Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have a million posts saved as drafts either in Blogger or in my head. This isn't one of them, but I had a few random thoughts that absolutely needed to be shared with the internets. Important stuff here.

1. You know how you walk into a room and forget why you came in there in the first place? Happens all the time. And then you try and retrace your steps to see what maybe prompted you to go into said room to retrieve mystery object or do mystery task in the first place, and then while retracing your steps you'll see that baby toy you tripped over which then reminds you the entire point of going into the nursery was to retrieve your baby from the crib, for example.

So yeah, I just had a virtual episode of the exact same scenario happen. I was reading a blog from a girl I know, which reminded me that the whole reason I know her is because she dated a friend of mine, and then hey! I wonder if they are still together; they should definitely be engaged or married or something by now. So then I went to Facebook to do some further investigating, and got sidetracked by this hilarious post someone shared about texts from dogs (warning: language may bother some of you!), and after I was done laughing about that I wondered to myself, "WHY in the world did I come on Facebook in the first place. I KNOW there was a reason."


& then I did a little internet retracing of my steps using the ol' back button. & what do you know. I came upon girl's blog again, which reminded me of the issue at hand I was about to stalk.

It's undetermined, by the way. No recent pictures of them together. No relationship status. So my guess is no longer together but without hard evidence it's hard to say.


2. If you, among many others, participate in a weekly blog post titled "Wordless Wednesday", you may not in fact use WORDS in your post. Kinda defeats the purpose, no? Why not just title it 'Wednesday'? That one really bothers me. Don't be offended if you do this. I'm crazycakes.

And finally,

3. Draw Something. It's a game on iPhones (Droids too? Not sure.) where you are playing pictionary against your friends. I love love loved it at first. And then, people started using words to convey what they were drawing and that's cheating and I didn't like it. In protest I quit playing right in the midst of our games to prove my point. And now I've got no less than THIRTEEN opponents just sitting there waiting on me to play my turn.  And that makes me a little crazy too, like I'm holding up their lives or something. It's okay to move on, opponents. I don't know if I can ever come back to y'all and your cheating ways.

I did NOT actually guess this drawing of my husband's. The answer: Uranus. Nice John. Real nice.

So anyways, how have you all been? Ready to be ambushed by about a bajillion Life of Lacey posts in the next few days? Keep your weekend open for me!


Diana said...

I thought of something to comment on while I was reading this post, but by the end of it, I forgot. Kind of fits the theme...I blame it on the drawing of uranus.

Trisha said...

I got tired of Draw Something as well. I actually uninstalled it. Hope you weren't waiting on me. And nice Uranus. :)

Trisha said...

My curiosity also got to me because I've never heard of the Wordless Wednesday. I found the main site, clicked on a couple random blogs, and all of them had some blurb along with the picture.

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

The Wordless Wednesday posts with captions are a little perplexing. Also? I go to blogs to READ what the bloggers have to SAY. So they are not my favorite posts.

I hate walking into a room (or going to a website) for a specific purpose and forgetting what that purpose was! Makes me feel like I'm losing my mind. I wish there were a back button my kitchen. :-)

Heather said...

Wordless Wednesdays aren't my favorite either. It makes me feel like people are just posting to post... even when they have nothing to say.

Glad you're back ... I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering where my friend Lacey was!

Laura Diniwilk said...

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh am I one of those thirteen people? If so, your evil plan to ignore me has backfired, as I too am tired of Draw Something (more because there are NEVER NEW WORDS) so I don't play. Maybe the Draw Something people could go steal all of the extra words from the Wordless Wednesday and non-drawing Draw Something-ers and the world will be right again?