Friday, March 2, 2012

Eleven + Eleven = Twenty-Two

I was tagged by Laura and Trisha to do this blog meme called eleven. Something about sharing some random facts, answering some questions and then asking some questions. But since I was tagged twice I now have double the questions to answer. And also, I've shared plenty of random facts with you, so I'm skipping that part. (100 here, 7 here, 10 here, and 7 here) Also, I'm not tagging anyone because I don't believe anyone would do it since the last time I asked you to do something barely anyone actually did. [I may still be a little bitter.] But, if you'd like to do this yourself without me asking you to, feel free! I'd love to read them! And if not, feel free to answer some or all of the questions in the comments. Here are the rules:

Post a picture of yourself, tell us 11 things we might not know about you, answer the 11 questions asked of you, then write 11 new questions and tag some friends to play along (let them know you tagged them!)
Easy enough! First up, a picture of me.


Sure, it may be from Christmas 2010, but I rarely like my hair pulled back and I actually do here so I'm using it instead of a picture of today's rat-nesty ponytail. Trust me, you should be thanking me for sparing you from seeing the mess.

First up, Laura's questions. These are gonna be tough.

1) What are your top five all-time favorite bands?

Bush, Trapt, Matchbox 20, Everclear & Three Doors Down

2) What are your top five all-time favorite books?

I tend to forget about books after I've finished them, so these are the best 5 I can remember: Water For Elephants, The Help, Sarah's Key, My Sister's Keeper, & Hunger Games

3) What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I'm excluding all craziness while under the influence of alcohol. Which leaves about nothing. I'm not very crazy otherwise, I don't think. Maybe jumping off a bridge into a lake? But my bet is that there was some drinking involved that day, but I definitely wasn't drunk before doing that.
4) What is your favorite treat?

Anything warm, chocolaty and gooey. Brownies are probably my favorite.

5) What are you the proudest of?

Being self-sufficient and happy. I am happy that John and I are able to do things for ourselves and it feels good not to have to constantly ask for help.

6) What are you the most ashamed of?

Geez Laura, these are deep!

Umm, I'm ashamed that I dropped out of a semester of college and wasted my parent's money for that whole semester of college. I had a mid-college crisis and couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with myself, so I dropped out of one semester (after it was too late to get a refund) and took the next semester off before I got myself back together and figured out what I wanted to do.

 7) What is your guilty pleasure?

The Jersey Shore. Can't get enough, and now I've got John into it too.

8) What are you really, really good at?

I used to be really, really good at playing pool and I'm probably still pretty good but it's been a couple of years since I've played.

I'm really, really good at numbers. Math. Memorizing credit card, social security, driver's license numbers, phone numbers, etc.

9) What does your handwriting look like? (post a pic!!!)

Don't judge me by the content of this list. Instead of writing something for this purpose, I decided to flip through a notebook at my desk until I found some of my handwriting to share. This was a list I made of artists I wanted to download...I obviously was on a nineties kick. Also, this is my jotty-down handwriting, not my take my time and make it neat handwriting.


10) Which chores do you refuse to do (or do your best to get out of)?

Clean the shower. My arms are too weak for all of that scrubbing!

11) Do you have any tattoos, body piercings, etc.?

No. No. No. I really don't like tattoos or piercings. Doesn't mean I don't like the person with them (obviously since John has tattoos on both arms), but I do NOT like the tattoos or the piercings themselves. I think they are ugly. There, I said it!

And now Trisha's.

1. If you wrote an autobiography what would the title be?
Life of Lacey, perhaps? Ha!

2. Who was your first kiss and how was it?
Shaun. Icky & slobbery.

3. What's your favorite date spot?
Salsa's Mexican restaurant. We don't really do many dates, just out to eat sometimes, and this place wins about 75% of the time.

4. If you were an animal what kind would you be?
Bird. I dream of flying all of the time. But not one of the ones that carry diseases and are gross.

5. If you had a choice, what reality show would you be on and why?
Unrealistically (because I'm too pale, southern and sober), The Jersey Shore because I want to hang out with Vinnie and Pauly D.

Realistically, Amazing Race because I would get to see the world, but also, I would be great entertainment because I would freak out under pressure like that!

6. What would your mid-life crisis purchase be?
A pool? I dunno. I don't see myself having a mid-life crisis. I'm not that dramatic.

7. What is your biggest fear?
Losing loved ones.

8. If you could live anywhere in Europe where would it be?
Paris or London. I absolutely loved them both. I love the big cities, the rivers, the people. If only those French people spoke English it would be a no brainer!

9. What has been your most embarrassing moment?
Walking into a sliding glass door with a plate of food in my hands (which ended up on my chest) and my family on the other side of the door.

10. What would your explanation be if your child/future children asked about the birds and the bees?
Birds are those flighty things in the sky. Bees won't bother you if you leave them alone.
Not the answer you were looking for?? ;)

11. What is your most priceless possession?
I would say my pictures, but they are all digital now so I'm going to have to say my computer which houses the pictures. I would be devastated to lose them.
Let me know if you do this too so I can come read your answers!


MillerMama said...

Once again we are kindred spirits. I've seen Fuel, Bush, Sugar Ray and Matchbox 20 in concert.

Trisha said...

Double Dose! :)

Shannon said...

Such a fun post! I may actually steal these questions and do this.

Heather said...

Oooh! Let's eat Mexican in New Orleans in November. I love it, but my husband never wants to eat it.

Also, read mine!