Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Genetics are a funny thing. They can be straight forward when it comes to eye color**, hair color or skin color, or they can come to you in an obscure way that leaves you scratching you head wondering, "Is that seriously an inherited trait?".

[**Maybe eye color isn't such a straight forward inherited trait. Both John's mom and dad have blue eyes, and yet, John's are as brown as they can be. Maybe I wasn't great at 10th grade biology but from what I remember that was not an option in my 4 little boxes!]


Anyways, in Charley's case it has been a little difficult to tell whose eyes, ears, nose, skin color, hair color, etc. she inherited so far because it seems she is a pretty good mix of both of us. We think for sure she has her daddy's eyes (minus the color), and she's a blondie so far which I was too as a small child so she's taking after me in that aspect. As for the rest? It's hard to tell. What do you think?


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But then there are the things that she'll do and it will stop you in your tracks because it's something so blatantly obvious that John or I do. And these are the things that make you wonder just how much is genetic and how much of it is just chance.

Just this past week, Charley has started talking/whining herself to sleep. It's a sweet whine though, so it's actually really cute. Also last week, she has had her first cold so she didn't feel that great. She normally just goes to sleep when I lay her down, but last week it was a little harder for her to breathe with her cold, so I had to rock her to sleep as she was laying on my shoulder. & as she laid on my shoulder falling asleep, she did this whiny/talky thing that was so adorable. Check it out for yourself:

She would do this until she fell asleep. & after I got over the cuteness of it all, I had a realization. I have maybe done this exact same thing when I was not feeling so great and was trying to fall asleep.

You see, I've had too much to drink a time or two before. At the end of those nights as I've tried to go to sleep [as the room is spinning and I just feel like crap and I make the declaration that I'm never drinking again] I start to do this exact same thing as I fall asleep. Ughhhhhhh. Ughhhhhhh. Ughhhhhhh. Ughhhhhhh. It drives John crazy and I can admit it's pretty annoying myself. But I can't help it! It's like I'm talking the ickiness out of me. Okay, no. That doesn't make any sense. But, surely there is a reason I do it! Charley does it now too, so it must help with something! And I assure you she wasn't drunk. At least I hope not. How long does it take for alcohol to clear your system again? It had been at least 5 hours since my latest binge when she did this. [That's a joke. Don't send DSS to my house, please.]

[It had been at LEAST 8 hours. At LEAST.]

So my question is this: did Charley inherit this whine/talk as you fall asleep thing from me? It has only happened when she doesn't feel good, and it was pretty much identical to what I do, except my voice isn't quite as sweet as hers.

And most importantly, does Charley look like me the mostest? Or do you think they mixed up babies in the hospital because she doesn't look like either of us? Do tell. I've always been horrible at guessing who babies look like.


JSitterBaum said...

That video is SO incredibly cute that I'm still sitting here smiling about it :) Love that little sprout.

Shell said...

That video was too cute, I love her! I think she has John's eyes (but your color), your nose & mouth.

Heather said...

Wow, she is a good mix of both of you- you're right!

Tory started humming herself to sleep and it sounds very similar to Charlie in the video. Maybe it's their way of self-soothing?

Shannon said...

Such a cute video! As I was playing it Ethan stopped dead in his tracks and looked up like... "Uhhhhh where is the other baby?" I think she is a good combination of you and your husband!

'HoulaMom said...

Haha Lacey, you are SO funny!

I think she's a really good mix of both of you. Does she look like any of your siblings as kids? My niece kind of looks like me.

And I love the video!! I think its genetic, unless Charley has watched you fall asleep drunk ;-).

Gabriel and I do the exact same humming noise to get ourselves to sleep too. It's hysterical.

MillerMama said...

I don't think she is clearly you or John. Definitely a mix. But I am terrible at that sort of thing too.

Amelia has started whining/talking like that a lot. I think they like hearing their own voices :) Or maybe they've been hitting the alcohol stash and we just don't know it.

Hunter and his family... said...

LOL. Hunter does this too but he does it EVERY time he falls asleep. That is my sign that I know he is going to fall asleep soon! Charley looks so cute.