Friday, April 20, 2012

Charley Bear: 7 Months

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Each month keeps getting better. Month 7 was another fun one.

Since last month, Charley has mastered sitting up and scoffs when you lay her down to play like a baby. She's no baby and big girls play while sitting up. She'll still topple over occasionally, but she has even mastered falling over gracefully so she doesn't bonk her noggin anymore when she does fall over.

Also, teeth! She has two bottom teeth now and they were both total surprises to us because she showed no clear teething symptoms at all. They came through only days after her 6 month pediatrician appointment, at which her doctor examined her gums and said "no signs of any teeth yet!". So yeah, it happened fast and it wasn't until I saw the teeth that I realized, ohhh, that's why she was doing that! (pulling on her ears, extra drool, etc.) However, we are working on top teeth now and I'd say she's definitely noticing these mean ol' teeth breaking through her gums more so than she noticed the bottom ones. Poor little baby.


She also had her first ear infection, and I know it's wishful thinking to hope it was the last one ever. Since she pulled at her ears while teething, I thought more teeth must be coming in when she started pulling at her right ear while we were on vacation. Eventually I realized she was only pulling at that one ear, was extra fussy and wasn't eating or sleeping well (which at first I though all of those issues were only because we were on vacation and she wasn't used to it yet) and took her to an urgent care center. They gave her antibiotics and it was gone lickity split & she was back to being her happy self!

Month 7 also brought big changes in food. I am still nursing her 3 times a day; morning, afternoon and night. She gets two bottles of formula at my sister's house every day which means that yes, I am FREE of that awful pump. It feels so good to lose that 7 pound leech. She also has her cereal in the morning, and a fruit or vegetable at night. She has done so good with her food and really the only food she hasn't liked much are peas. We are creeping into the period where she can start to have other stuff too, but I have done exactly zero reading about that so I'm sticking with my jarred food for now due to pure laziness.

She's also been practicing with a sippy cup with water in it and can get some out but she hasn't mastered holding it upright for long very well yet. Soon enough.


Basically, it was a good month. Throw in 10 days at the beach too, and I'm not sure if month 7 can be beat! Charley loved the beach & although she didn't sleep like an angel like she normally does (could've been because I was in her same room, or because she was in a pack n play, or because of her ear infection, etc.) it was still so fun to have some time to just be with her all week long. She did great in the 8 hour car rides there and back, so it looks like we'll be making another trip in July!


Basically, these have been the best 7 months of my life, and I know she can't talk yet, but I bet she'd say these were the best 7 months of her life too. Err, well, 7 and a half months since I'm posting this over 2 weeks late. But, she knows I love her.

Happy 7 months my doll baby!


Trisha Newman said...

She's getting as big as her bear!

And our second attempt with peas was a bust.

Heather said...

She is just too cute :)

So funny she doesn't love the peas - those are Tory's tried and true favorite!

Haley said...

Oh my look at how big she is getting... squee! How cute!

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

She is so beautiful!