Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is about another weird thing I do. I figure, every other time I've shared a weirdism with blogland, a bunch of you have come forward claiming you do the same thing and I've felt less weird. So I'm hoping for the same results and for you all not to vote me off blog island. Here goes.

I like to peel stuff. I mean, it's not so weird that I should be on the show My Strange Addiction, but, it was just recently that I put all of these instances together and realized the common denominator was peeling stuff.

For example:


About once a month Kohl's sends me a sale ad that has a percentage off coupon on the front. Only, you have to peel off the little sticker to reveal if you got 15, 20 or 30% off underneath. Peeling off that little sticker gives me way too much enjoyment.

Or, when you get a new phone, tv, car (the radio or navigation) or anything electronic with a screen, they come with the peely protective sheet on them that you then get to peel off since you are now the owner of the new item. I get so mad if John doesn't save that peely step for me. [Side note: my brother-in-law likes to leave the protective film on his devices to, well, protect them. It gives me so much peely anxiety if I'm around his stuff and that peely film is just staring at me waiting to be peelt. No, peelt is not a word, but I think it fits, no?]

And then there was the summer that we went to a beach house where they were about to replace the old deck, and it had been painted white about a million times it seemed. Since they were about to replace the entire deck, they had no issues with us peeling the old paint off of the banisters. I think I spent that entire vacation peeling paint off of the deck. Weird, right?

And, lets go one step further, and one step weirder. You may have been with me so far, but may kick me off the island after this admission.... My dad tends to "forget" to wear sunscreen and gets sunburned. Something about his skin makes for the BEST peeling ever. He must have the right amount of oil for perfect peeling, or something. Like, giant, huge pieces of skin peeling off in one swift peel. Gross? Sorry. But I love doing it, and although I haven't done it in a long time I remember standing behind his chair as a kid just peeling his shoulders.

Which brings me to this.


My sister recently passed some books on to me that were originally ours as kids. My two older sisters were the original owners of the books, and then my brother and I had a turn with them, then they've been through my nephews and my nieces and now it's Charley's turn. When I looked at the books, it brought back many memories and I love having them. Only, some of them aren't in the best condition.


You see, I had the peely obsession even as a child. I remember my brother and I sitting in the floor of our bedroom peeling off the spine of several of our books. I'm not exactly sure why, besides the fact that the spines were already a little worn and had a piece sticking out at the top, making for the perfect tab to just pull on and therefore peel off the spine altogether.

[And if that wasn't enough, I also crossed out my sister's names and added mine instead. I mean, they were mine now, after all. I'll encourage Charley to then cross out my name and add hers. ;)]


Anyone else need to go to peely therapy with me? Or, what are some other great things to peel? Oranges and bananas aren't really fun. Potatoes either. I'm a fan of skin, nail polish, paint or the spines of books. What else you got for me?


Jeff said...

I like to peel my own skin when I get a sunburn, but other people's skin kind of grosses me out.

I also really like when you get that stuff in the mail that you have to scratch off to see if you've won. I know it's not exactly peeling but it's very similar.

When I was in elementary school whenever we had an activity with glue, I would intentionally coat my fingers and wait for the glue to dry so I could peel it off.

So I guess I'm pretty weird too. I hope that makes you feel better.

Diana said...

I don't wear nail polish often because I immediately want to peel it off for the enjoyment of peeling. I also like peeling dead skin off, but usually just myself, not others...

Heather said...

I second that - I rarely wear nail polish on my fingers because I always end up picking it off. And then I end up walking around with half-peeled nail polish that looks tacky and unprofessional for weeks.

This is gross to admit, but my dog has these clogged pores on her back. They look and feel like scabs and I can't help but pick them off when I pet her. Eww!

MillerMama said...

I just realized after like two months of using my new phone that there was a protective film on the protective film (if that makes any sense). I took great joy in peeling it off.

Jessica said...

I do everything I possibly can to leave the peely film on electronics. I want my stuff PROTECTED.

Meghan said...

I'm very peely too! I like to peel things away! It's not like it's absolutely necessary to make the product work! I peeled bark too! & I would pluck grass and peel it in two.

Laura Diniwilk said...

GAH. I will be grossed out by this post for weeks. Justin is a peeler/picker too and it DRIVES ME NUTS. And books are treasures to be kept in MINT CONDITION! I don't even know if we are friends anymore.