Friday, February 3, 2012

Square Pictures

Okay. In the past I have called this the photo dump, but, I'm afraid that I absolutely loathe that title. Anything with the word "dump" in it just sounds dirty. Unless of course it's dump truck, but, then again that's dirty too but in a different way. Dump = dirty, basically, and none of the square pictures are dirty. So, 'Square Pictures of Happiness'? Or maybe 'Instagrammed' as a play on the app that takes them Instagram. I don't know. I'm not feeling very creative today at all so Square Pictures it is. Someone please give me a better name for this.

Anyways, here are the last few weeks.

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All photos taken by Instagram. Follow me: Laceyloo22

A. Charley isn't a fan of jackets.

C. A little memorial in my cube for a baby Zachary that is no longer with us. He was the same age as Charley and it just breaks my heart that he's gone.

D. Stripey socks for baby, and...

E. ...patterned tights for Mama!

G. Chips and salsa for the baby?

H. I just love my umbrella. And, note to self: you shouldn't not wear make-up.

J. Ahhh! I love going on walks!

L. The sparkly chandelier in Charley's room.

M. 70 degrees in January warrants an open sunroof.

N. What we do each night in bed before going to sleep. Based on the number of turns that are taken by my friends in Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends, I think that this is a common thing these days.