Friday, February 17, 2012

Outsmarting Robots AND Humans

Bloggers. Listen to my pleas, please.

I like to read blogs. I like to comment on blogs. What I don't like, is to refresh the CAPTCHA thirty bajillion times because it has not only outsmarted spammy robots, but it has outsmarted me, a smart human, as well.

So, I'm asking, will you turn the CAPTCHA thingy off? Just today, I went through all of this (and about 4 more before this that I didn't bother print screening) to comment on my eBFFs blog. I can't ever figure out the word with the black blob on it. Am I the only one with poor CAPTCHA reading skills?

Fullscreen capture 2162012 102221 AM.bmp
platform, sletrnt??

Fullscreen capture 2162012 102228 AM.bmp
genedee?? been

Fullscreen capture 2162012 102235 AM.bmp
priskfa??? rating

Fullscreen capture 2162012 102316 AM.bmp
tutdoc??? resident

Fullscreen capture 2162012 102245 AM.bmp
terrible family. FINALLY. And no, my family isn't terrible, thank you very much.

So, if it behooves you to listen to me (it does, trust me) will you go change your comment settings to have no verification? I promise you won't get many spammer comments. & also, Blogger does a great job of noticing the spam ones and sticks them in their own little spam folder until you go in and delete them (or you have the option to publish them if you prefer. You never know, your blog readers may just be in the market for 'obtaining more knowledge and facts regarding'.)

Fullscreen capture 2172012 105259 AM.bmp

 And wouldn't you rather have that small inconvenience than me having the inconvenience of being outsmarted by a computer every day? My little techy ego is being diminished each time I screw up a CAPTCHA.

My poor reading skills thank you.


Joy said...

Oh, I am SO with you! I have the same issue and a lot of times I will just give up! :-(

Trisha said...

I had to do that today for ticketmaster. I'll have to see if mine is set up with it.

Laura Diniwilk said...

GAH I didn't even know that was turned on!!!! I fixed it, I HATE that too!

andreaunplugged said...

YES! Several times a week I can be found cursing at my desk trying to figure those out. And even when they seem to be readable, it still tells me I'm wrong! NO I'M NOT WRONG 5 TIMES IN A ROW!!!!!!

Jeff said...

I totally agree. Apparently robots are too smart because I have a hard time proving I am human quite often.

andrea said...

Thank you! I thought it was just because I'm half blind. Ha ha!

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I just spent this morning getting screen shots of all the stupid captchas on one friend's site because I am SO FRUSTRATED I need to vent about it via blog post.


Megan@TwoDelighted said...

Those kill me. Before I had a blog and realized how nice comments are, I NEVER left any on my favorite blogs because of those things.

Megan@TwoDelighted said...

I hate those! Before I had a blog and realized how nice comments are to get, I almost never left any on my favorite blogs because of those things. I hope my blog doesn't have that. I need to find out...Also, I apologize if this shows up twice because I didn't see it pop up the first time so I tried again. :)