!

Shannon said...

I love those bright blue eyes. So pretty. Thats so funny that she can't stand her jumperoo and loves the around we go thing. Ethan is the complete opposite and couldn't stand the around we go thing, but now even though he is crawling loves his jumperoo